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Thursday, July 30, 2009

BB Dakota - faux-fur Rachel vest

BB Dakota's faux fur Rachel vest retails for $60. It runs XS - XL.

I saw it on J's great blog, The Look 4 Less.

ETA 9/1 - This cutie is also available on Mod Cloth (love you guys!) for $64.99.

This Rachel Zoe look may be a bit passé at this point, but the more I see it, the more I'm intrigued. Passé or not, the look is definitely being sold for Fall 09. The Hinge faux fur at Nordstrom ($64.90) sold out pretty much before the kick off of the Anniversary event. The BB Dakota vest looks cozy and fun for a couple of wears. Though I imagine Stacy & Clint'n would toss it in the garbaaaaage if I owned it and brought it to WNTW.

LUCKYBREAKS7 gets 30% off. Retail Me Not says the coupon is expired, but it worked as of 7/30. It was probably for the July issue, so perhaps it expires on 7/31

Chime in...

... Chloe ... JCBelleMarie ....where are you? What do you think?

ETA 8/26/09 - F21's Faux Fur Slvs Jacket, which retails for $34.80. It also comes in black.


  1. It's a pretty bold statement, but I would be willing to try a faux version. I would prefer something vintage, darker and something that hits right at the hip, no longer or shorter.

    As you can tell, it would be have to fit pretty perfectly in order for me to try it.. I like risks :)

  2. I would be willing to try only if it's a faux fur version of course! I really don't think I could pull it off though - I'm not sure where I would wear it to.

  3. Although I can see how that look works for some, it would totally overpower me and make me look fat (aka: Abominable SnowWoman Alexis). ;)

    But I agree with GigiOfCa that this is a trend coming up for this Fall. I have seen lots of retailers, even Kohls, promoting similar items. :)

  4. Hill -- ITA, vintage sounds so good. I agree also about darker being nicer than lighter.

    Summerilla - You can *totally* wear this while coaching ;-)

    Alexis - That reminds me of the ostrich one J Crew had in the Lookbook. It was real ostrich (boo!), I believe, so perhaps they thought better of it.

  5. I likie. I actually have a vintage darker version that hits at just the right spot. Thank you to my local thrift shop! I am a sucker, big time, for vintage fur. Since I live in the OC, the vest is all I can pull off most the time.

  6. A couple of winters back, I 'had' to have a faux fur vest. And did not want to spend big bucks on it, given that I was not sure how often I would wear it. Enter JCP, and a reversible black vest that was less than $30: shiny 'fur' on one side and solid black material on the other. It is shorter, so I don't feel Abominal-ish in it. Love it.

    BTW, thanks for the coupon...hope to use it this weekend.


  7. Intriguing, I agree. But I think I'm not glam enough for this look. And I'm ok with that.

  8. Don't know if I could pull it off. You have to be a certain degree of skinny since it adds about 30 pounds visually.

    Summerilla should *definitely* get one for coaching - she could totally rock it!

  9. I'm into it...

  10. fur vests are easy to do wrong, but if the stars are aligned to get the vintage 1920s thing going, i like the look. sort of like this white leanish vest here

    i GUESS steaming it would be the way to clean (or a green dry cleaners maybe)?


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