Sunday, March 8, 2009

Target - Felix Ray handbags

Felix Rey at Target -

These items were collectively conspiring to take me down when I recently went into Target for who knows what. According to sparrowsandsparkles Felix Rey doesn't debut until 3/29. I saw these as early as 3/5 in Modesto. Maybe they got the Alexander McQueen dates mixed up w/Felix's. You can check out the ladies behind Felix Rey on their site.

Onto the goods. I've made up names for them.

Magazine Tote - Navy

Magazine Tote - Tan

Magazine Tote - Coral print - $34.99

Clutch - blue coral print - $19.99

Clutch - coral print - $19.99

Beach tote

Beach tote. Same as above. Just wanted you to see how it looks on someone 5'2."

I love this collection! I am sort of over the coral thing as I saw too much of it in home design in recent years. However, the concept has a very strong point of view and I appreciate that. Love the fabrics and feel of the bags in my hand, etc... I am not 100% on the prices, but I'm close.

ETA --> OMG you have to see more of Felix Ray at The Budget Fashionista. I am loving the clutches! I think these are past designs and not part of the Target collection. Good to see how creative they are, though. The Target collection debuts at the end of the month all the way through June 14th.

Sparrowsandsparkles created another post which has a link to a tote I didn't see in the store the other day.

Likey? No likey?
Chime in...

3/16 - Saw 2 more items in the 1st collection. For scale reference I am 5'2"


  1. Those bags are all so cute!! Love them! The beach tote seems a wee bit big though...

  2. I love the magazine tote in navy!! Thanks so much for posting pics - I will have to keep checking my Target to see if they arrive early here too. Their Hayden Harnett display is pretty much empty so they need to move on!

  3. I really like the navy one. The contrast is lovely, and the style is classic. Thanks for debuting them for us. I will be on the lookout on my next Target trip!

    BTW, I am a newcomer to your blog, and I LOVE it!!

  4. I saw these at TG and loved them, they look really high end. But the totes are just too big for me.

  5. I love the coral magazine tote! *contemplates contemplates*

  6. love them! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Just bought the navy one! It's very nice! The price is $39.99. Thanks, Gig!

  8. Oops! Sorry, I meant Gigi.

  9. Paper Bag Princess - The beach tote is ginormous, indeed. My chiro would disapprove. *lol*

    sparrowsandsparkles - I successfully restrained from buying any Hayden Harnett even though I thought it was cute. I agree that it's empty & they need to move on. Love the navy mag tote as well.

    Jenny K. - Sounds like the classic navy tote will be a hit. Thanks for visiting and be sure to come back. Lots and lots to review.

    Anon@9:53AM - The smaller magazine size totes seem to be better. The other ones are huge. Could be good for the car only, even though no one would see it.

    krista.alana - I love the coral one also. I wish they had done the clutch in coral. We'll see...

    Allison - You're welcome :-)

    Jenny K. - Gig! looks like Gigi. *lol* Yay you. I think they are going to be hot sellers.

  10. i saw the totes this afternoon, and almost bought the coral one but at $34.99 i just couldn't justify it, and i didn't *need* another bag. it lies pretty flat, so it may not be the shapeliest tote when filled with stuff. I loved the orange lining (with pockets for your cell phone and stuff!) and the braided gold handle. definitely PVC though. There is also a big golden scallop on one side of the tote, between the handles. The drop is perfect for wearing over the shoulder as well.

  11. i wish the first two were smaller crossbody purses! how cute would that be?!

  12. Anon@8:56 PM - I hear you on not needing another bag! The tote is not a flat bottom, so you definitely can't get much into it. It's good for a wallet, magazine, lipstick & keys max.

    ashley - I love crossbody bags. Definitely a cute thought.

  13. I have been looking all over for pics of these bags! Do you mind if I link to your blog/use one of your pics?

  14. Erica -- Hi, yes, link away. :-). It was very sweet of you to ask.

  15. I'm pretty sure these have sold well already. I got the navy magazine tote the day of your post or maybe even the day after, and my Target had them well-stocked. Then I had to make a trip to Target on Sunday the 15th, and they were GONE! I looked to see if they had just been moved from the endcap to a different location, but nope.

  16. My Target has the last one with the fishies out too! Thanks for posting the additional styles :)

  17. Jenny K. - Oooh, good purchase. The navy tote was easily one of my favorites. I only see a few in the stores when I go in. I kept wondering if maybe they are only getting a few pieces, but it's quite possible they are simply selling out very quickly.

    sparrowsandsparkles - You're welcome. I think of you now sometimes when I am in Target. *lol*

  18. Thanks so much for these pics! I looked high and low for the navy bags, and you were the only one who really had decent shots. I featured them on my blog (with full attribution!). Thanks and love your blog!

    Sanity Fair

  19. Sanity Fair - I love your handle. Thanks for stopping by and the acknowledgement. You created a great post. These bags aren't going to last. I haven't seen a full display of them yet. Only pieces. I am looking forward to the next collection!

  20. The Bags are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get to the beach and use bags like that.....

    lestylegirl OUT!

  21. lestylegirl - thanks for visiting! I had to get the coral clutch. We'll see if I use it. You know how that goes sometimes.


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