Thursday, April 23, 2015

J Crew linen zip-front dress in gold foil leaf review

Moms have mercury in their hands. George looks askance when I say it, but I believe it. And when I touched he merchandise at J. Crew the other day, I could feel the brand slowly heating up again. It's slow, as we should expect with production timelines, but progress is being made.

I liked, but was a bit skeptical about the leaf foil print as a personal like because the colors really say Fall to me. But J. Crew delivert! with the foil. We know they do color, prints and metallics well and this print/foil combo is no exception. It's good to see a print that can be flattering on a wide range of women. You can keep it cool and neutral for spring with light blue, navy, maybe even creme and warm it up for fall, also with creme, nutmeg and the cognac color they current have. There are a lot of possibilities to make it work for you.

Linen zip-front dress in gold foil leaf (SU15, $148) runs regular 000-16 (C4625), petite 00-12 (C8163) and tall 2-16 (C8164). 100% linen. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, inside out. Line dry, warm iron as needed. Do not dry clean.

Size 6 - The dress fit exactly, so tts, in my opinion. I love that it's machine wash friendly and of course pockets almost always get a thumbsup. These were done well and didn't add weight on the sides. Interestingly, the bottom hem has gotta be 4-6 inchest wide. And it felt like a very starch tablecloth. It was rather stiff. However the overall dress still flowed when I moved in it and that odd feeling on the dress wouldn't bother me because I only felt it when I touched and examined the hem.

Left pic, if i wore it with flats, which I probably would never do. Pic on the right is with 'heels.' Check it out on marielarue7.

That's an elastic waist, which I don't usually find flattering on me. It looked good. I found that the dress flattened my chest. I don't know if that's the design of the dress and will flatten everyone with a larger chest. I also don't know if it's something that can be remedied with a particular type of bra. I'm thinking yes on the latter for sure.

Close-up of the rose gold zipper. It wasn't the best choice. The top I bought, the contrast paneled shell ($68), has a gold zipper. It looks better. However, once I was in the dress the rose gold zipper wasn't something that caught my eye as being off. I have two Kate Spade rose gold bangles and would probably wear them if I bought this dress. See KS rose gold bangles currently on sale. Amazon has a bridesmaid bangle, and at Nordstrom the make me blush pavĂ© bracelet and sailor's knot hinged bangle are on sale. These are matches at Nordstrom, not markdowns. They will likely go back up to fp. Remember Nordstrom has free shipping both ways.

The Feeling
If I felt this were in my personal style right now, I might've ordered a 8P. Thumbsup.

Denim jacket in calyer wash (B9874) - runs regular XXX-XL (B9874) and petite PXXS - PL (C7594) 100% cotton.

Size S (B9874) - The small fit perfectly. True to size. I like the lighter wash.

There's some distressing, if you don't mind that. I didn't notice it right away, so it's fairly light.

The Feeling

More gold leaf foil

contrast paneled shell - This is the leaf print item I bought. The S was a little tight looking across the chest, but didn't feel tight. I tried on & chose M.

* gold-foil leaf shell -

* gold foil leaf scarf - I was disappointed that my store didn't have this. I wanted to try it. I wonder if it would look good with the XXX or bee too much print together. Modal/rayon/linen/silk. Dry clean.

* garden pants in gold foil leaf - I tried these on and the 6 fit well. They're cut more like regular pants than say the cafe capri. The fabric is linen or a linen blend and I believe they're handwash. I'll be reviewing them later, with photos. From recollect, I believe I'd go for the 8P instead of the 6.

paneled shell - My store didn't have this, either. Check it out on J Crew Is My Fav Store.

What do you think of the print? Have you seen it irl yet?

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p.s. I'm in Dallas at the Reward Style Conference #rStheCon. Keep up PRODUCT.

#tbt New Zealand

That time I went to New Zealand (:44).

But not. I was at SFO when I posted this Instagram back in Jan on one of the shoot days. It was a fun, easy 2 days. I met some great people. In all the years I've worked, no job is the same. It was my first one at an airport. We worked inside the airplane from 12:30p - 4:30p while it was on a layover.

Today I'm flying to Dallas, for realz. I'm going to the Reward Style Conference (#rStheCon). I'll be posting during the trip, on Instagram.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There's a meeting in the ladies room....

and it's on Instagram. Doesn't this look tasty?

A video posted by Gigi (@gigisgoneshopping) on

Instagram is still trending. Facebook bought it for a billion in 2012, so it'll be here to stay. For now (slaps knee). I've noticed that the culture of social media apps change. I think when I joined in 2013, there were more real-time, #widn (what I'm doing now) photos. Now people are taking photos from their phone's galleries and posting them days after they've been taken; not necessary while in the moment. Graphic designers and other creatives tend to elevate the game of many apps and programs (Pinterest!). I've thought out & set up my own shots, strategically placing items on a surface in my home and snapping a pic. I've opened a package or two on Instagram, recorded in pauses to capture the & share the experience. You get 15 seconds max video time. Overall, I do find the creativity aspect to be fun, but it can also feel tiring. Don't feel pressured to compete or keep up. Instagram is about sharing and conversations. Try to keep that in the forefront. $0.02.

We talked about Instagram last year and some of y'all were like, whut is this you speak of, how does it work? Others were like, just no. And some said total waste of time, not interested.  At the same time, you're wondering where everyone from JCA is and where your favorite bloggers have gone. Thousands of bloggers have abandoned their blog spaces for Instagram. I invite you to think of Instagram as an opportunity for short blog posts, if you want your feed to be that. Ema/My Closet, My Baby & I is on Instagram and so is Ina/Ina in Wonderland (Instafeed), Both ladies do product reviews & try-ons, stating that it's much easier than keeping up with a blog.. Some people Instagram and still blog. Rynetta still keeps up with J Crew Is My Fav Store and also has a great feed.

If you're not on Instagram, you're missing out on product info, promo & sale news and a ton of other stuffs, such as living vicariously thru others' travels. I'm going to a blogger conference this week and plan on Instagramming while on my trip. If I don't get a chance to blog, that's where you'll find me for sure. Join me.

Sign up
  • Visit Instagram to sign up. Sign up must be completed thru a cell phone.
  • Don't stress on a screenname. You can always change it. 
  • Come back here and drop your handle if you like.

  • Think of Instagram as a smoke break. You don't have to be on it all the time. It's a great thing to scroll thru when you're waiting in line for things, waiting for people, waiting, waiting, waiting. 
  • When you're on the home page (1), your feed will be displayed. Your feed consists of all the people that you follow (2). 
  • Swipe the page up and you're scrolling thru your (3) feed. 
  • If you press the heart (4) below an Instagram pic, the user will see that you liked their photo.
  • If you double tap the heart, it will also 'like' the photo, making the heart red.
  • Engage! Socialize! Tap the comment field and your keyboard will pop up. 
  • Do you see other comments with hearts, smiley faces, thumbsup and the like? Those are called emojis (5). If you want more faces and icons than your keyboard has, search emoji in your Google Play (that's me) or iTunes or App Store.
  • Some people have their accounts as private. Their feed is only visible to approved followers. I usually don't request to be added unless I know who it is. I asked a couple ppl and wasn't added, so I stopped requesting if someone is private. I figure they want to be private for a reason. Of course do what you feel is right for you. 
  • There's tons more, but that should be enough to get you started if you just want to follow others. 
  • If you want to have your own feed, make a snap of whatever you want to share from your day. You'll get plenty of ideas and inspiration from Instagram. Just think of sharing. What is it that you want to share? Or maybe you're like me and are in a fitting room and need real-time advice on whether to buy something or not. The fashion community is fast & helpful in that regard.  

  • From left to right at the bottom of the screenshot (directly above).
        * house button - Get back to your home feed of people you follow.
        * magnifying glass - Search for a user or search hashtags
        * heart bubble - This is your comment feed. Comments made on your Instagrams and replies
           that others have made in response to your comments on their page.
        * person silhouette - Get to your personal feed. 
  • Hashtags. That's the # sign plus whatever words you want. E.g. #instafood. If you want those with similar interests, mind your hashtags. Long ago I started #jcasofinstagram and (I believe) #jcaforlife. Other popular fashion hashtags are #ootd (outfit of the day), #wiwt (what I wore today), #wiwn (what I'm wearing now), #instastyle, #instafashion, and so on.
  • If I think of anything else to add, I will come back to the post.

Technology is marching on, whether you use it or not. I know people who are missing out on new positions or new jobs in companies because they aren't familiar with social media. You'll learn as you use it.

Feel free to share your Instagram handle in a comment below, if you like.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

New arrivals at J. Crew

New arrivals are up at I like the gold-foil leaf print and after seeing the front-zipper dress today on Marielarue7, I'm not a fan of the zipper on the front of that dress, in particular. I will try it on and constantly try on a-line dresses and skirts that don't particularly flatter, but I do so because I adore the look. However, I am pretty good about not buying things and "making them work" these days. I have too many of them sitting around w/tags on them. Anyway, I did like this rollout overall and was inspired to stop by a store on the way home from a job.

My store had nathan on the floor. They're opening the boxes tonite. Their focus is the in-store event this coming Wed. It would've been nice if they had some of the pieces out to coincide with today's online release. Particularly since I had time to try on. Oh well.

The upside to this rollout is that natural fabrics are back! Well, more so than we've seen in the past. I was surprised, very surprised to see that the garden pant in gold leaf foil are linen.

There are still some design elements that I'm not going for. The shoulder drops have been minimized, but they're still present (looking at you pencil stripe popovertextured beach sweater and low hanging fruit metallic tropical front tee).

Carrie cami in tropical frond ($98) - I like the Carrie cami silhouette and wanted to try this on. It's silk. Size down one. I have these in sz 4.

Contrast paneled shell ($68) - Yay for the print being extended to the back of the shirt. Cotton, too!

Cropped silk popover in tropical fern ($98) - The teal that they're calling tropical forest look so fresh w/the white. Can't wait to see someone looking good in this in a blog or on Instagram.

Garden party bracelet ($88) - Repeat of a J. Crew style, the wildflower necklace. I saw a couple of pieces from this iteration, though, and did like the color mix.

* Gold-leaf foil pencil skirt ($98) - Higher waistline, regular & petite sizes, cotton & lined. Could be good to get this version and not wait for the factory 'rendition.'

* Gold-leaf foil shell ($98) - 2013 was about the last time they put zippers in the shells like these. I'm thinking of the cherry blossom from HO13. I don't see this lookin

* Lightweight beach tunic ($78) - I don't know why J. Crew is flipped around w/colors. The keep jumping the line from innovative or different to just plain "off." The dark cognac screams fall, but I do like and want to see this item in it.

* Sleeveless belted dress in Italian wool crepe ($198) - I guess they couldn't control themselves enough to create a mid-length v-neck, so they kept the neckline high. At least it's modest and the belt probably ties in a cute way. I have an eyebrow raised about those armholes. They're a little Judy Jetson-y, but I like the color offerings.

* Tassel beach skirt ($55) - I like this. Longer length, but not a maxi. Great for someone like me who gets sun rashes easily. Online only.

Dear J. Crew,

Why in tarnation would you do another painted utility pant ? 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kate Spade fluid crepe frill dress review

Fluid crepe frill dress (njmu4618, $298) runs 00-16. Color choices are black and sweetheart pink. Looks like it's sold out in black at Kate Spade. 55% rayon, 45% viscose. Dry clean.

Size 4 - black -  Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus have it in black. There wasn't a 6 to try, so I decided to try the 4 and it fit well.

The shoes off to the side are J. Crew Ceces. They're beat up now and I wear them when I know we're going to the park or I'll have some other rough-on-my-feet activity. I've moved onto the Anne Klein Petricia (tts) and love them!

I don't have much waist distinction, so I stay away from elastic waist dresses. Even though its stretching across my middle and not cinching it, the look worked. I felt pretty in it. Can't believe there are no pockets. At any rate, I felt slim in the dress and would consider buying it at the right price and if I could get over no pockets.

DEAREST for 25% off your purchase ends at 11:59p pst tonite, Sun, 4/19.

For cheaper thrill, check out the desk accessories, which run about $30 and under before the discount.

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