Thursday, February 12, 2009

J Crew - crackle metallic Mary Jane pump

J Crew's crackle metallic Mary Jane pump (99530) is currently $149.99 down from $228.

It comes in sherbert

or metallic pewter

I haven't tried these on, but here is a review from an anon on JCA:
"I bought the crackle-metallic mary janes and they are TTS. Before buying them myself I read several other posts that said they were TTS.

I have the sherbet color and it is really cute, very nice for spring/summer. They are quite comfortable for 3.5" heels. The strap helps keep my heel in the shoe, which can be an issue with heels over 3" high. There is a wee bit of toe cleavage but just a wee bit. ;-)"

And from dani_california
I bought the crackle mary janes as a christmas present for someone in her normal 7.5 and they fit perfectly. They are gorgeous IRL (she wanted the parsley color). She also reported that they are really comfy for heels!


  1. I ordered the Mary Janes in Silver when they had 30% off 149.00. I can't wait to wear them. They are tts and too cute!

  2. Hi Gigi, I wrote the first little review that you quoted. :) Many people have asked about these shoes on the JCA website and I've written a few comments. I really love them and my husband thinks they are very nice. I have always shied away from shine but couldn't resist this pink color. I wanted to get the silver as well but they are sold out in my size.

    If you get them I hope you like them as well. An exceptional deal right now for $79.99 and 20% off. Darling shoes.

  3. Anon@12:55 - I thought their silver was too dark in the crackle pump. I think you got one of the best colors.

  4. hi ladies: I ordered and the Mary Janes in "sherbert". The shoes are very cute and comfortable. I wear size 6.5, and i size down to 6.still comfortable. :) However, I just don't know what kind of clothing i should be wearing to match this shoes color. Before i received the shoes, I thought sherbert is similar to color gold, but in fact it's close to pink. So i am still thinking to sell it or keep it. Any idea?


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