Saturday, May 30, 2009

J Crew - burnished linen skirt

J Crew's burnished linen skirt (14805) retails for $128. It comes in brass online and runs 0-14.

Size 4 - The one I tried on had a style number of 16928, with color code LPE (light pewter). Also, $128, so this has to be the same as above.

Still kinda cute. Plus pockets!

Now it's questionable. I guess I could have tried a 2, but I prefer my skirts to sit lower on the waist. Maybe if this came in petites, I might like it. I wouldn't want to pay to have it hemmed.

I like the belt loops & think putting a belt there would help bring attention back to the waist, as opposed to the side hips. If you like A-line skirts, you might like this. I usually don't like A-liners, but this one works since I have no hips. Too long, but the overall idea looked better on than I thought it would. I wonder what the brass looks like. Can't say I'd hit this on sale, though. I already have the linen lame bermudas and love those.

What say you? Likey? No likey?

Chime in...

Tomorrow...J Crew's ochre ikat pencil skirt.


  1. Kickpleat skirts can be tricky... really need to be the right length. I agree that a petite size might be more flattering.

  2. I think it looks really nice from the front - and love your shoes. But I can see why you think the length and cut is a little bit of an issue. I am tall and thin and am interested in this skirt but thought it would be a bit too 'mini' on me to be useful for everyday wear.
    Gosh at this point J.Crew should really be paying you....

  3. I think that J'Adore These Stores was right when she said the box pleat in the front just drew attention right up to her lady bits. This skirt is definitely a pass for me, especially at $128!

  4. I personally am not a fan of the front pleat. As much as I would like it to work, that particular style just does not work for me. I also wish that JCrew had more skirt options for those of us on the tall side who can't or don't want to pull of the mini look...

  5. PS - Thank you for all the reviews. I really look forward to reading your reviews!

  6. I actually want to try it on, just to see how it works - esp after seeing your at JTS' reviews. If I do, I'll let you know.

  7. I'm not crazy about this skirt, especially because of the linen factor. I'm a bit of a linen-phobe, probably because I don't like ironing. I just feel like there are so many other choices that are much easier to care for and get through the day looking crisper.

  8. My friend went crazy over this skirt, but she loves the style in general. I am personally not enthralled. It looks good on you though and I love linen in summer.

  9. The big inverted pleat right in the middle of the front is just too suggestive...I know that sounds really weird! Also, linen is a fabric that I always want to want(if that makes sense), but the wrinkles just drive me nuts. I used to have a linen suit and whenever I wore it, I would spend about an hour ironing it the night before. Looks cute on you, though!

  10. So when I first read SallyO's comment, I thought "WTF?" but then I looked at the photos again, and can see what she means - the pleat DOES point straight to the red light district. o_O No likey.

    Actually, I was going to say no likey because the front of this skirt style looks like the back of jeans with those flap pockets and the pseudo leg line created by the pleat. Maybe it works for some, but not for me. Pass.

  11. Hey everyone -- I didn't even notice where the pleat hits. Veddy vedding interesting!

  12. I did try it on Sat night, but forgot to get pictures. I am now referring to this as the "lady parts skirt".

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