Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anthropologie - blooming phlox tank

Anthropologie's blooming phlox tank retails for $58. It comes in dark grey (sold out in XS), orange (a yellow-orange) and red! IMO, retailers are totally missing out by omitting red in their offerings. I haven't seen much of it in a long awhile.

Over on Effortless Anthropologie, Roxy compiled & compared various ruffle tops from different retailers in this fantastic post.

Read here about free shipping on Anthro thru 9/7.

And check out a new Anthropologie blog, Anthroholic.

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  1. LOL, I literally *just looked* at "antrhoholic" right before your post. The phlox tank is cute, and I love it in the yellow (marigold), but am on the fence because some reviewers are saying it's unfinished and of poor quality.

    Antrho definitely has been getting more of my $ lately than JCrew. Anthro just seems to have more exciting offerings on the racks. Currently I'm stalking the Wrapped-In-Ruffles Jacket and (thanks to Shannon at Wardrobe Review) the Inverness Trench. Will probably just drool from a distance since they're outta my budget right now - but hot dang, mama! Those jackets are cute.

  2. i loved it until i read diana draws comment. oh well. I have been checking out antro lately.

  3. Oh wow Diana Draw I want to be Wrapped in Ruffles! (jacket). Which is quite hypocritical after my anti-Frances/Victoria comment on JCA earlier.

  4. Ooh, love that top (and the color!). I'll have to look for it in person. I think red is a big color for fall, no?

  5. Thanks for chiming in!

    @ DianaDraw - *gasps* I love that wrapped in ruffles jacket. Wow. I saw the Inverness Trench yesterday, but it could be quite boxy. This ruffle top is really pretty, but the unfinished edges bite the big one.

    @ Addie - I haven't seen much red lately. I hope we see some closer to Christmas at the very least.

  6. Glad everyone liked the WIR jacket. It IS dreamy, isn't it? [heart-pang sighs]

    OK, I 2nd you Gigi about the red offerings. (I luv the rich hues.) "American Beauty" red was on Pantone's 2009 fall fashion palette so it should be popping up in stores. We know the retailers drank the Pantone Kool-Aid in Honey Yellow, Majolica Blue, Iron, and Nomad...but...but...where the heck is the red? Maybe they are saving it for winter. Guess they need to save some part of the palette for later. This top is one of the first items I've seen in the red at all too. Hm.

  7. I actually bought this little top. It runs large, so size down. I think it's airy and floaty while also being a bit unrefined.

  8. the red one is sold out in XS till 9/29... wow!

  9. DianaDraw - Oooh, thanks for that link. J Crew definitely has some of these colors going.

    kikki cee - Lucky you! It's pretty.

    anon@ 9:49 AM - It looks floaty, and I guess people want to size down. I would have ordered the XS if I were going to try this.

  10. Aww Gigi, thank you so much for the plug for my blog - I appreciate it so much. Diana thanks for reading my blog!!


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