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Saturday, September 20, 2014

WINWIN at Madewell

Let's continue the discussion of Madewell's WINWIN promo for 20% off of $100+ or 30% off of $200+ thru Mon, 9/22. The promo is also good in-store. The cashier will apply a barcode at the time of purchase.

I was able to get into Madewell for some try-ons. Yay! I'll try to put up individual reviews over the weekend, but just in's info on everything I tried.

Nightglen Plaid Scarf (Instapic) - Such a pretty plaid. I love the colors. I was afraid to try it on for fear of wanting and attempting to justify it. But the scarf killed it for me. The sucker has holes weaved into it. Just wrong. Or as my daughter would say, sillymess!

Reversible Quilted Vest (Instapic)- The reversible quilted vest in plaid is the same. They both have a shiny side that looks like this

Duskfall Stretch Blazer (Instapic) - The sleeves werer super tight to get into. The size 6 fit well even though the button 

Skinny Skinny Jeans: Biker-Zip Edition - I didn't try these, but I tried the Instapic  and loved them. TTS, sz 29 for me. However, I also recently tried Loft coated moto jeans and super loved those. (You know how I love Loft jeans) - Size 29

Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Albion Plaid - I thought I tried this, but I didn't. I tried the dress option. If you wear a-line skirts, just get the dress. You can always treat it like a top by wearing a skirt over the dress. Personally, I might just get this. Bought the dress and it's going back. 

Rivet & Thread Denim Workshirt - I didn't try this one on. I have a Rivet and Thread. I paid close to $90, I believe, for mine, on sale. In most cases with Rivet & Thread, size down one. If you're not sure, call customer service for measurements. 

Leather-Pocket Ribbed Cardigan (review) - Thumbsup. Personally, I would size down one, which would be...Size XS

Blazer Coat (Instapic) - Just gorgeous. If you missed J Crew's Collection tuxedo topcoat (review) last year or it didn't work on you for some reason (or the price!), check this one out.I will let you know that the sleeves were suuuper tight. The button came undone a couple times, but I probably would wear it open anyway. I'm still going to the gym! ->I wouldn't size up. It felt TTS. The white shirt in the pic is the oversized button-down shirt in XS, which is one size down for me. The blazer...Size 6

Whit Quilted Coat - This is a fantasy wi$hlist item for my taller fantasy self. Didn't see in-store. 

Poncho Dress in Elmhurst Check - I looked for this and didn't see it. The summer version sold out mostly at full price and I've seen popbacks at $94.99. I would get Size XS

Daywalk Shirtdress in Albion Plaid (Instapic) - The pockets are on-seam and add hip weight, unfortunately. I tried sz S, which you can see in the Instapic. The size XS fit better and cut down on the addtl hip weight issue. A long cardigan can reduce that issue. I bought it and tried it on w/tall boots. Didnn't try it on w/a cardi. MIght do that before I return it and see what happens - Size XS

Daywalk Shirtdress in Farmstand Plaid - I don't have a quick pic of it, but it fits the same as the dress above. The plaid is very dark, but looks sleek and chic. I preferred the brighter, albion plaid, though- Size XS

More try-ons
I noted what size I would go for if I were buying on this promo. 

Dusk camo cardigan (Instapic) - Bill Cosby.

Faux fur vest (Instapic) - A surprise like. Thumbsup. I'm in a S in the pic, so TTS.

Flannel boyshirt in barlow plaid (Instapic) - This didn't fit like a boyshirt at all. It felt like a regular S. I'd go for a M. Great colors. Size M

Flannel ex-boyfriend shirt in buffalo check (Instapic) - Same fit as above. The checks are dark and it just reminded me of a boys shirt, holmes. Size M

Framecraft necklace - Looks great with layered, dainty jewelry. Thumbsup.

Military anorak - This was too heavy looking. It also had the borrowed-from-the-boys look, as if I'd actually borrowed it from a boy or man. Size S

Quilted baseball cap (review) - Cute. I like the quilting & I like the grey.

Quilted cropped sweatshirt (Instapic) - If you think this looks short, you should've seen it irl. I'm 5'0," to give you an idea of where it hits on me. Once it was on, it wasn't as short as I thought it was going to be. Size S

Silk moonset dress - I tried dark olive and the vintage merlot. There's a possibility wet boulder is online only. I'd ask to be sure. Pulls over the head, no zippers anywhere. Usually an elastic waist doesn't flatter me, but the cut is good on this one. Thumbsup. TTS. I'd get a...Size 6

Side-button sweatshirt in stripe - TTS. Stripes that made me look bigger. Pass. Size S

Skinny skinny jeans in waterfall wash (Instapic) - A big thumbs up. It's been a long time since I've liked anything other than my beloved Loft jeans. Size 29

Cityguide scarf (Instapic) -Beautiful.

Tweed front tee (Instapic) - If you already have the J. Crew retail or factory version, you're good. It was loose on the sides. #notgigiapproved I tried S. If I were getting it, I'd probably go for XS. 

In the Instapics, my nail color is by Sephora. I belive it's . 

Have you shopped this promo?

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Madewell leather-pocket ribbed cardigan & quilted baseball hat reviews

Hello. Madewell launched a tiered promo right yesterday. WINWIN Gets 20% off your purchase of $100+ or 30% off your purchase of $200+ thru Mon, 9/22. The promo is also good in-store. The cashier will apply a barcode at the time of purchase. Here are a couple of reviews from my try-on session earlier today.

Leather-pocket ribbed cardigan (FA14, A9475, $138) runs XXS - XXL. The color is called heather charcoal (HCH).

Size XS - I'm pretty sure that I tried a XS, but I'm not 100%. I'm about 90% certain this is a XS. It's a heavier sweater, but not as weighty as, say, the rib-stitch caridgan (review). I like that it's a v-neck. The structure at the open part is a bit relaxed, though. It won't necessarily flop around, but without any buttons or zippers, there's no opportunity to hold it in place down the center of your torso. The grey was darker than I'd want it to be, but it's probably for better blending w/the leather pockets. Which is good.

Not how far down the shoulder seam is. The leather used for the pocket is nice.

The Feeling
I already have the J. Crew pocket merino and that's enough for me. If I didn't, I would consider this one. 

Quilted baseball hat (FA14, B1390, $32) comes in burgundy, grey and navy blue. The website says only, but I saw all three color in-store.

Grey - I asked the sales assoc where the grey was and she had to get it from backstock. I then saw the burgundy and navy, and an empty stand where the grey had been. It must be the most popular color of the three. My head is on the larger side, plus all that hair -- everything fit. The cap was adjusted to the last part of the band, giving the most slack for fit. The fabric is thick and the quilting is nice.

The Feeling
I love grey. Don't love baseball caps on me with short hair. Thumbsup, though.

Rings: rhinestone bow & a plain gold one from this set

Did you order on this promo?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ann Taylor Irl Pic & Review Guide (Sep-Oct 2014)

Hello! Here's my first ever review guide for Ann Taylor. Happy shopping! If you have any questions, please ask below or I'm available thru gigiofca@gmail.

Cheetah print cocoon dress ($139) - review
Dotted mesh lace shift ($139) - review
Faux leather short sleeve dress ($129) - review
Faux leather sleeved stripe dress ($129) - review
Faux leather trim colorblock dress ($149) - review
Midnight floral dress ($228) - review
Polka dot short sleeve shirtdress ($129) - review
Polka dot short sleeve shirtdress ($129) - review
Ponte zip sheath dress ($149) - review
Scroll lace tee dress ($139) - review
Trench dress ($149) - review

Edgy trench ($248) - review
Faux leather trim trench jacket ($169) - review

Gramercy ankle pants ($89) - review

Bonded lace sweater ($149) - review
Structured leopard pullover ($109) - review

Pintuck perfect shirt - I almost got this one. Size PM fit well. Definite thumbsup.
Striped ruffle sleeveless shirt - Stripes + a subtle ruffle Really cute. It's poly, but I like the design. I think I'd get a PM in this to bring up the length a bit.

I like

Gramercy ankle pants ($89)
Luxe topper ($249)
Trench dress ($149)

Thanks for stopping by...

Altuzarra for Target...cuz I saw it irl

Button Down Dress- Light Blue/White/Natural - Polyester. And didn't feel good, either. Boo.

Ankle Boot - I don't personally like croc, but the style looks good. Not a fan of faux leather for shoes. At all. The style has to totally be worth it. Would not buy.

Striped Sleeveless Dress- Light Blue/White - 100% poly. I thought this would be cotton. Cute dress. Doesn't really fit in the collection. Thumbsdown for fabric and it's thin.

Henley Shirt with Sheer Back- White - This was plain, but cute. Only issue is that your bra strap will be showing in the back. You wouldn't want to wear a tank or the swiss dot detail is lost. Meh.

Sleeveless Sheer Bow Blouse- Black - Forever 21. Just no. And I love F21. This is paper thin.

Python Short Sleeve Shirt- Natural - I don't like snake print, but if I did, I'd get this. The print is nice and so is the cut, for a basic tee. The fabric felt substantial for being a t-shirt. A surprise thumbsup.

Peasant Dress with Embroidery- Ruby Hill - It's a heavy fabric, in a good way. Heavy enough for early fall. So the fabric supports the rich color and season you'd most likely wear it in. No to the peasant style. No to the sequins on it. 

Embroidered Scarf- Black - The sequins used on the items are just too shiny. No.

Maxi Dress Swiss Dot- Black - Still Elvira to me. I think those gold sequins on are this, too. No.

Black ponte tank dress w/lace inset - Lace was fraying. Just seemed like a cheap dress overall.

Orchid print satin dress - Too satin-y. I am sure I went out with someone that had satin sheets. That I never got in between. This fabric is akin to that.

Over-the-knee boots - Cheap. And too expensive for recreating the Pretty Woman hooker costume. 

Python print dress - I just can't get into the snake print. I try to be objective, but it's not easy.Why, dress? Didn't like the look or feel.

Cami set - Nothing you can't get on sale, somewhere. It's cute, though.

Crane dress - Fabric is sturdy. Beautiful cranes. 

Crane sweater - The cut looks very 80s. Y'know, when Alexis and Krystle were slapping each other on Dynasty. and Zsa Zsa Gabor slapped a cop, irl. I think the entire Internet is in agreement that the cranes are beautiful. Cranes finally have their day in this animal motif driven gear that's been out there. I don't know what the fit would be like, but I wish I'd ordered to try it.

Orchid sweatshirt - Tentative yes on this. The sleeves feel like an odd knit. Like a cheap ponte. White in the orchid isn't as bright as I expected it to be. Will reserve final judgement till after try-on.

Red velvet jacket & pants - This is great for whoever can pull it off. I wouldn't wear the two together.

Sam & Libby
After leaving the Altuzzara pieces, I walked past the shoe department and noticed these. If I wore man-made shoes, I'd go for these over the Altuzarra.

Did you shop or see any of the Altuzarra pieces? Were any keepers?

Chime in...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

J Crew silk sleeveless shirt review

I've been in for some try-ons, but haven't been super inspired to visit J. Crew in-person. Yesterday I decided to see if they had the toile sweatpants in-store for me to try and they did. I had no interest in trying the following or anything else, but was motivated once I saw the vintage cabernet.

Silk sleeveless blouse  (FA14, $89.50) runs regular 00 - 16 (B0256), petite 00 - 12 (B1730) and tall 2 - 16 (B1741) - Comes in black, deep sea (bright blue, lighter than cobalt), navy, rose blossom, vintage cabernet and warm ivory.

Size 4 - chest = 39 1/4", waist = 40," center back length 30 3/4"
Size 6 - chest = 40 1/4", waist = 41," center back length 30 3/4"

Size 6P - chest = 39 1/4", waist = , center back length 29 3/4"
Size 8P - chest = 40 1/4", waist = 41," center back length 30 3/4"

9/16 - $69.99 online vs $74.99 in-store, according to the tag. 

Size 6 - vintage cabernet - It was the lone size on the rack, so no option to try a 4 as well. I've been so unimpressed w/the offerings that I haven't memorized the website like I usually do. I thought it was a dress at first. It's not.

This color! It's gorgeous. It has a slight brown tone to it, giving it warmth. But it definitely looks like wiiiiiine. Left pic. Ignore the right pic. It doesn't say anything, except that the buttons are covered and I like this about the blouse. I'm 5'0" and don't feel like the length is too long. I measure 37" across the fullest part of my bust.

I tried it on with the rib-stitch open cardigan (review) and toile sweatpants (S). Um, no to wearing the look in public I felt like I was relaxing by a fire. Gear for lounging at home or somewhere indoors. I'm going to try on the sweatpants again w/a blazer to see if I can create a hi-low look with them. It might work with the stronger lines of a blazer, instead of a cardigan. I do like the sweatpants. They're very comfortable, and just different.

Adjusting to see if it would look good tucked in. Yes. And I always love my Loft jeans. I'm wearing Ceces (check Ebay), which run TTS.  I walked about 4000 steps to J. Crew, Sephora, Starbucks, H&M and back. About 2 miles, I think. Supreme comfort.

Size 6 - warm ivory - I really wish there had been a 4 to try, just to compare. It's easy to sweat out silk, though, so I liked the loose fit of the 6 and it wasn't too low under the arms. The color is a buttery ivory. There's a lot of yellow in it, but it looks ivory. Dark ivory. I wouldn't call it yellow.

I wasn't too sure about this color. It seemed kinda plain. It was cute for some reason buttoned up to the neck. And then I really liked it with the dark rib-stitch open cardigan over it.

The Feeling
Thumbsup. This top will be one of my next purchases. Now to decide between regular and petite...

Terro liquid baits. I discovered it online last year after researching how to get rid of ants. The ants we get are weird. They don't go in the pantry where there's food. They show up in our bathrooms. We usually don't get trails of them because once we see the scouts, we get on the problem right away. Which used to be to kill, and then clean to try to get rid of their trails or whatever they use to talk to each other. With a baby in the house, we didn't use too many chemicals. My strategy has been to use the bait when I see ants outside that are near the perimeter of the house. The actual, physical structure. We still get the scouts, but no big problems since we got the ant killah juice.

We were threatened by a small invasion last nite. I happened to go into the kitchen before bed and saw a trail. We never even saw one scout. There was no food out, so I don't know waht they were going for. George put a Terro near the slider door where they were coming in and 2 outside. Within 5 hours (cuz Mini G woke up at 5am), they were gone. This stuf is the ish. If you have ants, GET IT!

I've watched this video at least 6x today. It cracks me up!

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