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Saturday, July 26, 2014

J Crew embroidered pom-pom tank review

Embroidered pom-pom tank (SU14, A7259, $98) runs 00-16. Color choices are autumn coral, burnt crimson and marine salt.

7/26 - Burnt crimson currently on promo for $88 + 40% off w/TREAT. 

Size 6 - marine salt - This top falls right in line with all of the other embroidered pieces J. Crew has done consistently well over the years. I like the v shape at the chest, which elongates the neck. The v isn't too deep, which is nice. I'm 5'0" to give you an idea of length. I'm thinking it might run a little short if you have a long torso and possibly come across like a baby doll top.

I'm wearing the  chambray drawstring pants (review), which I don't regret buying at full price + 30% or something like that because they haven't gone on promo + promo code.

The sides weren't too low, but the straps were falling down. They quite far down the back. A special bra might be needed for this one if you don't have the straps taken up to cover up undergarment exposure.

Size 4 - marine salt - I had put my clothes on and was out of the fitting room, but decided to go back in and try the 4 since I was already there. I'm glad I did. I knew I wanted to get this and wante to be sure of my size come promo time. The 4 fit better. So that's a size down from my most frequent size of 6.

If you have side-boob, it might show. Just sayin.

It's not see-thru because the top has two layers. 

The Feeling

There's also the swiss-dot pom-pom skirt (review), currently $39.99 + 40% off w/TREAT.

Crewcuts girls has lots of pom-pom options.

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J. Crew
50% off final sale continues in-store
TREAT gets 40% off promo & sale items
7/23 - 8/3

20% off of $100+ clearance with SHOPMORE, 7/23 - 7/27
some items excluded from promo, like the quilted vest

Friday, July 25, 2014

J Crew cotton twill swing trench review

Cotton twill swing trench (SP14, A1635, $248) runs 00-16. Color choices are khaki and sunbaked orange. 100% cotton, 100% poly lining.

7/24 - $179.99 online. It was the same price or thereabouts when I tried it on a couple of weeks ago.

Size 4 - khaki - It's described online as having an oversize fit, but this is pretty ridiculous. The overall coat is heavy. Not too-too heavy, but it's unwieldy given how oversize it is. The trench was quite sad. And forlorn. Mini G would say, "that baby darling needs her mommy."

Very, very oversized. The storm flaps are gargantuan. And the drop on the's so low a linebacker could fit into it.

The Feeling
Good idea, even with the oversize intent. They just forgot to scale back. A lot. 

THE trailer
There are enough entertainment blogs, so I usually don't discuss it here. But what do you think about the much anticipated 50 Shades of Grey trailer? I haven't read the book, so I had no expectations about what Christian or Anastasia would look like. I didn't think Jamie Dornan was cute until about 1:31. And I guess Dakota Johnson is just supposed to be homely thruout? Enlighten me as I know nothing about the book. Except that there's seeeeexsss...

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J. Crew
50% off final sale continues in-store
TREAT gets 40% off promo & sale items
7/23 - 8/3

20% off of $100+ clearance with SHOPMORE, 7/23 - 7/27
some items excluded from promo, like the quilted vest

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Saaaale

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale continues! If you're unfamiliar, the sale happens every July. It's a pre-fall sale, not markdowns. Nordstrom has excellent buyers and they always have items that sell out quickly. Like the scarf I bought. Gone. So no link.

I've been waiting for this sale and haven't had time to indulge in it as much as I'd like. I wanted to go in-person, but since that can't be done let's indulge in looking.

* Tildon Textured Open Front Cardigan ($44.90) - I totally want one of these and can't decide which color. I have a longer one in black from last year's Anniversary sale. It's a great sweater. Cozy, yet stylish. I'm assuming this one is, too.

* Vince Ribbed Pencil Dress ($159.90) - I love the color grey. This also comes in mulberry. If you like jeweled shades, but not bright jeweled tones, you might like that one. I find that sometimes I want the richness of a shade, but not the brightness.

* BB Dakota Genuine Suede Shift Dress ($146.90) - Great color.

* Halogen Solid Cashmere Sweater ($84.90) - Reg & petite sizes. The wider neckline on this looks similar to J. Crew's collection cashmere sweatshirt. If that was too slouchy for you, try this regular cut sweater. The price is much lighter on the wallet, too.

* Lafayette 148 New York 'Irving' Stretch Wool Pants ($158.90) - Reg & petite sizes. The cut is a fitted style, closer to the body. If you miss fuller cut pants, the Delancey pants are for you.

* MICHAEL Michael Kors Trench Coat ($119.90) - The hood & liner detach. I have a similar coat like this by Madewell, also in red and love it. Red is great on a dreary day.

BP. Marled Open Cardigan ($28.90) - Reviewers are saying the arms are loose. This isn't necessary a bad thing. It means layering under will be easy. Um, this is a 100% cotton cardigan. $28 unicorns are hard to find. Come on, reviewers.

Halogen 'Taylor' Suiting Pants ($49.90) - Reg & petite. I owned a pair of Halogen suiting pants and loved them. I love my Ralph Lauren trousers, so I forget about these. I need to remember because these do sell out over the season.

Topshop 'Maisie' Top Coat (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($89.90) - A Nordstrom exclusive. I looove this one. A lot. I've been looking at oversized, grey wool coats. This one isn't wool so I'll continue to wait for one. This one reminds me of the collection tuxedo top coat from J. Crew. Even though it's not the same. Crewlade keeps the brand on the brain.

Treasure&Bond Quilted Leather Moto Jacket ($218.90) - My inner rocker wants this jacket. I've never owned a leather motorcycle jacket. I think the black ones are too much of a look for me. A big ole thumbsup for this color.

Treasure&Bond Moto Jeans ($64.90) - Another for my rock 'n' roll persona. I'm not big on faded washes, but I like this one.

Halogen Belted Cap Sleeve Pleat Dress ($78.90) - Reg & petite. Not rocker at all. But you can rock it on Mondays as an easy don't-know-what-to-wear dress.

Nordstrom has a store credit card and you can earn points that transfer into Nordstrom Notes. As soon as you earn a Note, they email notification and you can use it right away. On the first few days of the sale, there are double points or triple points so it's easy to earn a Note before a sale even ends. I don't have the store card, but I do have the Nordstrom Mod Card. It works like a credit card thru my bank account. I say credit card -- as opposed to debit card -- because the transaction isn't deducted the same day. It takes a couple of days. If you have a store you can visit, the card also gives you points for cafe purchases. Rewards chart here.

Check out this $15 Nordstrom SmACkDoWn of J. Crew's wildflower necklace.

Have you shopped the sale?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

40% off dresses at Ann Taylor, plus...

A new promo is up at Ann Taylor. Save 40% off dresses, no code necessary. THANKYOU44 appears to still be working for $50 off $100. I really want to order the trench dress. They showed it somewhere on the site with a white long sleeve tee and light blue jeans. If I were doing jeans, I'd wear my trusty Loft jeans in dark rinse with black pumps. The patent Valentinas (review) create great lines. I can see it now. Here are some picks:

Have you ordered from Ann Taylor in the past couple of days? Any dresses catch your eye?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ann Taylor - addtl 60-65% off (Strike that. Reverse it)

We're now in the middle of Ann Taylor's current, diminishing discount promo. We missed an addtl 70% off sale items thru 12a PST this morning. Well, I did, anyway. The promo continues as follows:

Save an addtl 65% off sale items -- no code needed -- 12a -12p PST, Monday.
Save an addtl 60% off sale items -- no code needed -- 12p - 12a PST, Tuesday.

Francesa (frenchpixie317 on Instagram) shared that THANKYOU44 will save $50 off $100. It worked on a mock checkout of all sale items. (balloons and confetti, monkey clapping cymbals)

ETA: Code seems iffy. It didn't work at one point this morning and I updated the post to reflect that information. Then it worked at about 12:30p PST. I just did a mockcheck at 2:30p PST and it's no longer working. So I guess they've officially pulled it.

ETA: Another update. Someone tried the code a couple times over a period of an hour or two and it worked on the 2nd try. So maybe walk away & come back and it'll work. Good luck.

Tue 7/22: Addtl 60% off sale items still going, no code needed. THANKYOU44 appears to still be working as well for  $50 off $100.

We've seen most of the items below in one form or another. Fit has been disappointing at J. Crew this year and I find that Ann Taylor items tend to fit nicely. I don't see a lot of the slouchy stuff we're seeing elsewhere. Therefore, if a stripe dress hasn't worked so far, maybe Ann Taylor has one for you. Or if the embellished tops at J. Crew were ridiculou$ or you missed on sale, check out the embellished 3/4 sleeve top and embellished keyhole shell. Most of J. Crew's were the boyfriend, buttondown style. I like the alternatives Ann Taylor is selling. Those tops are viscose, and poly. I tried to pick items that were cotton or a cotton blend. You can run, but you can't hide from poly. As I'm typing this, I notice I didn't put the in the lemon drop sweater in the mix below. It nets $24.50 thru 12p PST. I really liked the look of that one, even though I'm trying to accept that paler colors don't work as well on me as vibrant ones. At least it's not final sale. Watch out for those.

Also on sale, this jacquard dot sheath dress

A trench dress for Desert Flower. Regular price. Save $50 w/THANKYOU44.

Visit my other blog, 1060 Pairs for Ann Taylor shoe and jewelry picks. Regular price jewelry is 50% off, no code needed.

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