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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Marissa Webb & me

That time Marissa Webb hit me back on Instagram.

The Gear

I felt like such a fan girl when Marissa responded. It's official: I am Legend.

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J. Crew - JINGLE for 40% off sale items ends today. Check your email for an addtl 10% one-time use code that also expires today. The email subject line is: Just for you: an exclusive offer. Hurry, 48 hours only!

J. Crew Factory - TREAT for 30% off sitewide, 40% off clearance & fs no min. Good today, Thu, 12/18 only. I've looked at the love heart collector tee on every promo and finally bit at $11 w/TREAT. I went for XS since those always seem to fit me best over S in the collector series.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

J Crew stadium-cloth cocoon coat review

Stadium-cloth cocoon coat ($350) runs regular 00 - 16 (B2770), petite P00 - P12 (B2780) & tall T2 - T16 (B2796). Color choices are black, heather dusk, navy, neon coral, neon electric flame and sandstone. Heather twilight (blue) is available in tall.

Stadium cloth fabric by Nello Gori, Italy. 79% wool, 21% nylon 100% poly lining.

Size 4 - neon electric flame - Neon flame is definitely electric. I'd describe it as a bright watermelon. It wasn't the right shade for me, personally. I think it's a good one, though.

I'm in the pleated bib top (review). The coat is so bright that it's casting a pink tint on the white blouse.

The Feeling
The coat is longer than last year's version, which is good. It feels like they scaled it a little too big, e.g. sleeves. Great color. Love this coat. Just be sure to get the correct fit. 

Size 4 - sandstone - Same fit as above. The coat felt bigger this year in size 4 than last year. I would definitely get a petite size. 

There's a seam going down the arms that I don't recall being there last year. I didn't like it. I prefer shoulder seams because they give definition. I also think the shoulder seam look will go out of style. I'm really not a fan of the lack of seam connecting the bodies and arms of garments. It creates larger shoulders. I guess we should be grateful that the fashion industry didn't literally bring back shoulder pads.

Last year's versions of the retail & factory both had flap pockets That's an element that really made for a cute coat. Flap pockets aren't easy to access, so I guess that's why they switched them to the regular, side pockets. The factory coat was called heather stone. I have that one and love the color. The retail version is and was still called sandstone, but this year's version is lighter. It's closer in color to last year's factory version.

Notice the three different lengths. 2013 retail was the shortest length. The factory was a little longer and this year's version is the longest. Plus points for increasing the length on this year's retail. There's a zipper closure in all three of these versions. This year's factory city coat has buttons beneath the placket, instead of a zipper. They swapped the flap pockets for side pockets on this one, too.

 The Feeling
As I stated above, I love this coat. I think they tinkered with it too much, though. If they sell it again for 2015, they need to keep the longer length, bring back the flap pockets and shorten the arms just a hair. The stadium cloth fabric is thick and beautiful.

Review & IRl Pic Guide - Sale
JINGLE gets 40% off sale items, Dec 16 - 18

Bead droplet statement necklace ($89.99) review
Chelsea rain boot ($49.99) - navy and safari are on sale - review
Downing tote ($129.99) - dark navy and fatigue black are $129.99 in-store & online -  review
Martina patent wedges ($169.99 & $179.99) review of soft desert

Majesty peacoat ($199.99 & $278) - prices are for the heather chestnut (sale) & bone (promo) - review of navy
* Schoolboy blazer in black and in navy ($178) - review of heather graphite
Shiny puffer down vest ($79.99, $99.99, $110) - review (scroll down)

Diamond ikat dress ($109.99) - review

Cashmere patch-pocket hoodie ($199.99 & $219.99) - I went down one size to XS.
Chunky turtleneck sweater ($79.99) - review
Fringe sleeve sweater ($99.99) - No - review
Paneled sweatshirt in surf stripe ($49.99) review
Pieced pinstripe sweatshirt ($59.99) - review

Blurred ikat top ($79.99) review
Drapey keyhole top in stripe ($79.99) review
Drapey tuxedo top ($79.99) - thumbsup - review
Gilded chevron mixed shell - review
Golden tee ($34.99) review (third one down)
Tassel-trim top ($59.99) review

I like
Asymmetrical crossover pencil skirt ($89.99)
Cap-sleeve shirttail blouse ($59.99 & $78) - Size down one from your usual numeric size.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

J Crew stripe foil tee review (plus JINGLE 40% promo)

Stripe foil tee (HO14,  B6973, $55) runs XXS - XL. Color choices are charcoal ivory and heather grey navy. 100% cotton.  Machine was cold, inside out. Tumble dry low.

12/16 - On promo $49.50 + JINGLE = $29.70

Size S - heather grey navy - You would think this one is charcoal ivory, but it's heather grey navy online and was HGN on the in-store ticket. Size S fit fine. The neckline is open. There's a drop-shoulder with dolman flaps under the arms. I dislike that. Notice the slight a-flare at the bottom. It wasn't a snug fitting tee, but it wasn't too loose either. S felt like the correct size.

I like the gold stripe and the maroon. I thought the t-shirt was meh until I put the floral shield necklace - on with it. That livened it up.

The Feeling
Side-thumb was my initial thought. However, the fabric isn't flimsy and I like the stripes. Once I tried it w/the necklace, it was much cuter. My rating is a 10:30 thumb. Not straight up, but not a half thumb either. 

There's also the foil dot tee ($39.99). It strikes me a clownish. If you must try it, please do so before final sale kicks it. It's already in effect in-stores and will hit us online in just days.

Sizing update
I bought a 4 in the beaded chevron popover in white (review), but tried on the 2 and it fit much better. I usually take 4 or 6, so size down one or two sizes. I measure 37" across the fullest part of my chest and have medium width arms and shoulders. This is the size 2. I love it so much more than the size 4.

Currently $39.99 + 40% off w/JINGLE thru Thu, 12/18.

Beaded chevron popover in surplus - size 2 - I had to get this one, too. 

Under $25
all prices after JINGLE is applied

Ceramic plate set - For the stripesick.
Crystal triangles bracelet - Nets $18
Golden tee - third review down - Thumbsup. I have it.
Hugo Guinness ceramic box - One of them has the me me me repeated. The other says masterpiece.
Me 2 u tee - review - No.
Sequin chevron tee - review
Stripe cropped sweatshirt - review

Under $50
* Classic silk blouse - peppermint ice & warm ivory are $39.99 + 40% w/JINGLE
Drapey tuxedo top - review - Thumbsup
Gold side-stripe popover
Origami skirt with sequin stripe - review - No.

Under $100
Asymmetrical crossover pencil skirt
Fringe sleeve sweater - review - No.

Under $150
Buffalo check bomber - net $114

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Monday, December 15, 2014

J Crew golden ikat tee, bonne chance tee, J.Crew for tee & without you tee reviews

Golden ikat tee (HO14, B7574, $42.50) runs XXS - XL. The color is called ivory gold (IGO). 60% cotton, 40% modal. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, warm iron. Don't iron on the print.

Size XS - The online description says loose fit, so I decided to try the XS. I'd say to consider sizing down one. I think some of the current tees looked sloppy in my regular S.

The gold was more muted than I expected. It's shiny, but the overall effect wasn't as gold metallic as I expected. The gold also had a pink tint to it. Not quite as strong as a rose gold. Maybe it was the lighting. They already did a better version of this in grey w/black a few years ago that showed the pattern off better. It was more striking and the fabric ws thicker. I expected the gold to be striking and it wasn't.

This tee didn't resonate w/the sales associates either because two of them I spoke with didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for it. I know the volume of tees coming thru the door has been very high over this year. Last year, too. But yeah, this didn't really stand out.

The Feeling
The metallic gold wasn't strong enough for me. Not impressed & wouldn't buy it on sale. The tees have to feel very special to me in order to cave. If the shade if gold is a match for you, maybe you'll like it. 

Bonne chance tee (HO14, B7281, $42.50) runs XXS - XL. The color is called heather grey (HGR). 100% cotton.

Size XS - Another fareekin tee shirt. I thought this one was silly when I saw it online. Tried it on strictly to show pics. I doubt I will get it, but I did find things to appreciate about it. Like a few of the latest tees I've tried on, size down one so it doesn't look like you're on your way to the gym. Unless you're buying it to only wear to the gym then it doesn't matter.

Love my Loft modern skinny jeans. Currently 40% off w/FESTIVE. Ends, 12/14? Boots are Henry Ferrera Opera 100 rain boots.  Shop more Henry Ferrera on Amazon.

The gold metallic lettering was nice and bright. I liked that. I also liked the way the visual texture sweeps across the t-shirt. There's movement and I loved that very much about that. I'll remind you that I'm partial to grey.

There's a drop shoulder, but it's saved by the absence of a dolman sleeve. I kept looking at the t-shirt thinking, I like this? #gigiapproved, really? The sleeve is fitted and the drop simply works in this case.

The Feeling
I don't know why in tarnation they are releasing all of these spring/summerweight, short-sleeve tees for holiday. That fact and the twee 'bonne chance' nameplate give the thumb a slight tilt. Otherwise, I liked the fabric, the print and the metallic gold.

J.Crew for tee (FA14, B2847, $32.50) runs XXS - XL. The color is called heather pewter (HPE). 100% cotton.

From the website: Designed by our friend and illustrator Hugo Guinness, this limited-edition tee supports, a nonprofit that makes it easy to help support public education. How does it work? Teachers use the online platform to post classroom project requests and you decide what you'd like to support—whether it's a library for preschoolers in Harlem or laptops for sophomores in Houston. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the sale of this tee will be donated to

Size S - The online description says it's a loose fit, but this tee was tts. I wouldn't size down. A few of the Hugo Guiness for J. Crew items have been interesting. Of course, outside of Crewlandia there's more. $440 for a shakily written Stylish, printed by hand on fine Italian paper is of little interest to me, though. I'll let you Google it. His art isn't my type of thing overall and confirms the fact that if you're born into the proper family or know the proper people, you can sell any. thing. It's funny to read how charming, whimsical and moving his pieces are to some people. I don't get that feeling. However, to each his or her own, particularly when it comes to art. Kudos to him for creating and selling art. I find it interesting that he's done so many pieces for J. Crew. Aren't we on our 2nd or 3rd wave of pieces here?

The Feeling
I don't know if is controversial or not. If it is, I'm sure there are detractors that have visited J. Crew's Facebook page to express their displeasure. Again, I love grey so plus for that and the not-too-high neckline. Fabric was standard t-shirt fare. I wonder how many folks get paid out of that $32.50 before the foundation sees money. The art is subjective, so if you like it and don't have any qualms about the organiation it might be for you.

Without you tee (HO14, B7245, $39.50) runs XXS - XL. The color is called charcoal gold (CGO). 100% cotton.

12/14 - On promo for $34.50 + 30% off w/GIVETHIS.
12/16 - $29.99 online

Size S - Notice the slight drop-shoulder. The sleeve isn't wide, which is good. It wasn't tight, either. You should probably size down one in this to give it some shape. On the left, just hanging plainly. I'm 37" across the chest, so the more you stick out, the more the shirt will and create a fuller look. If you want to get it closer to the body, size down one. I'm still in a S in the right pic, just pulling it back.

What a weird thing for J. Cre to put on a t-shirt. Who went to the mall in the 70s and had a t-shirt screen printed? You looked up at walls to see all your choices. This, or some variation (did people say suck in the 70s?) would've been up there. Maybe that's the point and this is a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing w/the flow, disco font. Stay Classy!

The Feeling
I liked the vintage feel of the t-shirt. It didn't feel like it was going to get holes in it, though. It's like they finally perfected the artist tee feel and then slapped something silly on it. 
Let go of the graphic tees, J. Crew!!!!

40% off SUPERwarm styles for womenmengirls, and boys with GIVETHIS. Ends, Mon, 12/15.
30% off regular price and sale items with GIVETHIS, ends Mon 12/15.
Free shipping no minimum still going. 

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

In the crossover

A new code went up on J Crew Factory.

JOLLY gets 30% off

JOLLYCARD gets 30% off and w/your J. Crew card

Free shipping no minimum. Good on Monday, 12/15 only.

The 50% off prices are still in effect, so order imminently if you want something. The prices will be changing very, very soon, I'm sure.


classic button-down shirt in suckered gingham - I usually wear S, but chose M. It's a little big in the sleeves, but I love it.  No need to hang it dry in M. Currently $32 + 30% = $22

embroidered oxford popover - I didn't like the retail one. The neon embroidery was too bright. This looks more tame. Currently $37.50 + 30% = $26

stacked heel leather Boot - What a deal. Currently $98 + 30% = $69

flannel sleep pant - Currently $21 + 30% = $15

foil-arrow collector tee - Sooo don't need another tee, but thumbsup on the thicker, collector tee fabric.

collarless dress coat - Some of you have been curious about this. Now's the time. Currently $109 + 30% = $76

cheers sweatshirt - I recvd the XS yesterday. The drop shoulder annoys on one side as it's a little poofy and then fine on the other shoulder. XS looks great under a blazer, but I might exchange it for S to get a little slack. It fits closer, like a t-shirt in the XS. Currently $29.50 + 30% = $21

shimmer infinity scarf (review- So glad I ordered this on another, recent promo. Recvd it yesterday. I love how it looks like beautiful braid around the neck. I triple wrap mine and then tuck into place.

Remember, these prices are likely going to change. My guess is by 11p PST or so. I got the crystals necklace and tortoise and crystals necklace (review).

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