Saturday, July 25, 2009

J Crew - misc embellished tees

Here is a mishmash of J Crew embellished tees. Some older, some newer.

1) slub cotton v-neck beaded tee (15282) - $39.99, down from $58
XS - natural,
also comes in light pineapple (pale, pale yellow?) & fresh melon

2) hand painted floral tee (15285)- $36.50 - It's old, but you may bump into one in b&m or online as a popback.

Small - Why yes, I do realize that a baby bear dipped his paws in some paint and then kept batting at me to pick him up. Thankfully I got away. Seriously though...I liked the way this felt on. I just wasn't Crewasted enough to buy it. *LOL*!

3) chiffon slub tee (14150) - The t-shirt is great. The slub isn't see thru, for a change. The chiffon attachment is mo' worse than awful.


4) beaded stone tee - $39.99, down from $58 - aka pop rock tee


5) sunbleached crinkle flower tee (19095) - aka molecular tee, $29.99, down from $42.50, only white available online in XS at the time of writing

Size Small

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p.s. MissMasala has a BR coupon code giveaway on her blog.


  1. hey gigi! wondering if you happened to see the painted floral tee in white? My mum adores it. Thanks!!

  2. GODDDDDD! That Chiffon Slub tee is AWFUL. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. AWFUL. What in the heck were they thinking?!

    I will say that Lulus has a similar thing right here:

    Little Bow Top in Grey

    that I love. The extra chiffon panel swooping from a bow makes sense. But just hanging out on the front of a t-shirt by itself, like it's a lost little lamb? No thank you, J Crew. Ick.

    I received the rose (flower) sequin tee in champagne today and surprisingly love it- I'll hopefully feature it in an OOTD sometime this week!

    Oh! And I love that sunbleached crinkle tee.!

  3. I received the BR F&F e-mail and would be happy to forward it to you!

  4. J Crew has gone over the top with some of their graphic tees, alot of stores have them now at different price points, there is a lot to choose from.

    I find that I am going back to the basic ones that I do not get bored with so quickly.

  5. I like that V-necked beaded tee on you. Hope you got it!

  6. That tee shirt with the chiffon down the front cracks me up- I cant believe they managed to get them in production and actually sell them. What a very strange concept with that one!

  7. The tee with the chiffon is tres awful. it terrible that I kind of like the pop rock tee? *runs and hides*

  8. I like the beaded tee and floral tee.The baby bear comparison was cuteee

  9. The baby bear comparison is right on! Baby you should share that with Pudding and the Post Fab Princess to do a J.Crew Math with!

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  11. prim - I havent' seen the one in white. I dont' even recall that one.

    Chloe - Dirtying up my page with that Lulu mess? *lol* j/k. What are these designers thinking?

    Andrea - You are sweet! Someone emailed a code to me, so I'll pass. Thank you so much, though. :-)

    casual-crew - I have a graphic tee coming that I purchased from a JCA and I think that's enough for me for awhile.

    kris - I didn't like the shoulders/sleeves on the v-neck beaded. Otherwise it was really nice.

    Coley - If I had smoked a Crewbie and drank some Crewlade, I might have gotten the poprock tee. I also kind of liked it.

    Em - Thanks for the link. I contacted the seller. Boo on her. Good for me to be reminded of that skirt, though. I forgot I owned it.

    Thanks for visiting, glaydies! :-)

  12. I skipped all these myself but some looked good on others.

    Now that Chiffon slub flub tee really has no redeeming quality IMO! Shudder...yet they somehow made it look ok in the catalogue. I think it was tucked into the skirt.


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