Friday, May 15, 2009

J Crew color abbreviations key

Just getting started -- I will continue to add to this & hope to include basic descriptions of J Crew colors. The focus is on J Crew's more obscure abbrevations/colors. There should be plenty as black and navy are pretty obvious.

Clarification --> I'm not making the codes up or suggesting that we do. I'm thinking of this as a reference for crewless personnel who are unable to help us. And when shopping on eBay. I have emailed sellers to ask for color codes and still not know what they are when the seller told me. I bought a dress on eBay It ended up being an unfortunate sale for me as she'd taken an awful picture and her interpretation of the tone was off. If only I'd had the color code.

Please add color codes &/or comments on J Crew colors as you see them. I think it would be good to state of the color is cool or warm and build on that. I'll keep updating the main body of this post so we don't have to scan comments.

AMB = amber
AMI = apricot mist - see merino shirred cardigan
ALM = almond
AST = antiqued stone
BAP = Bronzed Apricot (muted orange, not quite peach: Braided Fabric Belt)
BAQ - bright aqua
BBL = brilliant blue
BCS = blue chamois tripe
BFL = bright flame, similar to cerise
BLA = black
BMO = burnished moss olive, see the military utility skirt & brigadier utility jacket, both from HO10 or SP11 and are on this blog
BOR = bistro orange
BPA = bright papaya (intense red-orange with rhubarb/fuchsia undertones: Cotton Bow Dress
BPI = buff pink
BSE = bright seaside
BSK = blue skinny - stripe popover
BSU = bright sun
BTA = bright tangerine
BTW = bronzed twig
CBR = cool breeze, light aqua blue
CER = cerise, similar to bright flame
CGR = camp green
CNA = classic navy
COP = copper
DAM = dark amber (ochre Maya cardigan)
DAU = deep aubergine
DBL = dusty blossom (muted/washed out light pink w/ peach undertones: Merino Maya Cardigan
DBR = dark brick
DMU = dark mushroom, dark earthy neutral, would be hard pressed to categorize as warm or cool
DNA = dark navy
DRU = dark rust
DST = dark straw
END = endive, cool, pale green
FAT = fatigue ?
FAW = fawn
FMI = fresh mint
GER = geranium
GME = gray melange
GMI = gray mist
GOL = golden olive
GPE = glazed pecan, warm medium brown
GSL = gray slate
HBL = heather blue
HCI = heather ice
HCH = heather charcoal
HEL = heather elm, like a faded forest green
HOA = heather oatmeal
HWH = hydrangea white - dot popover
HYA = hyacinth - pale purple
IVO = ivory
LIL = lilac
LDO = light dove
LHG - light heather grey
LPE = light petunia, cool
LPE = light pewter
LSA = light sage, cool
MAN - mango ?
MBL = marled black
MGR = marled grey
MIN = mink
MIN = mint
NAT = natural
NAV = navy
NFO = nantucket fog
PAP = papaya
PAR = parsley
PBL - pink blossom (pale pink)
PBU - pale buff
PEW = pewter
PIS =  ?
PLU - plum
PPI = Paris pink
PRA = plum raisin
PSU = pale surplus
QUA - quarts, pale pink
SCA - stone cantaloupe
SCA - sweet cantaloupe
SCH - smoky charcoal
SEA - seaweed (green)
SEP = Sepia (warm medium brown w/ orange undertones: Featherweight Cotton Ruffle Cardigan)
SGO - spicy gold
SGR - soft graphite
SGU - sweet guava
SHE = shell
SLA = slate
SNO = snow
SOL = Spicy Olive (bright medium chartreuse: Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami)
SPI = shocking pink (pink serge pencil skirt SU09)
SSE = soft seashell
STO - stone
TAQ = true aqua
TRO = tea rose, warm
WAS = white ash
WBL = Warm Blush (palest pink: [see Victoria Cami above])
WBL = wild blackberry
WSH = warm shell
WST = weathered stone


  1. I love this!! But dang, don't have any tags that I can think of right now to reference. My favorite still is DMU - dark mushroom - dark earthy neutral, would be hard pressed to categorize as warm or cool. It's my fave because my 1st thought as a JCA newbie was "dark mud".

    Can't wait to see the list you generate!!

  2. I love the idea of color abbrev. How about BTCT - for the bright citron, bright yellow colors. Or FLM for the bright red/orange color they feature?

  3. TAQ = Tropical Aqua

    I couldn't figure it out at first, because turquoise does not have the letter A in it. :-P

  4. How about LPW for pewter, so it isn't the same as light petunia?

  5. Oh, nevermind, I just realised that you must be getting them from JC itself. Sorry!

  6. This seems helpful - I like that you put the useful links at the top of the sidebar too - thanks!

  7. *puts on JC dork cap*

    I think that for the most part it's the first three letters of the color (if it's one word), otherwise it's the first letter of the first word, and the first two letters of the second word. i.e., Honey Glaze = HGL (a 'crewless' SA told me that it was 'heather gold'. LOL)

    Some examples:
    SHE - shell
    SLA - slate
    SSE - soft seashell
    WBL - warm blush
    WSH - warm shell
    MGR - marled grey

  8. I bought one of the ombre flower beaded tees today and the color code is GSL. I have no idea what that stands for - the ombre is ivory to gray to blue/gray. Could GSL be gray slate? I just don't know.

    TRO - tea rose. I have a couple of items in this lovely color.

  9. NFO = nantucket fog (which is grey)

  10. Thanks everyone! I've done an update with the current contributions. I'm sure we'll get more.

  11. I think Silver Lining is correct in how JC typically assigns their tag info.
    Some that I have are:
    BOR = Bistro Orange
    WST = Weathered Stone
    BTW = Bronzed Twig
    PEW = Pewter
    LPE = Light Pewter (or light petunia as you've noted)
    PAR = Parsley
    BSU = Bright Sun
    LDO = Light Dove
    DST = Dark Straw
    CER = Cerise
    BFL = Bright Flame (same as cerise)
    GOL = Golden Olive
    AMB = Amber
    IVO = Ivory
    BLA = Black
    NAV = Navy
    CNA = Classic Navy

    Not sure how they do it for items with three word names for the color rather than two. And I noticed for online orders, the stickers have a 6 digit alphanumeric for color codes that they use internally.

  12. Thanks, JNJ! Very helpful.

  13. STO - stone
    QUA - quartz (pale pink)
    SCA - sweet cantaloupe
    FMI - fresh mint

  14. what would be the name for the abbreviation DRU?

  15. * Anon@1:09 PM - My guess for DRU is dark rust.

  16. DAM = Dark Amber (ochre Maya cardigan)
    SPI = Shocking Pink (Barbie pink serge pencil skirt)

    Hope it helps!

  17. zyzzyva - Thanks for the contribution :-)

  18. Not sure if you're going to continue to maintain this list, but here a few recent additions of mine:

    BPA = Bright Papaya (intense red-orange with rhubarb/fuchsia undertones: Cotton Bow Dress)

    BAP = Bronzed Apricot (muted orange, not quite peach: Braided Fabric Belt)

    SOL = Spicy Olive (bright medium chartreuse: Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami)

    WBL = Warm Blush (palest pink: [see Victoria Cami above])

    SEP = Sepia (warm medium brown w/ orange undertones: Featherweight Cotton Ruffle Cardigan)

    DBL = Dusty Blossom (muted/washed out light pink w/ peach undertones: Merino Maya Cardigan)

  19. zzyzzyva - Thanks for the info! This helps when shopping J Crew & also on Ebay & I guess the swap exchange as well. :-)

  20. Hi, I was wondering if it might be possible to add color swatches to this post (or start another one) as well? It'd be nice to have a one-stope encyclopedia of J. Crew colors! However I don't know if Blogger's page format would be amenable to such a project. If/when I have web design skills, I'd totally undertake such a project myself.

  21. life as a cat - I thought of adding swatches or at least links. I guess I could try to keep up w/the links in this post. I imagine there's a way to do swatches in w/photos, but the way I'm thinking (create collages, make JPEGs) would take forever. I'm all ears if there's another way. Or if someone creates one, I'd surely post it.

  22. I just found an old JCrew tag, probably from 2000 - 2005 range. it is OHE. Any ideas?

    1. No clue on OHE. It's probably a two word color, i.e. orange heat, which I don't think was ever a color name.

  23. Anon/3:02 PM - Maybe orange heather...?

  24. BTA = bright tangerine

  25. HCH Heather Charcoal

  26. Anon/1:42 pm - Thanks!

    Anon/11:26 am - Thanks!

  27. my friend just bought a pair of olive-colored pants from jcrew and was chagrined to find them marked FAT--which is the color code. any idea what this unfortunate acronym stands for? thanks! --jan

    1. Jan - One year later...I'm thinking FAT is fatigue. I sure hope so ;)

  28. Does anyone know what the BBL abbreviation is? I am trying to match a swim bottom I have in Blue Sapphire and wonder if that's it (found one on ebay). Thanks for any help!

  29. BBL = Brilliant Blue I found out from J Crew.

  30. Does anyone know about PIS? Thanks

  31. I have a J Crew Factory Store dress in my hands right now that is a melon color and the color code is MAN. I'm going to assume that is "mango"?

    1. Sorry for the late response. I would assume MAN is mango.

  32. Any one know MCH??
    Its on the blythe blouse and it's a redish color?

  33. Does anyone know the following:


    1. Anon - I don't know them off the top of my head. If I saw the garment along w/the abbreviation, I might remember the color name.

  34. Does JCrew have a color chart? I don't have j crew where I live so I have to rely on photos on their website or design blogs to get an idea of what it looks like - I have made a few unfortunate purchases that way - their website photos are completely unreliable.

    1. Anon - just seeing this 2 mo later, but answering for you & anyone who reads this thread. J Crew doesn't have a color chart online. If you call customer service regarding current merchandise, they will go to the 'store' they have in customer service where they can see samples of the garment. But I don't think they have color swatches. So if there's a dress in 3 colors, there might be 1 in the sample store they have access to, but not all 3 colors. I'm just guessing based on my phone experience and reps putting me on hold to check things. I usually don't ask them to check because it has rarely been worth their time/effort. However, if they offer I will accept.


  35. I'm looking for BHY. It was a color for the garment-dyed twill toothpick jean. Thanks!

    1. Hi One Skirt - I think that color is blue hyacinth? That would be my guess. I'm not 100% sure, though, esp w/out knowing what color family it's in.

      The color code is always the first three letters of the color name. So blue = BLU.

      In the case where there are two words, it's the first letter of the first word and first two letters of the 2nd word. So blue hyacynth might be BHY.

      HTH :)

  36. Hey Gigi, not sure if you still are notified when someone posts are my go yo girl on all things JC!!! :-) I am looking to buy an item on ebay that has the color code of ESA. Online it looks like a caramel color. The seller has listed it as copper, when I reached out to her to ask if it was more of a rust color or a caramel color she said it was more caramel. Do you have any clue what the ESA color code might be? Thank you for any help you can give me. xox Lisa

    1. lisabefashion -- Hi. Can you give me the style#? You can email it to gigiofca@gmail

  37. LOL I meant to say "go to girl"!

  38. Hi! Does anyone know what CHA stands for? It's a bright color/orange-y color.

    1. I meant "coral/orange-y" color. Oops!

    2. Hi laughandlove - Coral Harbor (CHA)? That's a wild guess. The coral is a decent guess for the C, but harbor is a reach for the HA. CHA could also be champagne or chartreuse, but obviously not if you're looking at coral. As stated above, I've started logging more abbreviations in the tags of the posts, so newer ones will be easier to search on my blog. Thanks for visiting! :)

  39. Hi Gigi,

    Would you happen to know what color BUT is?


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