Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gigi did a bad thing.

Friends. If you don't follow me on Facebook, I invite you to. I post things there that never make it to my blogs. I'm on as Gigi's Gone Shopping. If you like that page, you'll be a fan and I believe I do not see your fb updates.

I'm also on as gigiofca. I post everything that I do on the Gigi's Gone Shopping fb page, but I also post other things like funny videos, inspiring articles and kick ass quotes like this:

Curlbox founder Myleik Teele// her Instagram

On my FB pages I recently shared a link to an article written about items ordered online and received that were scarily and humorously different than the stock pics. I've been looking for the link, including my computer history and can't find it.  I really wish I had the link, but I don't.

ETA: My incredibly awesome friend found the link for me: Shopping On the Internet Might End In A Terrible Way

At any rate, all of this leads to a...

Kate Spade Victoria faux fur pullover vs. Choies

Do you recall the $300 meltdown? I knew I couldn't pull it off the Victoria, so I sold it not too long after I reviewed it. I can't say I've thought of it much since then, although I dream of faux fur year round. Ok, slight exaggeration, but I do look forward to cold days where I can wear some form of it.

 When I saw the Choies faux fur top my immediate thought was 'rug.' Not in the best way, either. Then I thought of all the necklace I could try with it. The 3/4 sleeves will be a hit or miss, but I like the wide neckline. A possible negative might be overall quality. I will set my expectations low, if I even receive what the stock pic shows. In the meantime, Choies for the win. Just maybe? 

Gigi probably did a bad thing.
  • The business is called Choies. Just one 'c.' Not two to make Choices. Either there's something I don't know about the name choies, or that's a red flag of some sort.
  • All items purchased on sale are non-returnable. Not that I'd want to go thru the 2 wk hassle of trying to return something back to China. This was a pure gamble.
  • Noteworthy info from the return page: If you find that the size or color you get is not the same as shown on the website, don’t panic and worry. In order to save time and energy, please put them on first and see how it turns out. If they don't fit you well, you could return them definitely."
    rofl! The top I purchased was on sale, so I cannot pass go or collect $200. I will be out $33. At least I got free shipping.
  • They have a Byellow Tweety Bird faux fur bomber. Which I saw after I placed my order. What have I done? lol Kudos to the model(s) for trying to make it work.

We'll leave on an up note. The hooded parka coat looks like something from Madewell. I wouldn't risk $60+ on it though.

Have you ordered from one of the overseas, online shops like Choies?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kate Spade & Jack Spade for Gap Kids

Kate Spade (!!!) for Gap Kids will officially be released tomorrow.

Early access link. The bow dress ($59.95) was sold out, except for size S. It looks like they've restocked it (?) up to XL. Why could I see each and every one of these in my closet? DIY the bow headband with an ornament or paper bow to save a couple bucks.

one// two// three// four// five// six

One more.
This cute bow bag  would be good for a petite woman. Maybe for a teenager's homecoming or prom.

And Mini G would liiiiike....nothing, I'm pretty sure. Maaaybe the gold glitter satchel. I don't know how to describe her style, yet. It's far more vibrant and flamboyant than mine. I've put my preppy heart aside and fully pull out all of the contrasting prints and patterns for her to mix in the mornings. I'll be sharing some pics of her outfits, soon.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SmAcKdoWn: Kate Spade vs.Topshop wooly coats

I've seen the Kate Spade Daphne coat in real life and the off-white color is great. It scares me to think of it living in the real world with all its dirt, ready to attack. It has a bow on the back, but not a traditional, structured Kate Spade bow. It's a little floppy. A $798 coat should be closet to perfect. I'm not as big a fan of the Topshop color. It's not universally flattering and it's a bit dull. However, I like the lapel, the deep pockets and that it has 3 buttons vs. 2. Oh, and it's only $150 or so. It comes in black, too. Topshop for the win

More faux fur
My favorites are the top left faux shearling coat , from Forever 21. It's on the lower end of the price range for a 'coat,' so I'd expect the quality to be on the lower end for the store. And then the bottom, middle leopard jacket.  I have faux fur from F21 and I don't wear it often, so the price point was right. It was on the higher end at $69 or so (don't laugh) and, therefore, better made. I would expect this one to look and feel as nice as the one I bought a few years ago.

Do you own faux fur coats or vests ? Not your style?

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Monday, October 27, 2014

SmAckdOwNs: J. Crew vs. Old Navy outerwear

I love these particular sMacKdOwNs. I own both J. Crew outerwear and Old Navy outerwear. Both have performed as I've expected them to.

Split decision. I love my navy J. Crew peacoat and my grey Old Navy peacoat. The ON has been a good performer and is a grey color I love. I do long to upgrade it to a J. Crew majesty peacoat in light grey. Or both can live together in my closet. Reminder that I'm in a mild climate and easy layers get me to warmth. The ON is actually wearable for more days of the year because it's a bit lighter. I do love those gold J. Crew buttons. 

J. Crew for the win. I love my J. Crew cocoon coat. The Old Navy walking coat is a little different with the self-tie belt. I tried it in burgundy last year, I believe, and the quality wasn't worth accepting just to get the color. There is definitely a place in many closets for lower price, lower quality outerwear. In this case, I have more love for the cocoon. 

A few Old Navy picks
Faux-Shearling-Lined Denim Jacket - They brought back the Levi's style classic. I would prefer the darker gold stitching or blue stitching that blended in. This stitching is a little light. It might look good w/the shearling, though.

Wool-Blend Jacket - This one buttons up into a nice funnelneck. Not for me & my makeup powder, but I like the pink and the grey.

The Sweetheart Gray Super-Skinny Jeans - I'm usually not a fan of funky washes that look like you skinned your thighs, I think they can visually add weight. However, I love the Rockstar fit (6, I believe) and these just look cool. Grey is one of my colors.

Old Navy
SAVE gets 25% off your order thru Wed, 11/5.

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Scandale by Halle Berry

Halle Berry's lingerie line, Scandale at Target, was released today. One of my best friends shared the info about the line with me a couple days ago. I hadn't heard anything about it prior to that. You can read more about the line and see Halle talking about it in a short video on Target's online magazine, A Bullseye View. We've seen Halle hawking a number of brands, but this line is different because she's a part owner. It was a little odd not to bump into any press or blog mentions about it online. That's probably in her favor given the fatigue we all feel about the hyped up designer collabs that disappoint when we see them. Speaking of,

1// 2// 3// 4

Bras are currently BOGO 50% and at the moment, Scandale bras are included. Of course this may change if Target gets wind of it and doesn't want the items on promo. Free shipping on all orders is still in effect, no RED Card necessary.

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