Monday, July 27, 2009

J Crew - linen getaway dress

First up...

My for sale items are listed on
FSbyGigi. I will be tagging some items as UPOPP - u practically only pay postage. These are items I more or less want to giveaway. They will cost approximately a buck or two over what it will cost for me to send and they've been priced accordingly. I only have a couple right now and will be adding them periodically.

J Crew's linen getaway dress had an original retail of $49.50. It is currently on (final) sale for $29.99. The colors are dark charcoal, white, fresh melon, bright citron (yellow!), warm desert (tan), and sweet papaya.

S in fresh melon - it was too big
Me likey. It felt good on. How-Ever it is totally a coverup. Too bad as it would have made a nice dress. You might be able to wear it as a dress, but you would have to wear a strapless bra. Or go swaying in the wind. Good luck with that.

Chime in...


  1. swaying in the wind - hehehe. I tried this on a few weeks ago in the print in store, but only grabbed an L and it was huge - you are right - definitely need to size down a bit on this. I may try it again this week in a smaller size as I could use a cute new coverup before we go to the beach. thanks for posting!!

  2. getaway dress, wear a tank and leggings not a coverup anymore

    does run big

  3. swaying in the wind...that's vey funny and horrifying at the same time!

  4. How do I purchase the items you have for sale?

  5. oh man that dress was gigantic on you!

  6. I didn't pay much attention to this one online but it really is a cute coverup (especially in the right size :). I like it better on you Gigi than on the model!

  7. hahaha "swaying in the wind"
    Looks like it runs extremely large! I'll pass....

  8. I love the color and the style but I agree with you--it's definitely a better cover up than a dress.

  9. G-laydieseeesss....thanks for visiting!

    Alexis - You can email me regarding anything you're interested in from the sale blog:

    gigiofca at gmail

  10. Alexis - I corrected the link, which is

  11. Swaying in the wind ... that is some way to put it :)
    I quite like the dress though.

  12. Bed Linen - Swaying in the wind is from the movie Nell w/Jodie Foster & Liam Neeson. Although she wasn't using it the way I am. *lol* ;-)


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