Friday, May 22, 2015

J Crew sleeveless shift dress in midnight floral jacquard review

Sleeveless shift dress in midnight floral jacquard review (SU15, $178) runs regular 000-16 (C4473), petite 00-12 (C7149), and tall 2-12 (C7150). The color is called raspberry (RAS). 58% viscose, 42% cotton, 100% cotton binding, 100% poly lining.

Size 6 - I liked the print online, but thought it was a bit fall or early winter oriented in the color palette. After seeing it in-person, I'm convinced that it works for spring and summer. I instantly see white working with it. At least with the midnight floral cocoon top ($98).

I'm 5'0", but notice where it hits me. This is why I often prefer regular sizes over petites. It felt like a good length on me, but if you're tall or have long legs then you might want to take advantage of the tall size option. Left pic = flat feet. Right pic = "with heels." Fit felt TTS to me with some looseness thru the body. I wouldn't want to size down, but if you're very thin & also have a smaller chest, you might want to if your goal is to get it fitting closer to your body.

I happened to be wearing the pearl twisted hammock necklace ($98) and Swarovski crystal necklace ($165). I loved the combo with the dress. It doesn't have pockets. I didn't expect it to, but I checked.

A closer look at the necklaces with the print. The v is on the low side. Low enough to show your bra if you don't pick the right one. Even so, I wouldn't call it low cut because it didn't feel like I was hanging out or showing myself.

Sideview. Good place to check for fit and thankfully the armholes seem sized correctly. Unlike some of the items we've seen all year. A regular back zip, no exposed zipness.

The Feeling
Beautiful and unique print. This is why we keep Crewing. 

WEEKEND gets 30% off your order at thru Tue, May 26.

Visit this post to see text reviews of a number of new rollout items I tried on yesterday.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gigi tries on the latest J. Crew rollout

I just came back from a little try-on session at J. Crew and I'm afraid I won't be able to get this post up fast enough. Yes, everything tends to go on promo & sale, but if you've been considering some items from the new rollout, hopefully I can help you decide if you want to take advantage of SUMMERLOVE for 25% off which ends tonite. If you have a J. Crew card, use CARDLOVE for 30% off. This promo was *not* good in-stores today.

The new rollout is officially #gigiapproved. 

LOL. I tentatively said that J Crew's mercury is rising, based on what we saw online. Today I got to use my five senses today. Well, four because I don't smell the clothes...wait, I don't taste them either. Ok, eyes and touch. And I hear them when I rustle the fabric, esp the polyester. There. That's settled.

Crossover pencil skirt in plumeria jacquard ($118) - This print isn't as eye catching to me online as the midnight floral jacquard. It's prettier in-person. I really liked the crossover style. It felt stylish and sleek on, overall. It sits high up on the sits high, y'all. I would get the 8P. And not eat bread a couple days before wearing it. Yes, I still wear the squeem, so I'd employ that the nite before wearing it. I tried it with a dark chambray shirt I had on today and the whole tied-at-the-waist thing worked with jewelry. TTS. Thumbsup.

Embroidered flutter-sleeve tee ($78) - I only picked this up to try on with something else. I thought it was going to be another thin, shapeless tee, but I was wrong. It was flattering, with one of the bands hitting below my chest and giving me the illusion of smaller waist. I'm surprised to see this in a petite. I guess if you have a short torso... TTS. Thumbsup.

Embroidered mosaic pull-on short ($78) - I tried both S and M in this, in white. They flare out just a little, so the M was too big. They're fluid and gauzy, to give you an idea of the fabric. They're a little pajamy-y looking. At least on me, but they're a personal like for me. TTS. Thumbsup.

Garden pant in midnight floral jacquard ($128) - I didn't see these irl, but the print is a confirmed beauty. I would try a 6.

Gold-foil tuxedo-stripe short ($59.50) - I saw these folded and forgot to pick up a pair to try on. The metallic was eye catching. I don't know about that elastic waist and the racer stripes on the side of shorts. Although it has an elastic waist, I would try my usual size 6.

Ikat wrap dress ($168) - Another one I wasn't necessarily interested in for myself and only tried on to review. Loved it. Even with my non-flat stomach, it was very flattering. The v isn't too low. The self-tie looked nice. Very comfortable, too. I would stick with a regular 6, not petite. TTS. Thumbsup. 

* Metallic foil tailored Bermuda short ($89.50) - I tried them on only to share pics and I fell in love. I didn't think they'd work for me at all at 5'0", but they did. My usual size 6 fit well. I bought them in ivory bronze. The metallic items tend to do well at J. Crew and I don't want to miss out on them. We had rain in the forecast today and it didn't happen in my area. I will be able to wear these very soon with a sweater and sandals. I didn't see the other 2 colors, but I wasn't looking for them because I hadn't seen them on the website. TTS. Thumbsup. 

Midnight floral cocoon top ($98) - This is the same magenta/purple/cobalt print as the sleeveless shift dress in floral jacquard, reviewed below. It's so beautiful. There's a front hook at the chest. It has to be released in order to get the top overhead. It sits in a v-neck when its undone. I forgot to fasten it to see how that looks.

Yay for no exposed zippers. Darts are still MIA. It's going to more or less hang on you and the bigger your chest, the more hang you'll get. If you're flatter, my guess is that the top will fit closer to the body from the waist down and might have a better shot at showing off your waist. Not a personal love for me because going forward I'm trying to link up with items that are going to help my figure; not make it look like I'm trying to mask it. TTS. Thumbsup.

I do wish they'd had the tulip faux wrap skirt in indigo ($118) or in ivory ikat ($118) to try. I'm not convinced it will work on me at 5'0" but I hope to give it a shot. I'm trying to stick to audition/work clothes, so I'm not in a rush to get it.

* Sleeveless shift dress in floral jacquard ($178) - I think the print is very beautiful, but the colors struck me as very fall oriented when I saw it online. Now having seen it in-person, I think they totally work for spring and summer. You'll look so different in these colors than everyone else at an event. Except for the fellow JCA across the room in the same dress. Hopefully not. It's a shift. It fits like it does on the model. Loose, but not so much that I wanted to size down. If you've very thin and have a small bust, you might want to. I think it would look good close to the body because the fit should remain a little loose on some of you. Do the underarm check as part of your decision making process. I had it on with the pearl twisted hammock necklace ($98) and Swarovski crystal necklace ($165) that I wore today. It looked really good. TTS. Thumbsup.

Striped short-sleeve v-neck sweater ($ ) - Usual J. Crew stripe sweater fare. Nice feeling fabric. On the thicker side, so think spring, not summer. However, those drop shoulders. I hope that's the last we see if this foolishness. It does not look good on a majority of the people. The deep v on this was nice. I found it on the alluring side, but still conservative and not too low. It was a little grabby toward the bottom on me. If you have a belly and must have this sweater, you might want to size up and see if that gives you some slack. Otherwise, TTS. Side thumb.

* Sun-faded tropical sheath ($ ) - The online photo is washed out. It's more vibrant in-person. It still has a faded quality about it, but think less pigment used. There's a cutout at the upper back and it's nicely done. It's a good size triangle, but not huge. You'll likely need a lower bra so that it doesn't show. Or go without if you're able to do that. It took an extra exhale to get the back zipped at my hip area, but the 6 fit well once I got it on. Oh....if you have upper back fat, this might not be a match. TTS. Thumbsup.

Pencil skirt in chevron stripe ($118) - The print looked a little mishmashed to me. I hadn't noticed it online or in-store, so I'm glad my SA brought a size 8P for me. It looked a little long to both of it, but it fit perfectly. It sits high on the waist. Nice fabric. A classic, J. Crew pencil skirt in a unique pattern. TTS, but go with petite if you need that shorter length. Thumbsup.

* Pull-on ikat pant with metallic tux stripes ($98) -  I saw these on a SA when I was leaving. Too bad because I would've totally tried them on. She said she's a 4 or 6 and took a 4. I didn't check out her rear, so I didn't use that visual to compare her bum to mine. I would first try my usual size 6 (39" hip). Visually and on a real human being, I give them a Thumbsup. 

Final thoughts
Many of the items won't work for me for auditions or jobs. The ikat pattern would likely jump or vibrate onscreen. Some of the styles are too fashion forward for corporate and commercial America. It's not a bad thing. It just doesn't work for what I'm hired to play.

The Midnight floral cocoon top would be smashing under a navy suit, so I have to think along those lines -- new top under a classic suit. However, the fit isn't as tailored as I'd want it to be and sometimes they still want something less plain than a printed blouse under suit. I do want to take more fashion risks overall, so I will be trying some less safe looks as the year goes on. But I don't want to compromise. I have too many of those hanging in my closet, NWT.

I do think J. Crew has to keep their game tight because many of us have oversaturated our minds and closets with clothes. It takes much more to sway me to make a purchase these days than it used to. That said, I really liked a good number of items in this rollout and think there's a lot to be excited about. It feels like J. Crew is finally, fiiiinally making its way back. I'm excited to share the pics I took, so stay tuned.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

J Crew is getting its pulse back (new arrivals)

New arrivals are up at Overall, the new release looks good. I was more impressed by the new Factory release. That collection has a lot of white in it and when presented, it looks crisp, clean and modern. J Crew is still running with the dark colors for spring/summer (looking at you midnight floral jacquard dress). I'm not against the color palette. I just prefer to wear lighter colors in warmer weather. The upside is that some of the colors we've seen this year will work in the fall. Also on the upside -- dropped shoulders are even fewer than before and I didn't notice any exposed back zippers.

ZIPZAP gets 30% off everything and 35% off + free shipping on all orders on Mon, 5/18 only.

It's good to see a reintroduction of cotton and some silk, like the ladder stitch silk top ($88). I tend to keep suits for 2-4 years and go for different colors each season to freshen up the look,  However, this is one where the open stitching might not look modest enough if I need to go without a suit jacket. Too bad because I like the rich plum and dark atlantic colors and think they would work well year round.

Rompers are popular again this season and I always love a v-neck, so hello drapey v-neck romper, ($85) which is machine washable and available online only. I have a black romper with a lace inset that I found at Forever 21 last year. It hasn't seen the light of day, but maybe it will this year.


J Crew ($350) vs Nordstrom ($42)

The cute chambray dress is a collaboration item by Apiece Apart. I love the double ruffle sleeves. It doesn't look exactly like Nordstrom's offering, but the price point on that one is worth mentioning. Some of you have seen the coral option on Instagram. It would look more refined if we clipped those tassels on the sleeves. Nordstrom for the (price) win. 

J Crew Factory Promo

ZIPZAP gets 30% off everything and 35% off + free shipping, no minimum. The promo is good today only, Mon, 5/18.

I ordered, concerned that the prices would flip within a few hours. And I'm waiting to hear back from my VPS about sizing on the eyelet dot dress. It has pockets! I'm concerned that it's too trendy, not to mention redundant for me since I have the perforated a-line dress in black (review). However, it's online only which means there's only one way to try it.

I posted a few really good deals on Facebook. Like the leather mini bucket bag, which netted $45 at the time of posting. When I wake up, I'll be curious to see if the prices changed during the site update.

Are you shopping new arrivals in retail or today's Crewlet promo?

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

J Crew - 25% off SHOPNOW Irl Pic Guide

The current J. Crew promo is SHOPNOW for 25% off these styles at J. Crew.

The code also gets 30% off sale items and 50% off  final sale.

Irl Pic Guide
for items eligible for the promo

1035 jacket in pinstripe super 120s ($240) - on Blondie Esquire

Awning striped tunic (SU15, $45) - review

Collection cashmere boyfriend sweater ($248) - I have this in XS - on Notes From the Dressing Room
Size XS - 49"
Size    S - 50"

Contrast paneled shell ($68) - review

Cyprus calf hair sandals ($88) - review

Endless shirt in stripe ($88) - review

Flutter beach tunic ($88) review

Leather fringe clutch - review on 1060 Pairs

Metallic tropical frond tee (SU15, $45) - review

Parker crossbody bag (SP15, $98) - Beautiful colors. They look the same irl as online. That leather is smooth and pretty. It might scratch easily, so protect it before using.

Ruffle hem tank top in stripe (SP15, $45) - review

Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel in black ($198) - I have this in 8P - on Audreybellaon Fab Life Foreveron Shop With M and on ShOperaRach

Seville wedge espadrilles ($128) - review

Slouchy boardwalk pant ($89.50) - review

Stretch perfect shirt ($72)
Size M - chest = 39.5", waist = 36.5"

Size PM - chest = 38.75", waist = 35.5"
Size PL - chest = 41.25", waist = 38"

Three-quarter sleeve beaded sailor-stripe tee (SU15, $45) - review

Tropical frond shift dress ($98) review

This weekend
I'd like to visit a J Crew store to see what might be more appealing at the sale price + addtl 50% off. I'm not sure I'll make it in, though. I haven't read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, but a number of articles reviewing the book have come thru my Facebook feed.

The thought of adding more clothes that I kinda like isn't appealing at all, which is why I probably don't need to visit a store and be tempted by the sale. I've been going thru my things and selling for awhile now, but I haven't been ruthless. I feel like I want to be more ruthless about it. Apparently on of Kondo's suggestions is that if you've already worn something and have a good memory, it served its purpose. You can let it go. You don't have to wear it again. I've never thought of it like that. If something worked well, I tend to hang onto it in most cases. I paraphrased the concept from memory, so I don't quote me. Maybe I need to read the book. Have you read it?

Excited about anything you purchased? I'm excited about receiving the factory stripe Isabelle pumps. I have the red/navy stripe (review) and feel confident I will love these, too. 

EXTRA20 gets an addtl 20% off of 4+ items. Also good at the Factory store..

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

J Crew Factory - new arrivals (May 2015)

New arrivals went up at J Crew Factory. My father-in-law is in town, among other things going on, so I only got a chance to briefly scan the website. I really loved what I saw and the few things that I clicked on were cotton, which is nice.

To Try/Wishlist

Eyelet dot dress - Cotton. Pockets. This is a must-try. It's online only, though.

Drapey vest - I have a feeling I own something like this, but not sure it's in black If this fit anything like the Crewlet crepe blazer I reviewed here in March, it will be a winner.

Gauzy tassel-tie maxi dress - Note that it's cotton. Makes me feel silly for buying the poly, tank version last year. However, I really like the fit of that one.

* Lace shift dress - I probably wouldn't wear this, but I like the way the navy looks.

* Linen dress - Could be really good looking on. Another one I probably wouldn't wear, but I want to try it on.

* Pintuck cami top - I'm not sure why I didn't bite on the retail version (review). I think it's because I ended up getting the dress. I'll definitely try this cami when I see it.

* Photographic palm collector tank - I already have and love Loft's plant life strappy cami, which I've already washed and worn a few times. But I'll check this one out, too. I'm into the palm frond trend.
* Sleeveless infinity shirt - Pretty plain, but I'm adding black into my wardrobe more this year. The question is whether the regular is shorter than or as long as the retail endless shirt is. If it's that long, I'd get the petite 8 in this. Otherwise, I'd get a regular 6. Cotton.

Stone leaf clusters necklace - Another necklace is something I don't need, but they get me with these crystals. I like the clear.

Striped photo collector tee - I have an American Eagle Outfitter sweatshirt with a print just like this on it. I wear it often. A basic tee is not going to elevate my style as I'd like, but i'll check it out in-person.

STOCKUP gets 20% off when you buy 4 or more items. Also good in-store. Ends Sun, May 17.

Did you buy anything from the new rollout?

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