Wednesday, March 4, 2015

J Crew Factory basketweave short in scattered dot & boardwalk pull-on short review

Factory basketweave short in scattered dot (SP15, B9357, $59.50) run 00-16. The color is called ivory. 100% cotton. 4" inseam and size-zip. Machine wash.

Size 10 -  I imagine some of you deep in snow season can't relate to this post, but join me anyway.

I would've tried 6 and/or 8, but neither were available. Based on this try-on, I'm thinking size 8 would be best. So, tts, in my opinion.  The shorts sit up high on the torso, at or close to your natural waist.

If you try on the shorts and they fold like a pop star's belly in Australia, they're too big. I've had these in my wishlist, but I took them off. I really love dots, but I very rarely end up wearing them cuz I'm #stripesfolife.

The Feeling
Love the 100% cotton fabric and the dots. Well done.

Factory boardwalk pull-on short (SP15, A5331, $56.50) run 00-14. Clor choices are navy persimmon pink and ripe kiwi. 100% cotton. Elastic waist. 

Size 4 - ripe kiwi - These fit and looked fine. They didn't look too fat or mom jean-ish despite the fact that they look like they're riding high. I have a couple pairs of these shorts in solid colors from last year and really like them. 

Size 6 - The sz 4 rounded to fit my body more than the 6. The size 6 is falling straight down, which is a better fit. These aren't supposed to be booty shorts. 

The sz 4 and sz 6 look almost identical, but the sz 6 felt like the best match. The sz 4 fit but the elasti was stretched out and the shorts fit closer on my rear. It felt comfortable enough, but looked a little tight in the back. As in fitted looking, but not riding up the rear. TTS, imo.

I have on J. Crew's 2010 collection cashmere plaited sweater (sz S). I can't believe I bought it in 2010 or 2011. You can look for it on Ebay. Also see the tissue v-neck tee and tissue v-neck tee in soft mint, and the drapey oxford crepe cap-sleeve top in rustic mint.

Wrist jewelry is an old, J. Crew crystal stone bracelet similar, at JC Penney and on Max & Chloe. And Kate Spade rose gold bangle similar to this one.  

The Feeling
This print is a personal like for me and I was happy to see the shorts since last year's retail photofloral sweatshirt didn't work out for me. It's early for shots season, but I had a return so I bought these. Thumbsup on the cotton and this silhouette.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

J Crew Factory side-zip sweater review

Factory side-zip sweater (SP15, B9222,  $79.50) runs XXS - XL. Color choices are . 100% cotton.

Size M - This size felt comfortable because it hung more away from the body. I don't think it's the best size. Although it's comforting to put an item in the dry without a worry about it shrinking too much. The red's not for me, personally. I think blue/white stripes look best on me. The red is closer to the orange family -- like J. Crew often does -- more than a blue red or true red.

A v-neck is more flattering on me than a boatneck, but this one is nice. Look at my hip on the left-side of the pic. See the little bump? That's where the side-zip begins. It bulged out a little bit on both sides.

Size S - This size is a better fit, so TTS. The neckline lays flat in this size. It puckered in the M. The fabric is medium weight, more on the substantial side but it wasn't thick. A regular (non-drop) shoulder!

The Feeling
Thumbsup on the fabric. My only issue with this top is the little bulges created by the side zippers. Other than that, yay for 100% cotton and the general fit.

My shoes are J. Crew's perforated metallic loafers (review on 1060 Pairs.) and my jeans are from H&M. Both are from 2014. Similar.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

J Crew Factory short-sleeve basketweave dress review

Factory short-sleeve basketweave dress (SP15, C1607, $118) runs 00 - 16. 100% cotton, 100% poly lining. The color is called ivory black cobblestone (IBC).

Size 6 - I was only able to get the dress zipped up halfway. I would need an 8 to get it zipped, but then it might not fit well. If you love it, it's worth having altered. The fabric felt substantial and had a little texture to it, if I recall correctly. I don't recall it being a flat fabric with slight sheen. I was surprised the opening price isn't more than $118.

I'm not big on graphic prints, but I liked this one. It was easy to love because the dress has a nice cut.
Why can't they do more of this?

No exposed zipper!

The Feeling

More dresses at Factory
There was so much poly at the Crewlet. Some of the stuff I just cannot get behind. Too thin, too plain, too poly-feeling. I walked past those. If I see some of them in the future and have time, I might try them. This time around I only tried on about 6 items and I'll roll out those reviews this week. The current in-store promo for factory is 40-50% off storewide + 10% off at the counter. Better than online, for some things. Jewelry is 50% off in-store + 10%.

I bought the 3" boardwalk printed shorts in ripe kiwi. It's the photofloral print. I never wore the retail photofloral sweatshirt that I had to have. I was convinced it was going to work on me with red lipstick, but uh uhn.

The shorts currently net $35 online with HURRYSPRING vs. $22.60 + 10% off in-store. I can't wear them for awhile, but the price was good and I was doing an exchange. I was able to fit a 4, but that wasn't the right size. The 6 was good. It's the same size I take in J. Crew pants. In the other shorts, like chinos, I choose 8s so they're not riding up between my legs.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend Promos & Sales

I'm on my 3rd Innovative Balance B-12 Patch. Setting my phone alarm to put it on and then again to take it off after the 24-hour period is working for me. This week I lost zero nites to my anemia. There was a nite I felt really tired and I thought I might sleep from 6p until the next morning, which is what I call losing a nite. I was able to make dinner and go thru the normal routine as opposed to having to sleep off my fatigue. I think the patch might be doing something because I only used the Aura Cacia lemongrass oil once the entire time. I do still need the lemongrass oil, though. I forget to apply it regularly and use it when I start to really feel like I'm tanking. If you're taking iron for anemia and getting constipation, this is a much better alternative if you can (medically speaking).

Now let's talk about the Isaac Mizrahi faux fur clutch . I've been watching it for a few weeks. It was $50-something a couple weeks ago and I figured it was a markdown. Not at Amazon. It shot back up to f/p and has stayed there. I happened to look in my cart today. It's showing as $47.41. Their pricing algorithms aren't anything I can predict. Long ago I read they will adjust the price you see based on your viewing behavior. I guess they're seeing if I'll bite at this price? It's faux fur, but the description mentions leather, so I'm assuming that's the full clutch and the strap. There's no full shoulder strap. I really want a faux fur satchel for some reason. I have a faux leather/faux fur one from Urban Outfitters from 2010. I know because I was pregnant. lol I haven't really carried it sense. I thinkoldold nit's the shape that doesn't excite me. It's a crossbody, though. I should bust that out.

30% off select full-price styles with WEEKEND, ends?

A repeat mention of the long linen shirt. Only available in white and navy, but the both have tonal buttons. The same color as the shirt. A couple of my linen shirts had brown buttons and I prefer when the button color matches the shirt color.

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Also good in-store.

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Kate Spade Outlet
I saw 30-40% off items in-store on Fri, 2/27, ends? The
Visit my shoe/accessory/handbag blog -- 1060 Pairs -- for a slideshow of current offerings.

This Eiffel tower triangle bag retails for $125.

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I like the cropped bell pants and stripe initial sweatshirt . If you like old J. Crew and/or Tommy Hilfiger, check out the stripe trouser skirt.

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I love kitchen electrics. The Ninja Nutribullet is half off at $119.99. I have a mini Ninja that I used to process foods for Mini G and I absolutely love that thing. Very quick and powerful. I still use it on occasion.

New arrivals

As usual, lots of great boutiques including Under $149: Leather Handbags.
This is from the Betsey Johsnon boutique ($69)
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Love this crinkled maxi skirt in ash grey.
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Friday, February 27, 2015

J Crew review metallic pleated midi skirt (guest review)

Metallic pleated midi skirt (SP15, B8881, $118) runs 000 - 16. Color choices are navy and pampered pink. 65% cotton, 35% viscose. The web description says it's 28" long, which is my inseam or very close to it. I tried the navy option on in this post.

Flower Power says....

Size 00 - For reference, I am 5-2 and my normal J.Crew skirt size is 00P. I tried an 00, because this skirt does not come in a petite size. This skirt is the only thing that has tempted me from J.Crew for quite some time. For the reasons that follow, I am on the fence about whether to keep it.

The material is poly (boo!) and its's unlined (even worse). So, as the pictures show, you may need a slip for the pink, depending on how you wear it. I suppose you could get away without a slip if you wear a sweater or shirt that hits at your hip and covers your panty line. The pleats are really nice - and the skirt expand like an accordion when you are walking. This skirt is really pretty when you are in motion. The sheen is very subtle and classy. It's the kind of thing that you see Japanese girls wearing all the time. I've travelled to Japan many times and am always struck by the feminine, classic, and most of all impeccably tailored pleated skirts that women of all ages wear there. It seems just about as common there as a pencil skirt. It was nice to find an affordable version here in the United States.

Flower Power: When I first put this on, I hated it. I wanted to return it when I wore it this way! I tried it on with a sleek top, tucked in. It seemed really unflattering. My stomach looked lumpy, and the hips ballooned out. I felt really like a square. Like one of my son's little lego men. Also, the material is so sheer that you can see the outlines of where my shirt ended. You can also see the outline of my legs. I wasn't loving the length, although this did fall in the "midi" range. The pink is really pretty, but since it's not a natural fabric like silk, I will be terrified to get a stain on it (and I'll have to take it to the dry cleaners to get it out).

Flower Power:  I'm wearing dark underwear. This really needs a slip! If it were Japanese, they would have certainly lined it!

Flower Power:  I was about to just put it back in the plastic and hightail it to my local store to return it, but I decided to try it with a short cardigan. Much much better. The cardigan covered the parts of the skirt that made me look matronly and got rid of the ballooning hip and lumpy tummy problem. The skirt flows really nicely when you walk, and the whole look is really feminine and timeless.

So, I'm not sure about it. If I keep it, I think I'll ask J.Crew if they will shorten it (do they still give free tailoring to card members?). I'll also wear it with maybe a grey sweater or maybe navy to make the look less sugary. It's so funny how you can go from loving something, to absolutely hating it, to absolutely loving it again!

Thank you, Flower Power!!


100% polyester. The online description says it's 25" long vs J. Crew's 28" length. The color looks pretty.

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p.s.  Brad Goreski and me.

forever 21 slideshow

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