Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Costco flowers

We're at my house this year. A little pressure is on because we have non-family guests that are coming. I met one of the women once, but not the other. No one in my family is interested in turkey or pumpkin pie, so I hope they don't feel like it wasn't a real Thanksgiving without it. I usually do just fine in the cooking dept but l more self-conscious cooking for people I don't know. I'm not a foodie or chef. I know how to provide good hospitality, though. I think they'll have a nice time.

The surprise this year is that my sister can't make it. She came over last nite to help prep for food. She also spent the nite, which was really cool. Unfortunately, she has to work unexpetedly and can't make it for the dinner. We had a fun time prepping food. She and George did Jaeger shots and drank the whole bottle. They're tougher than I am. I can't do Jaeger sots, so I just drank red wine. We got louder and louder as we cooked and decorated, hair bands playing in the background.

A little over a week ago we went wine tasting for her friend's birthday. At some point, my sister mentioned that she knows I moved back to this area and stayed because she had kids. It's totally true and I forgot about it. I knew that I wanted to have a good quality life and being able to see my nephews as much as possible was a part of that. I just forgot that yes, the fact that she had kids was a major factor in my decision of where to put my life at the turn of this century. The nephews are 12 and 14 and no longer spend the nite. I have my own now little boopsie now. Things change, but I definitely made the right choice. My sister & I always joke around giving air hugs and whatnot, but her reminding me of that really resonated with me. I love her and want her to know it. So I made a point to bring up the topic again and let her know how much she -- and the boys -- means to me. Plus, I can't believe my cooking partner won't be here on the day to cook with me. I'll see her over the rest of the weekend and we have a plan to make sure she has leftovers. It's the little things, right?

Seriously, people. Photograph. Record. We think we have time, but we never know how much. Use your cameras and cell phones. Ask questions -- what does this (50s, 60, 70s) song remind you of? And so on.  Your subjects might not want to be recorded, but bot parties are genuinely happy that it happened.

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving? What are you doing?

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p.s. I got this Groopdealz skirt ($10.99) for Mini G. She picked out the white/gold chevron. I was going to get the dots/stripes, but I let her pick to ensure she'll wear it. Here's the look for our holiday festivities. I'll wear last holiday's gold stripe dress (the review). At least I plan to.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Madewell leather-sleeve varsity jacket, leather-trim wool sweatshirt, leather-sleeve blazer & mood dot pullover top reviews

Leather-sleeve varsity jacket (HO14, B4161, $350) runs 00 - 14. The color is called true black.

body: 79% wool, 21% nylon
sleeves: 100% leather
trim: 100% cotton
lining: 100% acetate

Size 4 - I was so excited to see this on the rack in-store. I lost my excitement a little when I saw the shoulders. Even on the hanger, I could see they were going to be a wee bit puffy. They were very 80s or linebacker-like. Plusses for the concept. Minuses for execution.

The shoulders. They have padding in them. I wasn't expecting that at all. It ruined the look. Too bad because the leather is beautiful. The rest of the jacket is plain and basic. I think you have to be at least a few inches taller than me to really pull it off, creating some distance between the jacket's hem and the ground.

The Feeling
What a cool concept. Totally ruined -- imo -- by the shoulders. The fit needs to be sleek so that it doesn't look like you're wearing your man's much-too-long varsity jacket. 

Leather-trim wool sweatshirt (FA14, B2273, $110) runs XXS - XL. 60% wool, 40% viscose, 100% leather trim. The color is called true black (TBL). Dry clean. Viscose doesn't like water, if you didn't know.

11/21 - $79.99 in-store vs. $89.99 online

Size S - The size S seemed to be the right size. Like the jacket above, the shoulders had too much of a padded look for me. If you have narrow shoulders or sloping shoulders, this might be flattering on you. Boo on that dirty mirror. 

I don't know why the top is poking that way on the left side (left pic). The zips at the bottom did nothing for the top. I know they were trying to add interest, but they were a little diagonal and I just didn't get it. The fit is a little boxy, which could look cool if the cut were different at the top. I didn't expect this "sweatshirt" to have a banded bottom. I guess the sweatshirt aspect are the baseball seams, instead of shoulder seams and...(searching). It struck me as more of a pullover top or cropped tunic. Not that a cropped tunic makes much more sense.

Yay for a hidden back-zip.

The Feeling
I admit that it was on my wishlist from the time it came out, so maybe my hopes were too high and I'm not being objective enough. I love boiled wool, but could not get into this. 

Leather-sleeve blazer (FA14, B1655, $250) runs 00 - 14. The color is called true black (TBL).

body: 76% viscose, 21% nylon, 3% spandex
trim: 100% leather,
lining: 100% poly

11/22 - $159.99 in-store vs. $199.99 online

Size 4 - There was no 6 to try. I asked and they checked backstock. I tried it w/the blouse I wore that day, a swiss-dot by Altuzarra for Target. The combo might work on someone, but not me.

So I removed that and tried it on w/the Old Navy cotton cami I had on underneath. A much better look. Madewell has been cutting some of their jackets for the less busty. I include this one in that group. It fit, but waved out, instead of laying flat down the front. The stretch was good, though, and I didn't feel totally uncomfortable in the 4.

I think the shawl collar makes this doable for me, personally, but I would've definitely wanted to hit the gym for a couple of weeks before wearing it with full confidence. I'm so much better about not buying for the future clothes.

I Instagrammed it, asking what y'all thought. All cheers and yesses. I didn't want to buy it on final sale without trying the 6, so I left it. I'm glad I did because by the time I reached the next store, my brain remembered that I own a leather sleeve blazer! One I haven't worn. It's by White House Black Market and there's a drape to it that's more flattering than this cut.

The Feeling
Bad ass. 

Mood dot pullover top (B5462) runs XXS - XL. The color is called true black (TBL) and it reads as dark navy. 100% poly.

11/26 - Showing as final sale & $79.99 online, even though the price isn't in red
Size S - The size seemed to fit. The neckline isn't too high up, but it felt a little athletic and very casual. The dots remind me of fabric used for pants in retail and factory at J. Crew, and on pj pants at Anthropologie a couple years ago. While it's a fabric and print that I love, it felt a little been there, done that.

The arm felt a little tight when I moved. sizing up to a medium would give a fit closer to the model/stock photo. Yay for no exposed back-zip.

The Feeling
I have some personal biases against the top, but I do generally recommend. Even with the generic, athletic-like neckline, it's still a unique piece. 

Promo - online
25% off sitewide with GIFTON including clearance.

Promo - in-store
25% off regular price items, storewide. The transport totes & 3rd party (i.e. Sézane and Ray-Ban, which I don't see online). This is a global promo, so the student discount CANNOT be combined with this.

Stores are an additional 30% off sale items. San Francisco has 30% off sale items. Some store have an addtl 40% off sale items. Does not stack w/the 25% storewide. This is not a global promo, so the student discount CAN be combined with the 30% off clearance.

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p.s. I'm excited about my Bella triple slow cooker. I ran out and picked it up earlier. I lost the cord to my warming tray (similar), This crock pot/warming situation is much safer.

Madewell dugout varsity bomber jacket, leather crop tank & shawl-collar snap card reviews

Here you go, JSR

Dugout varsity bomber jacket (HO14, B4171, $168) runs XXS - XL. The color is called heather grey (HGR).  The website description says tts.

54% poly, 31% viscose, 15% acrylic
sleeve: 80% wool, 20% nylon
lining: 100% acetate.

Size M - heather grey - It looked a little small on the hanger, so I went for a M to try. It's a little big. I would get a S, so I agree w/the web description that it's tts. The jacket was just meh overall. The greys are competing and maybe you make sure you're seated for the next part. I didn't like the stripe trim. Yes, me...oh lover of stripes. They make the jacket look too athletic. It's a varsity bomber, I read the name, but still. The model made it look pretty good, not to mention they have some bright lighting or a filter going on in the shot.

The lining was so cozy. I much prefer the look and fit of the factory wool bomber jacket (review). That jacket also has stripe trim, but not at the neck and it makes a difference in the look.

The Feeling
I wasn't impressed with it. And that's just going off of fit and feel (exterior). Not price. I like the wool concept, but the design was too literal for me. 

Leather crop tank (FA14, B2664, $168) runs XXS - XL. It's black, called true black.  100% leather, 100% cotton lining.

Size M - The leather is nice. The concept is very cute. It looks a little bell shaped on the model.
The smaller your chest and thinner you are is going to get you close to the same look.

I don't know if there was a large to try. I don't think it would've gotten too big if I had gone up a size. Not a match for me, but it was fun to try. My jeans are the Loft ankle zip in dark wash (28 reg).

There's an exposed back zip about 5' in length. The zipper lining is black and it's fairly subtle. I don't know why they did that. Trying to add edginess? I think the zipper will date it. Which is too bad because it's a solid concept that could last a number of years.

The Feeling
Beautiful leather. Cute

Shawl-collar snap cardi (FA14, A9560, $128) runs XXS - XL. Color choices are marled camel and marled stone. 62% cotton, 20% viscose, 17% nylon.

Size S - marled camel - I like the weave and the shawl collar style. I also like that it's double breasted. It's cute overall. I didn't like how the shawl got really sad at that first, top button. Then it weeped on down the next two button. I guess the look is supposed to be charming and grandpa-y, but it ruined it for me.

The Feeling
I liked the concept, color and feel. Didn't like the sad shawl. 

Promo - online
25% off sitewide with GIFTON including clearance.

Promo - in-store
25% off regular price items, storewide. The transport totes & 3rd party (i.e. Sézane and Ray-Ban, which I don't see online). This is a global promo, so the student discount CANNOT be combined with this.

Stores are an additional 30% off sale items. San Francisco has 30% off sale items. Some store have an addtl 40% off sale items. Does not stack w/the 25% storewide. This is not a global promo, so the student discount CAN be combined with the 30% off clearance.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

J Crew featherweight merino wool boyfriend turtleneck sweater review

Featherweight merino wool boyfriend turtleneck sweater (B0572, $85) runs XXS - XL. Color choices -are crushed grape, heather bark, heather river, honey glaze, and turquoise melange. 100% merino wool.

11/22 - $59.99 in-store and online. 

Size S - turquoise melange - This looked like the merino turtleneck sweater we see very fall, until I noticed the drop shoulder. I haven't been logging the products since they haven't been so great. I didn't know what this was until I was able to look up the style number. I did like the color.

Notie the split hem, so it's not as fitted at the bottom as past styles. This might be particularly good if You Have Hips.

I sold or gave away most of my turtlenecks. I look better in something that sits further away from my face. Turtlenecks make me look like I have no neck. The fit is loose, which I like. And the drop sleeve wasn't very noticeable like it is in other tops.

With the Maddie pant in metallic matelassé (review).

The Feeling
I almost bought this one. That's how much I liked the loose flow. I tried it on again and decided to stick to my no-tight-turtleneck rule. In this case, anyway. If you like a fitted turtleneck, this might not be a match for you.

There's a lot of pressure unspoken and spoken to follow trends in blogging. I plan to pretty much continue reviews as usual. I might do a gift guide, but there are already a ton of out there. If something I review strikes me as a gift idea, I'll mention the fact. Overall, I'm trying to stay true and just do my own thing. Or at least do the trends my way.

If you have any particular requests for content or looking for something in particular, I take suggestions! You're invited to drop them in a comment or email me, gigiofca@gmail.

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Reviews of the chambray shirt, stripe crop sweatshirt, Maddie pant in metallic matelassé & drapey tuxedo top

Reviews of the Hugo Guiness human being tee, abstract Fair Isle sweater & sparkle split-side sweater.

Reviews of the pleated bib top, pleated bib top in stripe ($29.99 in-store & online) & the mohair cardigan. I got the white pleated bib in 8P.

Reviews of the polka-dot flannel (will pop back), Dannie pants (solid & leather trim & cotton Campbell capris in navy.

Review of the ruffle-hem sweatshirt.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Macy's Bar III wool coat, INC tiered hem trench & Rachel Roy jacket reviews

More from Macy's.
There's a lot of merchandise to consider, so I just grabbed few things that really stood out.

Bar III wool jacket - Size S - I don't see it online. The color is black. I'm usually a M in Bar III because it's junior sizing or close to it. The cut is generous so the S fit. It looks and feels like a boiled wool. 62% poly, 38% wool, 100% poly lining. Dry clean. Those

Bar III outerwear

Boo on the shoulders and the extra wide lapel. I could almost deal with the wide lapel as 'a look.' But the shoulders weren't working when the jacket was closed. Too hulky in contrast to the straight cut of the jacket. It looked better open.

INC International Concepts faux-leather tiered trench ($129.50) runs XS - XL. The color is black. 60% rayon, 35% nylon, 100% poly lining. Remember that Macy's prices jump around. At the time of writing it was on sale for $77.99.

Size S - The S fit well, which is my usual size. A PM would be a better fit in the sleeves, but they only made regular in the coat. The faux leather is photographing more plastic-y than it looked irl. I love the tiered bottom.

Yeah, those sleeves are too long. If you have a defined waist, this might look really good on you. I don't have a lot of waist definition, but I still liked it.

The Feeling
It's a fun, novelty coat. Won't keep you super warm, but you'll look ready to accept a mission. And look good doing it. Thumbsup.

RACHEL Rachel Roy cropped angular jacket - I tried on mulberry. There's only hot pink online.

Size 6 - It didn't work with my chest size (36C). I think an 8 would get too big. The cut isn't for me personally, but I do like the style. The color was very pretty. The one button was cheap. The metallic scratches easily. It wasn't an eyesore. I just noticed it as another way vendors are cutting costs.

Well, maybe an 8 would actually work, but the style isn't for me. Again, great color.

The Feeling

Charter Club open front peplum cashmere cardigan ($169) runs XS - XL. Color choice are camel (pictured) and classic black. Today's price is $109.99. I didn't try it on, but would go for a S.

More Charter Club cashmere

I was sure I'd see this online, so I didn't grab the info. I don't see it. It was around $33. You can often catch the jewelry for at least 25% off. This hung a little funny on my neck. I thought it should lay flat and it didn't. I didn't spend a lot of time with it, though. It's very pretty. There were a number of black necklaces, which is rare. So if you're looking for one, take a stroll on thru. In-person, because I'm not seeing the goods online.

If you like pearls, see the Charter Club gold-tone pearl bib necklace ($48) and Charter Club silver-tone pearl bib necklace ($54), which I saw online when looking for this.

If you need fleece-lined tights Berkshire cozy hose are $14. Black or grey. And finally, I reviewed a Macy's INC International Concept faux-fur poncho in this post.

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The Limited
* THANKS gets 50% off your purchase & free shipping no min. See the fleece-lined tights in black polka-dot, brown and red and grey. Net $12.50.

* THANKS gets 40% off the Scandal Collection. Start with the Olivia Pope coat review. Links to more reviews at the bottom of the post.

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