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5 Loft dresses reviewed

Leopard print sweater dress ($89.50) runs in regular & petite sizes.

Size S - There was a snag on the back of the dress, so it's possible the fabric might be a little sensitive. I didn't feel that way as I was getting into it, though. This isn't a personal style match for me. Some might be able to get away with it at work, particularly for a blazer. It would be a little on the sexsay side for me.

It fit close to the body, so it'll show your stuff. Not in a cruel way. I still think Loft has the best cut dresses in all the mall retailers, hands down. I'm sucking it in, in the pic on the right.

I usually prefer my animal prints in the colors we know them to have in the jungle. However, I did think this was subtle and classic. The color tones are subtle.

The Feeling
Very comfortable and a flattering fit. 

Cable sweater dress ($89.50) runs in regular and petite sizes. Color choices are a light grey, darker grey, teal and the plum, which is called codovan heather.

Size S - cordovan heather - Another one that's tts. I like the non-crewneck, wider necklines on these sweater dresses. The cable pattern is nice and so is the color. The color is rich and not not very heathered (faded).

Fit was fine. Same as above. If your figure is in the shape you want it to be, you'll like this one. I wouldn't do it at this moment in time personally. I do appreciate the ease of the pull-overhead dress.

The Feeling
They blew it with the shirttail hem. It says tunic more than dress. And that's coming from someone who's only 5'0". If you have tights in the same color, it will create more length, visually.

Faux leather trim quilted dress ()

Size 6 - Loft has their faux leather down. It looked pretty good on this dress. I like the quilting. The squares could be a little bigger, but it's still nice.

I don't think I'm sucking it in very much in the pic, which is further proof that Loft dresses are cut in a loving and gentle manner.;) Rear zip. It's a long one. Most of the other dresses had a short, 4" or so zip. On the upside, they chose black for the zipper lining.

The Feeling
Thumbsup. I could see a number of women liking this one. 

Embellished sweatshirt dress ($89.50) runs in regular, petite & tall sizes. It's currently on final sale at $74.88 online. Its $74.99 in-store, but not final sale.

Size S - The cut is like the sweater dresses above, but looser. The fabric was comfortable. It didn't feel sloppy even though the neckline looks a little like it. Some of you might be in-between sizes, depending on how tight you want it to fit. I questioned those three rows of jewels, with the third row hitting so low, but it worked.

Exposed back-zip, but short in length.

This doesn't have a dropped shoulder. However, the lack of shoulder seam might make wide shoulders look wider.

The Feeling

Drop waist denim dress ($79.50) runs in regular, petite and tall sizes.

Size S - It didn't come across as a drop waist, but I guess that seam makes it so. Pockets are nice. The shade is ok. I like darker denim or chambray. I find that I don't wear this mid-denim. The design at the neckline and the worn denim look at the seams gives it a little flair.

Side view. I like the above-the-knee length. However, if you're doing the arms-over-the-head dance it gets a little short. Remember, I'm only 5'0".

Another short, exposed zip.

The Feeling
I don't think it will tthe distance to be a long-term closet classic. It's a cute, expensive little dress, though. 

Earlier today I reviewed the faux leather sweatshirt dress. Thumbsup.

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Loft faux leather sweatshirt dress review

Loft is having one of their 50% off everything sales. The code is ALLMINE. I have to rush and complete a deadline, but I needed to get this up. I love the faux leather sweatshirt dress ($79.50). I have concerns about the 69% cotton, 31% poly because it looks like it might shed a little. But it's nice that it's more than 50% cotton.

Size S - I'm 5'0" and 37" across the fullest part of my chest. Size S fit great. I am S or 6, consistently in Loft dressses, so tts, imo. I loooove grey. I'll be saying that all winter because we're seeing lots of it.

The faux leather is done extremely well. I rarely outright praise faux leather because I feel I can tell the difference in most cases. It just bothers me and I try to go for real leather whenever possible. However, the faux just gets better and better. It's more practical price and care wise, so it's winning me over. Particularly when it looks this good.

 I ain't' sayin' you're gonna fool the pros. I'm just saying it looks really good. Short, exposed back-zip. 

There was some issue w/a few parts of the know, faux leather. It looked a little stained, but that was the case on all of the dresses. On one hand it looked a little stained up close and on the other hand it gave it a little more leathery look to it. It wasn't a deal breaker.

With the Kate Spade handbag I'm carrying today. #itsasign

The Feeling
I really liked this one. I was impressed w/the faux leather. As stated, a question would be whether it's gonna get fuzzy and funky. I love the grey. I repeat that regular to remind you that it can influence The Feeling. Fit was good. I would wear this in my casual, daily life. It wouldn't work for the professional-professional days I have. 

More dresses
I tried a few of these on and will review later. If you were wondering, the cable sweater dress I recently mentioned in a post isn't really a dress if you're tall and/or have long legs. Remember. Loft dresses are #gigiapproved and usually fit tts. I consistently take 6, S or PM. I tend to stick to the regular sizes vs petite. I'm short but my leg and arms lengths are not as petite as some of the petite cuts.
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3 Anthropologie dress reviews

Maeve Caye scalloped dress (online style# 4130336418888, $148) runs XS - XL. I see an option for petite sizes, but nothing happens when I click on the button. The dress is now $89.95. Prices at Anthro are the same in-store. It's a poly/spandex blend and made in Vietnam.

Size S - This size seemed to fit pretty well. A petite medium would fit better, particularly in the length.

 The color was summery, but I tried it on with my necklace of the day to see how it would look with a dark color. It would be a great dress for Halloween with the necklace and a black blazer or cardigan. For non-Halloween days, I'd try it with grey. Depending on where you live, it could be a transitional dress. For some of you the neckline and tank style are already out of season.

Love that there are pockets. They didn't add weight for me, unlike another reviewer mentioned. I had to hunt to find it. The small open, scalloped section is cute. I wasn't enamored with the lace lace? However, I liked that it covers the opening so you can peek-a-boo to lace, and not show skin.

The Feeling

Maeve embroidered neoprene shift (online style# 4130341981125, ticket style# 32804320) runs regular

Size 6 - The 6 fit well, so ttts. It's not as neonprene feeling as J. Crew's cove floral surf dress (review). The fit on that one was more flattering irl than this one. I like the grey on this, the floral and I even like the frame pattern.

What's odd is the colors for the fabric and cut. The colors say fall and the cut is more spring or summer. The fabric was a bit thick, cut it didn't make me think of putting on tall boots and a jacket with it. You could totally do that and it would probably work. I just thought it would feel odd. I didn't really like the orange ribbon pull on the zipper. It looked cheap for the dress. The best fit for dresses I've experienced this year is at at Loft. Loft dresses turn "bad" into good. They cut things in the right places, make them tight in places they need to be and forgiving in others. This dress didn't do anything special for me and isn't as figure flattering at the stomach as the picture suggests.

The Feeling
I love grey too much to completely discount it. It's definitely a very high opening price for the style, though. Beautiful concept. 

Tabitha (ticket style# 32700650, $158) - I don't see it online. Ticket color says wine/bord.

Size 6 - The color is great and the basketweave texture was interesting. Pockets!

I didn't like the ribbons at the top. The texture of the fabric is visually interesting. The bows weren't needed at all. The dress would've looked sleeker without them. I wanted to rip them off.

 I like the sweetheart v-neckline, even though it's just a biiit lower than I personally like.

The Feeling
Interesting elements, but not enough to push me over the edge. Still wondering if those bows are easily removable. 

EXTRAEXTRA gets an addtl 25% off sale items online. Also good in-store.

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