Saturday, December 13, 2008

Remember to give back

It's good to give and I want to share the name of a charity I like, Souls4Soles. I couldn't save the logo from the website and went on a search for it. I came across this webpage where someone threw a party to collect & send a donation of shoes. Great idea! I admit I keep it simple and make an online transaction. However you decide to give, it's good to share and I find that it comes back tenfold.

In other news, I am not going to be posting for awhile. I will miss my obsession and my 1st blog! Hopefully I'll be back in a few months. If so, I will give a heads up on J Crew Aficionada. Thank you so much to everyone who posted about their experiences and great purchases on J Crew. I had so much fun reading and all the talk led me to create this. Thanks to everyone who read and/or lurked!!! I'm wishing a prosperous and abundant 2009 for all!

Friday, December 12, 2008

J Crew stadium cloth Shipley coat

Original retail $350 (99248), currently on sale for $199.99. Comes in ivory, black, navy and dark poppy. Dark poppy is a bright red with an orange undertone. Or maybe warm, bright red is just a better description.

TOTALLY fulfills my ivory coat obsession. I am a happy gal! Notice the honey glaze Lulu peep toes. ;-)

Straight on view for sleeve length and coat length on my body, which is 5'2"

Will try to post more about fit & feel. I am wearing (and keeping!) a size 2. I usually wear a 4 or 6P.

Adding: Stadium cloth is very soft. I'd even say it feels luxurious. Perhaps I am being generous w/my compliment given I didn't know what to expect. I thought stadium would be a little tougher or rugged. Maybe like a pique. I had to check the label to see if it has cashmere. It's 80% virgin wool & 20% polyamide. I'd say that this runs one size large. I am always a 4 or 6P and this is a 2. As soon as I put it on I felt the empire seam across my back and I knew it was a winner. I love that the mock neck is not as high as a funnel neck. No decorative buttons at the wrist, which I like. And the buttons on this are matte. They're not shiny as on the Madeline. They're not brown, as on the Lady Day. It's perfect in my book. Very, VERY happy!

A HUGE thank you to Chiffon Cupcake from J Crew Aficionada who reviewed this coat. I thought it was cute, but didn't realize it came in Ivory. Thank you, thank you !!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

J Crew - Teagan ruffle swiss top blouse

Original retail $98, now on sale for $69.99. The blouse comes in ivory or black. I think it's cute. I saw a blonde woman in the ivory version and she looked great in it.

However, it's not for me. I felt short and squat in it. As you can see, it's definitely see-thru. I think you need a cami under it and cannot go with just a bra. Too see-thru.

J Crew - Corrine cardigan

Orig retail $128, now on sale for $99.99

IRL - Just meh, imo. Petites will need to cuff the sleeve to prevent ape arms. It didn't feel particularly cozy or great on the body. I wasn't impressed. And look at those wrinkles on my right arm. Immediate wrinklage is not good. I can see it being a good layering piece, though. I do like the stand-up collar. Can't recall if you can fold it flat or if it wants to stay up full time. I also can't recall the exact thickness, but on vague recollect I'd say it's medium weight. I took this photo almost a month ago. Forgot about this pic and the sweater. It's a pass for me at $99.99 and at $69.99. That's just me. ETA: I know what it is. It reminds me of something I'd see at Old Navy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

UPS - holiday token for your driver?

I'm thinking of getting my UPS driver a certificate to Target for the holidays. I figure not everyone goes to Starbucks, but everyone goes to Target. We have 2 in our area and I know that she lives around here. We're not overly friendly, but we're getting there. Lord knows she's been by my house enough.

Some companies have limitations on what employees can accept. What do you think is an appropriate amount? Are you giving a gift to your UPS driver?

J Crew - large leather Thompson tote

J Crew large leather Thompson tote (99233) - Currently on promo for $125, down from $198, I believe. You can save up to 30% more off with the fantas-mi-tabulous HOHOHO promo. An addt'l 30% off will bring the tote to $87.50 before tax. Woot woot!

IRL - Love the yellow. IMO it looks good with the following coat colors: chocolate, ivory, gray, leopard (!). I also ordered it in ivory and hopefully that will arrive soon. I think I am going to end up keeping the yellow tote only, but we'll see. The ivory may sleigh me.

The interior is unlined. That may be a drawback for some. Also, it doesn't have a flat bottom. The tote is sewn so you can lay items at the bottom, but the seams that would create a true, flat bottom aren't there. Neither of these facts bother me. I am thrilled with my patent Candance tote and if this one serves me similarly (sans lining), I will be thrilled.

Nice interior pocket and an additional pouch for your ID, change, etc...

I remember looking for a smaller leather lunch tote years ago and the price was around $50, $60. So this is a great deal at $88 and I think it's worth the original retail price. Again, I'm not an expert in leather but my father used to make bags and this is on par w/the quality of leather he used. I expect this will wear well. I definitely need to put conditioning oil on it and protective spray to help it stay nice, but I see getting a long life out of it.

ETA: Great packaging job. I was very impressed when I received it. It felt like a Collection piece could be inside. Go J Crew!

J Crew Kelly shirt in white

J Crew Kelly blouses are currently $39.99 for a variety of colors, including white and black. The regular retail price is $54. It's a 3/4 sleeve blouse, FYI. You can save an additional percentage discount with the HOHOHO promo they are running through 12/11/08.

I love the fit and how it feels on the body. It's slimming. FYI, this is a size S and I am a 34C. It's has nice long shirttails. They look good out, but are also long enough to tuck in and that's a great option. The white is crisp and clean. Not blinding diamond white. Just a nice, true white.

J Crew - Harlowe blouse in fresh guava

Original retail $88.

It's been reviewed a few times, but here is my take on it. The color is like the website, but not. It's silk, so it has a sheen and I think that bumps up the color intensity more. It's really a pretty shade of peachy pink, but it's not subtle. I think long dark hair would balance the color out, take it down a notch.

The fresh guava is the same in both the Harlowe (left) and the Kelly blouse (right). The silk, as I said, makes the color stronger. They are the same color in person.

Adding a necklace makes a huge difference. It's no longer just a block of color. I think it's ok/pretty good with my skin color. It's definitely shouting -- hey look at me, instead of -- hey look at her nice skin.

Adding a black blazer makes a big difference. I also think this color could work with a deep navy suit.

I love the fit and I love the feel of the silk on my skin. It's pretty good for chicks with small pooches. I aaalmost grabs at mine, but it falls over it ok. I am a 34C and this is a size 4. The blouse is 23" from shoulder to hem, measuring down the front. I was concerned about the fact that it buttons down the back. I was able to easily undo the top 2 buttons, pull the blouse overhead and rebutton it.

12/13/08 ETA: I received the snow leopard Harlow and it's beautiful. Not for me, though. The pattern is too busy for me and makes me look extra big. Something about the sheen of it doesn't work. I really think hair is a factor and if I had long hair, it would work. My short, sometimes spiky, hair competes with prints. So it's me, not the blouse.

12/13/08 Regarding fit: I tried it on again and the 4 extends a bit past my shoulders. I wish I had the size 2 to compare. I think a 2 would still fit in the bust, but the darts at the bottom (about 5" in length) would grab at my stomach. I think I'm happy with the 4. I'd say if you are on the bustier side, it's TTS for you. If you are thin boned and/or are on the smaller side in the chest department, size down one.

J Crew - Isabella heels in plum

The Isabella heels in plum (96598) - currently on sale for $129.99 before any additional promos.

If you look to the right of the shoe you'll see gaping. That bugged. I supposed it would be taken care of if I went for my true size, 7.5. These are an 8.

The burgundy contrast looked more brown than burgundy or purple. That was a disappointment.

J Crew heels are hit or miss for sizing, as are there other shoes. I thought I'd need an 8 in the pumps, but these are too big. I tried shoe inserts but they didn't help.

Overall I'd say these are fairly comfortable, even though I wasn't in the proper size. I'm not a leather expert, but I have reservations about how long the suede will last on these. You're not supposed to put leather in plastic and these are in plastic in the box. I'm not sure for how long and if that's affected the suede quality or not. It looks good from afar, but upon close inspection it doesn't seem as though it will hold up for a long time. I definitely would not wear these with longer jeans because the jean material would brush against the suede. I also would not drive with these on. I would wear another pair of shoes while driving and then switch just before getting out of the car. With the suede covered heel you're bound to get some brushing marks from the floorboards. Also bad. These are going back.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

J Crew - decade dot jacket

J Crew's decade dot jacket (10295) only comes in regular sizes, not petite. It's $295. Here is the website shot:

Real life shot. What you can't tell is how pretty it is in person. It doesn't come through in photography. I guess it's sort of the golden cypress color but more gold with a bright turquoise woven in very discreetly. I kept thinking mermaid. So I guess if a mermaid put on an upscale outfit, she might choose this as part of the ensem. ;-)

On me and I was too lazy to try on anything underneath. What is up w/J Crew and the boxy cuts on their jackets? The stance is nice, but the length looks whacked off in person. I suppose a higher cut jacket can give the illusion of longer legs, but it can also create gorilla arms. That's just going to be a distraction. The jacket wasn't scratchy or uncomfortable, but the fit was just too boxy for my taste. I think I prefer a fit that is more generous than the more fitten or shrunken look but not too long. And definitely not boxy. A petite cut/option would definitely work better for those who need it.

J Crew - sequin striped tee

12/9 ETA: The item number is 11056 and the tee comes in citron yellow and moss. It's currently on sale for $69.99. You can save an addtl 20% with a minimum $100 order + free shipping. Check the website home page for details as there are more savings based on the tier in which you spend.

J Crew's sequin striped tee -- I thought this was online or in the catalog so I didn't note the price or the style number. I saw it in San Francisco yesterday. I have *not* seen it in Walnut Creek just yet. Maybe it's part of the new rollout coming on Monday/Tuesday (12/7-12/8) of next week. I think they also had yellow and maybe black. It looked so big on the hanger. I was surprised a small fit as it did. I have to say that it's comfortable on. Another thing it has going for it is that the sequins go all the way around the shirt. If I recall it is around $128, but I could be off. It wasn't cheap. I wouldn't buy this one. Not even on sale. I guess the black could be cute under a long black cardigan but I prefer the tissue sequin henley for that.

Tissue etincelle tee (11056)

J Crew - boucle' wool scarf coat

12/10 - ETA: Currently on sale for $229.99

J Crew's boucle' wool scarf coat (10292, 10993 for petite, $350) loomed so bright and so large in size from the rack that I was going to ignore it.

I thought it might be really obnoxious, but I decided to try it on for the blog. I didn't recall seeing this online and my instinct was to tie it like so...

Notice how big the cuff is. I am usually a 4 or 6P. This is a size 2. I would probably order a 4P. I wonder if the cuff is a bit smaller in the 4P. I realize that's the look of the jacket. However, if I purchased this I would consider having it tailored to be a bit smaller.

I would not wear it like this. You might be able to fold one scarf side over the other and pin it with a brooch. That could look cute. However, imo the scarf really begs to be draped in some way around or at the neck.

I was told by an SA it came in golden cypress online, which I do not see. I only see the bright berry as an option. Very cute, very comfortable and cozy. They got this boucle' right, unlike the boucle' on the Penny.

ETA: This is a lighterweight coat. It's definitely meant to be layered or worn on a cool fall/spring day. It's lined, but would not help you one bit in super cold weather.

J Crew -- If you're listening, please tell your phone reps how to properly pronounce boucle' as it is not pron. "bookle."

J Crew - Wool shift dress

J Crew's wool shift dress (10478) is currently on sale for $79.99. I didn't notice it online until the other day. I'm so happy that items aren't final sale right now, so I went ahead and ordered one.

I went into a b&m the other day and saw it on the rack. I tried on a 4. I like the fit even though my measurements are off right now. The stomach is a smidge snug but that's my fault; not that of the dress. I'd say the dress fits TTS.

I was concerned about the gathering in the rear:

It didn't poof too much and create extra booty or anything, imo. However, I have straight hips. The dress asked me for a belt. I obliged and tried on the thin patent belt. That didn't work, but it might have been the color. There are no belt loops so the belt has to be right width and fit to work. On the upside the dress has pockets and you can actually use them. You know...some pockets they are adding to dresses are just not really functional. These are.

The dress is definitely a lighterweight wool. This is great in that it will be more warm than a cotton or cotton blend, but for some reason it doesn't look especially dressy. For that reason, I cannot see wearing it tank style as a little black dress. I see wearing it more with a blouse or tissue turtleneck underneath. Or with a cardigan over it. When mine arrives in the mail I will try it with a necklace only, but I expect to want something underneath or over it. This is all from recollect & seen in the tight quarters of a b&m dressing room so we'll have to see when I have it in hand.


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