Friday, November 27, 2015

J. Crew 40% Surprise!

J. Crew has taken the current HOLIDAY promo a step further, offering 40% off select full price items. It looks like the promo goes until Sun, 11/29. Also good in-store.

row 1
mixed crystal bracelet (net $59)
pearl bead teardrop necklace (net $30) - I love the long length.
metallic linen v-neck pocket tee (nets $27) - gold or silver

row 2
plush excursion vest (net $83) - I like navy & the plush feel. It was too teddy bear on me. Size S fit well.
wintress puffer coat (nets $179) - I have this from another season (XS) and love it.
belted trench coat in melton wool (nets $195) - I love the grey. Regular and petite sizes. 

row 3
excursion buffalo check vest (navy/red) (nets $83) - Fit suggestions are split on this. I take XS in both retail and factory. The small gapes too much under the arm and I never wear thick enough sweaters that might make up for it.

row 4
plaid pom-pom scarf (nets $45) - I like the pom poms. I think they're cute. 
pefect cable sweater (nets $57) - The natural is a nice color, irl. I haven't tried this one on, though.
size S - chest = 18"
size M - chest = 19"

Swarovski bracelet (net $57) - This one was known as the Martha bracelet a couple years ago.

Not pictured
plaid sweater (nets $57) - The sweater looks darker in the stock pic than on the model.
size S - chest = 18.5"
size M - chest = 19.5"

striped t-shirt with bow embellished back (nets $42) - Love this!
size S - chest = 17 3/4", waist = 16 3/4
size M - chest = 18 3/4", waist = 17 3/4

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Friday Sales

What was this business about Grey Wednesday before Black Friday? I swear. They're going to push the holidays up so far that we'll be in Halloween costumes whilst waving 4th of July flags at picnics.

I did get a sense of people shopping earlier in the season for the holidays. I liked the feeling in the air because it hasn't been frenetic. I went to Old Navy last weekend for their 50% off sale. The line snaked around, inside the store (no exaggeration), but everyone was good natured. I hope that spirit continues over the next month.

Let's shop!

Black Friday Deals thru Wed, 11/25

Right as I was jumping into this section, Mini G showed me a commercial on YouTube for the Starlily, My Magical Unicorn. The horn lights up and the unicorn is a bit animatronic. It would probably scare me, to tell you the truth. Why are you $95? Time for some #salemath. Let's say she plays with it for 4 wks. Cost/use = $25/wk. That's cheaper than many paid activities I've taken her to, e.g. Chuck E. Cheese. Plus, a toy like this would stimulate the imagination. It's also nice to be moving a little out of the Elsa crazy phase. There's also the Flutterbye Fairy, Flying Unicorn currently, half off at $17. That one is also interactive. 6 AA batteries, hmmm.... I'm trying to get books for everyone this year. My 4 year old nephew loves Bob Marley, so he's getting Every Little Thing, based on the song.
2015 christmas toy idea

Teddy Needs A Bath is like a Dryel for stuffed animals. However, you can actually put stuffed animals into the bag, then into a washing machine. It's currently sold out. I purchased it directly from the product website. The dryer sheets are currently BOGO free. My total order was $29 with shipping, which is good. The Amazon price was $25 and I don't think it came with the dryer sheets.&
how to wash stuffed animals

The Tommy Hilfiger Ryann rain boot in green plaid are currently $38. Amazon has dynamic pricing, which means that prices change based on one's viewing history. I hope you see the same price.

20% off your first purchase. Free shipping, always. Not seeing a Black Friday deal just yet.

I recently received the The rolo chain collar necklace (4th pic) and love it. The online pic is an exact capture of how it looks irl.

Up to 70% off. I couldn't get the oversized chunky knit cardigan to drop into the widget below. It's cute and 46% cotton, not full acrylic/poly. Be sure to check out the very cute ugly sweater collection.

HOLIDAY gets 30% off your purchase thru Sun, 11/29.
ETA: HOLIDAY now gets 40% off select full price items. It looks like the promo goes until Sun, 11/29. Also good in-store. 

My guess is that the Cyber Monday promo will be the same, but free shipping no min.
Shop with my regular price & sale IRL Pic Guides.

Notably, many items that are never on promo are eligible for the 30% off, like the Swarovski bracelet. Limited sizing remains on the collection pull-on sequin pants if your size is still available and you want to try them. 

* sequin cardigan sweater ($198) - This is a nice re-do. Black and a pretty blush color.
* holiday party top in sequin ($118) - I saw this in-person. It's gloriously pretty. I would try a 4.
* downtown field jacket ($158) - My go-to jacket in mossy brown & burgundy. Layers easily.
* metallic floral clip top ($148)  - I haven't seen the top, but I tried on the dress. Review here.

HOLIDAY gets 40% off select regular price item on Fri, 11/26.

50% off storewide & in-store. Addtl 50% off applied to clearance in-store (on 11/25).
SHIPGIFTS gets free shipping on $50+ thru Sun, 11/29
MYGIFT gets 20% off $100 thru 12/31. 
One code per transaction.

I'm still loving the plaid throw blanket (currently $19.50). 

plaid tuxedo top (curr $42.50) - Both the red and the black watch were nice. Runs tts.
black watch scarf (curr $21) - Ema/CrazyAboutJCrew said this is good. Wool.
plaid tartan skirt (curr $47.50) - Print looks good irl. A little less vibrant than retail. Didn't try on.
Fair Isle sweater with stripes (curr $44) - I believe it runs tts. Might want to size up to fit shirt under. I was only able to try a M, which was loose in the body.

MERCI gets 25% off your entire purchase thru Sun, 11/29. Some exclusions.
Sparkle on for the holidays with the small square studs in gold glitter.

CORNY gets 50% off almost everything -- including sale items --  thru Fri, 11/27, 3am EST.
Check out the reindeer Fair Isle (net $30).

J. Crew (net $59 w/HOLIDAY) vs. Loft ($59.50)
I've ttried on both and liked both. The J. Crew option runs tts, from what I recell. The Loft version has more room. As you can see, J. Crew's lace is more intricate. The effect is the same on both. 

Extra 25% off select items thru on, 11/30. Free shipping both ways. No code needed.

As of 12a PST on Fri, 11/26, Anastasia of Beverly Hills has 25% off all brow products. Ask Nordstrom for a price match on their Anastasia brow products. You can usually make the request and have an order processed via chat by Nordstrom.

Black Friday Bonanza -- 40 - 60% off -- 'for a limited time. Some exclusions.
50% off storewide, in-store gets free shipping on $25+ -- for a limited time.

THANKS gets an addtl 10-20% off thru Sat, 11/28. Some exclusions.
Free shipping no min with your Macy's card. Expires...? 

40% off your entire purchase until Fri, 11/27, midnite EST. No code necessary.
Be sure to check out the SmAckDoWns against J. Crew shoes.

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Many deals and shopping thoughts that I post on FB don't make it over here on Gigi's Gone Shopping.

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Thanksgiving 2015


This was the year of my career reveal! I never believed I was completely anonymous. However, now there's even more possibility I have non-blog life friends or family reading along (and not telling me). I don't have anything to hide, but also like to avoid, did you see what so-and-so put on (insert social media feed)? I probably will never get away from that possibility. None of us will, right? All this to say that I wish I could update you on family topics I've talked about at other holiday times, but I'm going to wait it out.

One of my nephews spent Monday nite at our house. We went to see Spectre, the new James Bond movie. It was really good. That's not usually my first choice for a movie because I would expect it to be fairly predictable. I really enjoyed myself, though and know this to be true because I stayed awake the entire time. (happy trombone) They really keep my attention with those action scenes. Camera work, sound and editing on blockbusters tend to be impeccable, so I appreciated the work of those departments on this film. I love Christoph Waltz. They didn't give him enough to do. I don't blame him for taking any part they offered him in the film. This is the type of movie that lines an actor's pockets very well, enabling him to take lower paying parts with more interesting chracters. I don't know if the following is a new trend, but they rolled some of the technical credits in the beginning of the film -- like they used to on movies from long ago. I got confused, thinking we had gone into the wrong theatre. Nevermind that we had just sat thru 20-30 minutes of previews. Duh. Fatigue, y'all. Fatigue will getchu.

We're keeping Thanksgiving the smallest it's ever been. George, me and our 4-year old boss. She suggested that we decorate for Christmas. I agreed, remarking that we missed Thanksgiving decorating. She reminded me that we also missed decorating for Halloween. That's a boss for ya. I took her out for the day, yesterday. I'll admit that I left the house feeling frustrated that I had simply put up another review and not some new content of some sort.  I always hope to diversify the content here, but quite often it's just not possible. Between entertaining/wanting to spend time with Mini G when she's not in school, the unpredictability of my work, my health and daily life, I have to make choices about my time. I choose family. A lot.

It's been really cold here (40s!) and we've seen a little bit of rain. Both of which are great. My hands aren't faring well, though. I've been using L'Occitane hand cream and coconut oil, but I still have peeling skin on my fingers.

Any tips from my cold weather pros?

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you shopping Black Friday, Small Saturday or Cyber Monday?

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p.s. Recent try-ons at J. Crew Factory:

* Fair Isle sweater with stripes - I love the mix of Fair Isle & stripes. It totally works irl. There was no S to try, only a M. The fit was loose. I would have to try the S to gauge which size I would prefer. I did like the looseness of the M. If you like sweaters on the looser side + to be able to easily wear another top underneath, you might want to size up one. Thumbsup. 

Flannel shirt dress - This looked cute on the hanger and not nearly as nightshirt like as it looks online. I didn't try it on, but my guess is that it runs tts.

* Plaid tuxedo top - The 100% poly feel has a silky feel, but not noisy polyester. I like that there was no static cling. Size S fit well, but PM would be a better fit for me in the arm length. I looved the red black plaid. It's bright and no, it doesn't shout holiday. The black watch version was nice, also and might look as a double dose with the black watch scarf. The tuxedo top also comes in solid colors. It's a good factory version of the retail. Thumbsup. 

* Sequin shell - The grey was on sale for $29.97 + 50% off. There was only M to try and I liked the slightly loose fit. It wasn't too big under the arms, either. Without trying the S, I'll guess that it's tts. Consider sizing up one if you have a bigger chest and/or want a looser fit. Thumbsup. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

J Crew metallic textured-dot dress review

J Crew metallic textured-dot dress (HO15, $188) runs 000 - 16 (E5004), petite P00 - P12 and tall T2 - T16 (E6167). 52% silk, 44% viscose, 4% other fiber. Lining: 100% poly. Contains non-textile parts of animal origin. The color is navy (NAV).

Size 6 - I was able to unzip the back of the dress and step into it. No pulling overhead.

That is my 'giving face' look. I think. I know for sure that I liked this dress.

I don't have a discernible waist. A teense bit of narrowing where my waist begins and that's about it. Therefore, I never expect dresses with an elastic waist definition to look good on me. There isn't elastic in this dress, though. There's a little bit of extra material, making it a little blouson-like at the waist seam. I kept checking to see if I was imagining how camouflaging it is.

I would never wear this with flats (personal choice), but I would get the 8P to bring the length up a bit. I think it would still be fine with heels. Do you feel cold looking at the photos? I wouldn't wear a top under it because that's not my personal style, but I'd try a blazer over it. You can also treat it like a skirt by wearing a sweater over the top. The fabric is very light and even if you wanted to wear it now, you might need something like Hue thermo-luxe tights.

For size reference I'm 5'0", 34DD. The under arm area was good, not gaping as we've seen in some of the FA15 dresses. I love the fabric. The metallic is very pretty on the navy.

The Feeling
It's flowy and I felt pretty in it. Personal like and I think it will be a winner on many.

  • 30% off your regular price & 40% off sale items with HOLIDAY

30% off w/HOLIDAY:

On promo + 40% off w/HOLIDAY:

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram  p.s. Reminder that the Kate Spade Surprise Sale launched yesterday. You'll have to provide an email address and zip code to log in. The chambray bow blouse is $89 and still available As far as I know, it's a retail offering. I'm surprised because it sold out. There's currently a full range of sizes. I took my usual size 6 and it fits exactly. Review here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

J Crew textured windowpane jacquard dress review

Parts of the text in this review is directly lifted from the my original review.

Textured windowpane jacquard dress (FA?15, $228) runs regular 000 - 16 (E0171)and petite P00 - P12 (E2568). The color is called navy multi (NMU).

Size 4 - chest = 35 1/2", waist = 30", hip 41.5"
Size 6 - chest = 36 1/2", waist = 31", hip 42.5", shoulder-to-hem length 37.5"

Size 6 vs. 8P - I'm 5'0" and frequently mention how I choose regular over petite sizes. This was came really close and I wanted to share side-by-sides to show why I chose the 8P in this case.

Look at this fabric!! It's magnificent. I felt like I was unwrapping a piece of artwork. The waist is a little bit higher on the 8P and it works well with the physical cut of the dress and the fabric. It looks a little narrower in-person, giving more contrast to the skirt flare. 

With "heels." If I wear flats, it tends to be with jeans or chinos. I have to wear heels with this. Stepping into  a heel brings the length up a bit. I usually prefer at the top of the knee or mid-knee, but I thought it looked cuter in the slightly shorter length. It definitely felt more fun.

The skirt of the 6 wasn't a lot longer, but it dragged things down, visually. I felt sportier and cuter in the 8P. The skirt looks like it really flares out in the online pic. It also looks like there's a high-low hem. I found neither to be the case. The skirt is a-line, but not exaggerated. I didn't fee a high-low hem. Maybe because my back fills it out, bringing up the rear? (slaps knee)

Burgundy/wine shoes are definitely a good look. Mine are from a couple years ago from Talbots. Wine is mighty fine and I also think the Colette D'Orsay pumps in California poppy would look good. Oooh, as would the Colettes in metallic gold.

I haven't waited for a special occasion to wear the Kate Spade small square studs in clear ($38). Love them. They mix well with J. Crew's jewelry.

j crew jacquard fabric print dress

Check it out on Ema's Instagram. Ema stated that the underarms are a little loose. I didn't have a lot of gaping under the arm (34DD), but the size 8P fit better in that area than the regular 6. It's tts, imo. If you're concerned about fit, you could always go for the larger of your two sizes and have it altered.

The Feeling
Love, love, love. Great alternative to red or green at Christmas time.

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p.s. Kate Spade Surprise Sale - You'll have to provide an email address and zip code to log in.

The chambray bow blouse is $89. As far as I know, it's a retail offering. I'm surprised because it sold out. There's currently a full range of sizes. I took my usual size 6 and it fits exactly. Review here


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