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J Crew deck stripe tee & iridescent sequin pull-on pant reviews

Deck stripe tee (FA15, E1143, $49.50) runs XXXS - XL. Color choices are heather grey black, ivory navy and undyed neon flame. 100% cotton. Made in the Philippines.

Size S - I got a little excited when I saw this because stripes. However, I could see that it was lightweight which isn't a bad thing. Although the online description mentions something about fabric turned inside out, so maybe that's the texture I felt. The fabric has a nice feel but again, it's lightweight. It felt almost like a very lightweight sweater. I was very bleary eyed and in a rush, so I'll have to try it on again. Try sizing down one. The S was too loose on me. Maybe I'd like it more in a the XS. If you're tall or have long arms, I think you'll like this one. The sleeve and body length both felt long.

I don't mind extra fullness thru the body. It felt a little too full, though. Maternity gear flashback. Sizing down one would help bring it in a little more. The drop shoulder that concerned me. Not a fan. Lightweight items sometimes become misshapen or grow in length with wear. Not a good look with a drop shoulder. I agree w/reviewers about the material feeling like a lightweight sweater. It made me wonder if it will pill.

The Feeling
The cut could've been a great twist on a basic, stripe tee. However, it felt too oversized and felt sloppy. Sizing down one will help in some cases. It has received excellent reviews on the website, but I didn't get a solid thumbsup feeling. I will probably re-try because stripes. 

Iridescent sequin pull-on pant (FA15, $168) run regular 000 - 16 (E1100) and petite P000 - P12 (E3472). Made in India. The color is called misty forest. (MFO). 100% cotton.

Size 6 - The fit was good on these. They should fit slightly slouchy, imo. They don't feel heavy, which is nice. These did not strike me as day pants at all. I would maybe consider them for a very late afternoon to early evening party. Most likely, I would wear them at nite where they would sparkle. It's a bit much for daytime. At nite, the base fabric of the pants might potentially come across as black in the dark.

I ended up returning the seaside pant in iridescent sequin (review) because I couldn't find a minimum of 3 tops to match with them. The 4 fit, but didn't accomplish the slightly slouchy look I wanted. I didn't want to find myself halfway thru my day with sagging pants that I couldn't adjust with a drawstring. It would make me regret tenfold the potentially mediocre top I'd picked out just to "make the pants work."

green sequin pants

The drawstring makes a world of difference in fit. It doesn't feel like the pants are going to sag down. The 6 felt slouchy, but still a little too big in the back of the thigh.

I'm 5'0" with an average to potentially longer inseam for my height, 39" hip last time I measured. The pant length is ok, but felt just an inch or so long on me. I'd like to see the P8.

sequin drawstring pants

The Feeling
The drawstring is a big improvement. Love the uniqueness of the green. 

More reviews
Check out this post for discussion of ten other new arrival reviews. 

CARDACCESS and your J. Crew card gets 20% off select full-price styles, in-store and online, thru Tue Aug 4. The promo gets 40% off sale items and an addtl 75% off final sale.

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J Crew IRL Pic & Review Guide - sale (Jul - Sep 2015)

Usual blurb:

* Welcome to my guide to irl pics & reviews of J. Crew items.

Prices bounce. URLs move. I update the links when I come across them.

* In-store prices are generally the same across the nation. J. Crew finally started marking items down in-store and online at the same time in early 2014 or prior. 

* Important note: The b&ms do not always have the current price marked on sale items. Don't be shy about asking employees to do price checks on the register or thru their iPad device. Also, watch the electronic pad on your side of the register to ensure the correct price is showing up. Or check your receipt before you get home.

Final Sale
Braided cord necklace ($64.99) - This is one of my two favorites of the choker necklaces from SP15.
Collection cashmere v-neck cardigan ($159.99)
Flounce tank top ($34.99) 
Flounce tank top in heather ($34.99) 
Flounce tank top in stripe ($39.99) - review
Metallic stripe three-quarter sleeve tee ($39.99) - review
Midweight stripe tee ($39.99) - review
Mixed stripe sweater ($49.99) - review
Pleated-back tee ($39.99) - review

Beaded blossom necklace (84.99) - review on 1060 Pairs
Calf hair clutch ($169.99) -  review
Chelsea leopard rainboots ($24.99) - review on 1060 Pairs
Chelsea rain boot ($34.99) - navy and safari are on sale - review
Leather clutch ($105.99) - SP15 - I love the luxury beige color and the leather felt niiiice. I prefer a more rectangular shape and, although it's around 8x11, it felt very square. Aside from the color, it was ho-hum to me. 
Linked bangles bracelet ($64.99) - Color choices are gold and silver. Each bracelet has a hinge. I found it to just fit my wrists, which are medium. If you have small wrists, there will be more room. In that case, you might be able to position the bracelets higher up on your arm or further apart to show off the chain. I preferred the silver over the gold. It's very Fifty Shades. Plus -- I'll be honest -- with all the things going on the United States today, some people are going to see shackles. Meh
Marbella sandals ($94.99) - on J Crew Is My Fav Store
Marlow fabric mules ($107.99)
Marlow huarache mules ($104.99) - review on 1060 Pairs
Marlow mules ($89.99) - review on 1060 Pairs
Painted flower bracelet ($59.99) - review on 1060 Pairs
Striped silk infinity scarf ($44.99) - review on 1060 Pairs
Tie-dye indigo scarf ($44.99) - adire print - review on 1060 Pairs
Tortoise chandelier earrrings ($64.99) - I didn't try them on because weird. I held them up and they're beautiful. I agree w/online reviewers that they're heavy. However, I differ on why. The pieces that make up the design aren't too heavy for the materials. I think they kept it as physically light as they could. It's the hook that's weak. It's too dainty to support the design. They should've used a stud as the base and supported it with an earring backing that has the plastic circle around it. Beautiful earrings, though. Thumbsup.

Lightweight puffer jacket ($59.99) - 3rd cut to $59.99 - review
Majesty peacoat ($199.99) - review of navy
Schoolboy blazer in black ($168) and in navy ($208) - review of heather graphite
Stadium-cloth hooded zip coat in colorblock ($329.99) - review
Tipped twill jacket ($153.99)  - You'll need to see this in-person or pics. I'll be sure to do an in-depth review. It's suffering from two issues. One is the marching band look. I wasn't in a marching band, but that half collar is what I think of when I see it. Plus, the piping just makes it look like a uniform in some way. The sides are slit. Yep. they are slit up to the horizontal piping at the 3rd, button button. I will give them plus points for integrating pockets into the design. That was a surprise. Another brief thought that flashed was that protective thing they put over you when you're getting x-rays at the dentist? This jacket just feels heavy, like that does. I forgot to rate it while in the store, but I'm going with Thumbsdown. TTS.
Wool melton hooded bib jacket ($129.99) - review

Crossover pencil skirt in plumeria jacquard ($69.99)  - review
Double-stripe cap-sleeve dress ($149.99)  - review
Double-twill flounced dress in pinstripe ($49.99) - SP15 - I would have to get an 8 in this one. The chevron and stripe mix looked good. the flouncy bottom is fun. I don't do a lot of cleavage. Not really my style, but I didn't find the v to be too low. If you have a distinct line there and it's high, it's going to show. Lightweight, but not too, too thin. Felt like something from Loft, but they would've cut it even better. I forgot to rate it.
Double-zip shift dress ($99.99) - review
Drapey double-twill skirt ($69.99) - review
Drapey oxford crepe shirtdress ($99.99) - online only
Firework floral skirt ($69.99) - SP15 - review
Flounce skirt in bonded wool ($59.99) - on marielarue7
Jet-set geo shift dress ($99.99) - review
Laser-cut floral shift dress ($89.99) review
Gwen dress ($99.99) - SU14 review
Metallic pleated midi skirt ($89.99) - Flower Power's guest review of pampered pink and navy reviewed here
Origami skirt with sequin stripe ($89.99) - No. And why are you still $89.99? - review
Andie chino ($49.99) - on Ina
Bristol trouser in Italian stretch wool ($117.99) - was called the stovepipe trouser in stretch wool. I noticed name change on 1/10 - on Fast Food & Fashion
Broken-in boyfriend jean in Abbott wash ($89.99) - Was called the vintage straight jean in Abbott wash. I usually wear 29 in J Crew, very consistently. Size 28 fit great. Absolutely loved the fit. The distressing is too much. I was afraid I'd be poking a hole thru them. Returned.
Size 28 - Waist = 28", Hips = 39.5"
Size 29 - Waist = 39", Hips = 38.75"

Café capri ($39.99) - on 1 More Shopping Blog
Campbell capri pant in bi-stretch wool ($79.99 & $98) - classic ivory & dark bluegrass at sale price, black, bright indigo, and navy promo for $85.50 (on 2/7)
Size 4 - waist = 32.5", hip = 38
Size 6 - waist = 33.5", hip = 39

Firework floral pant ($89.99) - SP15 - review
Garden pant in midnight floral jacquard ($79.99) review 
Gold foil tuxedo stripe short ($29.99 & $39.99) review
Linen embroidered tassel short ($44.99) review
Ludlow pants in gold linen ($89.99) review
Maddie pant in metallic matelassé ($89.99) - review
Point Sur vintage x-rocker selvedge jean in manfred wash ($129.99) review
Seamed military pants ($49.99 - $59.99) - I tried these on and the 4 were too tight. They looked bad in the size 6 (usual size) in the crotch area. They looked pleated and like there was too much material. I was surprised because this type of pant from J. Crew is usually solid. If you have a belly, these aren't a match. If you're thin and have a flatter frame, these might work.
Seamed utility pants ($79.99) - review 
Slim cargo pant ($49.99) - review 

Absract Fair-Isle sweater ($89.99) - review
Alpine turtleneck ($79.99) review
Cabin sweater ($59.99) review
Collection cashmere getaway hoodie ($159.99) - review
Collection chiffon fringe sweater  ($129.99) - review
Cashmere patch-pocket hoodie ($199.99 & $219.99) - I went down one size to XS - Instapic
Chunky turtleneck sweater ($39.99) - 3rd cut to $39.99 - review
Fringe sleeve sweater ($99.99) - No - review
Gold foil sweatshirt ($39.99) - cut from $54.99 to $39.99 - review
Hugo Guinness for J. Crew dazzling sweater ($59.99) - cut from $59.99 to $39.99 review
Lambswool classic Fair Isle sweater ($39.99) - review
Lightweight merino v-neck sweater ($59.99)) review
Mixed stripe sweater ($69.99) - SP15 - review
Paneled sweatshirt in surf stripe ($49.99) review
Pieced pinstripe sweatshirt ($44.99) - cut from $59.99 to $44.99 review
Racing stripe sweatshirt (SP15) ($54.99) review
Sparkle side-slit sweater ($39.99) - cut from $59.99 to $39.99 review
Stripe cropped sweatshirt ($29.99) - cut from $39.99 to $29.99 review
Stripe short-sleeve sweater ($69.99) - review
Tilly sweater ($49.99) - SP15 - distressed quartz, heather slate, heather tidewater, ruby and tidewater at $49.99 - review
Wool metallic-braid sweater ($59.99) - review

Blurred ikat top ($79.99) review
Boy shirt in geo brushstroke ($59.99) review 
Collarless poplin popover ($59.99) review
Contrast paneled shell ($52.99) -  review
Drapey chambray popover ($59.99) review
Drapey oxford crepe popover ($59.99) - 58% lyocell, 42% viscose. I tried the navy. The dark color is nice. The top reminded me of the drapey crepe tunic, except this has a collar. It has drop shoulders and is like a bad do-over of that blouse. Size XS fit me without a problem. I usually wear S. Side thumb. Size down one. 
Drapey keyhole top ($59.99) review
Drapey tuxedo top ($59.99) - thumbsup - review
Endless shirt in stripe ($79.99) - review
Floral sailor tee ($39.99) - SP15 - review
Flounce tank top ($34.99) - SP15
Flounce tank top in heather ($34.99) - SP15
Flounce tank top in stripe ($39.99) - SP15- review
Gold-foil leaf shell ($79.99) - review
Grosgrain ribbon top ($34.99) - review
Jet-set geo cropped top ($39.99) - review
Matelassé zip top ($59.99) review
Metallic tropical frond tee ($39.99) - review
Midnight floral cocoon top ($39.99) review
Midweight stripe tee ($39.99) - review
Midweight stripe tee ($39.99) - review
Ruffle-hem sweatshirt ($39.99) - review
Sleeveless sequin firework floral top ($89.99) - SP15 review
Sparkle henley top ($59.99) - SP15 - review
Studded metallic tank ($39.99) - 2nd cut to $39.99 - review
Studded tank ($39.99) - cut from $49.99 to $39.99 - This one is cotton. It looks like a slightly tighter fit than the linen studded tank.
Without you tee ($14.99) - 3rd cut to $14.99 - review

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J. Crew soft lamé shirtdress review

Soft lamé shirtdress (FA15, $138) runs regular 000 - 16 (C9227), petite P00 - P12 (E2829) and tall T2 - T16 (E3193).  63% viscose, 25% nylon, 12% poly, contains non-textile parts of animal origin. Huh!?

From The Editor Picks => “all products placed on the market after 8 May 2012 containing at least 80% textiles and less than 20% animal products such as fur, leather or bone, must be labeled ‘Contains non-textile part of animal origin’ in the language of the country where it is sold. This % is determined by weight."

Size 6 - I still can't wrap my mind about what animal parts are a part of the viscose, nylon, poly fabric blend. Moving on. This felt tts. I'm 5'0", 34DD and 39" hip. The length of the 6 was good, but I could probably wear a P8 and it wouldn't feel too short.

I never thought I'd internally rejoice at seeing a hidden zipper.

The Feeling
I like almost everything about this dress except the armholes/sleeves. 

More reviews
Check out this post for discussion of ten other new arrival reviews. 

SUMMERSALE gets 40% off select summer styles and addtl 75% off final sale.

On the Crewcuts side, check out the girls overlay dress (net $18) and girls overlay dress in stripe (net $21). If only Mini G liked stripes. So cute!

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J Crew ruffle front sheath in Super 120s wool review

Ruffle front sheath in Super 120s wool (C9104, ) runs 000 - 16. Color choices are aqua, black and indigo. 100% wool, 100 % poly lining.

Size 6 - indigo - Right off the bat -- hidden back zip. Yes! The one downside is that ruffle. I was fully immersed in the ruffle rumble circle 2009 to whenever it ended. The ruffle looks a little dated to me. That's all I got for a downside. I love Super 120s fabric and this sheath cut is always a winner for me. If it makes me look this good, I assume it must make a wide range of mamis look good. Yes, I got called mami in NY. It was odd, hilarious and cool all at the same time.

I love these dresses by J. Crew because I know they are a solid look for an audition and wardrobe stylists always love the option when I bring it. I feel confident when I wear it, which clothes should make us feel as often as possible. For size reference, I usually wear a 6 and am a 34DD, 39" hip. Oh, that color. It read as charcoal or one of the light black shades they give a fancy name to. The lighting was a little dramatic, though. I expect it reads as a deep blue shade when in natural light.

The Feeling
Let's look at another full shot of this beauty.

I'm still here! I cringe when I think of the last time I updated 1060 Pairs, which will be absorbed into this blog later this year, btw. I thought I might create a couple of posts for this blog while I was at BlogHer in NY, but I didn't want to kill myself trying to squeeze in blogging. Instagramming and Periscoping were enough. I was also used my phone to link up with people as I met them andt o take notes. My mom and daughter were with me, which was nice. It kept me off of my computer and I made use of a little bit of downtime to spend it with them. Mini is getting really into YouTube and I want to make sure I'm doing non-electronic related doing things to connect whenever we can. Because yes, I do use it as entertainment at times and want to balance that out. Children and electronics was one of the themes of the conference. I hope and feel like I do a good job with that balance, but you guilt and worry are relentless.

The thing about acting work is they always, always ask me to bring my own clothes. I have a ton to choose from, which is nice because between what I provide and they bring, I usually really like what I have on. If I'm lucky, I get a fitting in advance, leave the outfit there and don't have to think about it again until it's time to put it on. I didn't get an advance fitting in this case. I also have to think about things like nails and hair because they're not going to do it for me since I'm not a lead character. Sitting for a French gel nail set would be perfect for my character, but an appointment takes time out of the day. And pulling my own wardrobe is time consuming, taking away from getting into a state of creativity and working on my lines. It's always good to be able to improv lines if they ask you to do it or you find a space in the script where it needs to be done. Here's the secret I learned long ago about improv. Much of it is not done on the fly. The pros we watched on Who's Line Is It Anyway have been working on concepts and characters for years! When I don't have time to delve into my imagination about the script I'm working on, I don't have a chance to create a backstory and talking points - if you will - for improv. On the upside, I've been working for years and although I get nervously excited, I know that I always come thru. This film is an indie, so as far as I know there won't be a wide release. However, the person I get to play with -- I can't wait to tell you about why being in a film with him is so very special to me. Later today I'll find out if I can share any details or not.

My struggle this week is what many of us go thru with life/work balance. I'm working on a film and my first day is today. Mini has had a fever, off and on, since the nite we returned. I had to pick her up early from school on Tuesday and we've been fighting it with rest and children's Tylenol and Advil. She had a really bad nite last nite, so she & I slept on the couch for a few hours. When I finally got her in her own bed at 4am, she wanted me to sleep next to her. So I spent the next two hours sleeping on the floor. And yes, I was in the Squeem. I always wear it the nite before auditions and shoots.

For the record, I'm not complaining at all. I do want you to know a couple of things, though. The actors you see sometimes on screen that have only a few lines and you think it's a nothing part...? Know that it is often quite a journey for that actor to audition, sometimes multiple times, get the part and still have life to manage while ensuring they can make it for the shoot and be as great as they can while working. Also, a theme from the conference was women supporting one another. So next time you hear of an actress with a nanny or people on staff, know that she needs those individuals -- likely other women -- to help her do things that actor dads with wives freely and easily do without daddy guilt. Yes, some men have that guilt, but it's far less common than what we put on ourselves as women. My husband does a great job of taking over when I need to do anything work related. It can cause tension, though. I think it's because although he is happy to be a husband and very involved father, his ego is impacted by feeling like the staff. I implore you, my friend, to find ways to be more supportive of women, whether you know them personally or not. We need all of the emotional and physical support we can get. It can be as simple as not judging a woman next time you see her doing something you don't agree with or understand. I pledge to stop being irritated by seeing women in yoga pants. Deal?

I do have J. Crew Rockefeller irl pic reviews to get up somewhere along the way. Check out the a text reviews here. I shoot today, tomorrow and then next week travel to L.A. for a few days to work on the film. Other ways to keep up with me are via Instagram and Periscope. Once you download the Periscope app on your phone, look for gigiofca. Or you can look for my updates on Twitter because my scope titles are posted there before I go live. I will try to copy/paste the Periscope links to this Facebook page, but I don't always get a chance to do that before the 24-hr broadcast expiration. Also, I believe Internet service might be spotty where we're shooting.


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New arrival try-ons at J. Crew

I'm back from New York City!

I was at BlogHer. You're so smart Yes, it's a blogging conference. If I had to guess, I think I did about 6 Periscopes (phone app here). Maybe more. They only last 24 hrs, so no link to those. I do have some photos from the conference on my Instagram.

One of the first things I did was visit J. Crew at Rockefeller Center. I also visited on my last day, Monday. I specifically went to see if there were any accessories or jewelry I wanted for an addtl 75% off. I found the crystal cube necklace. On Thursday, the sale section had taken up 2 sections of the floor which was 2/3 of the entire first floor. When I went on Monday, there was only 1/3 of one section with sale items. The sales associates were oohing and aahing to each other about the new arrivals. I was in a big rush because I needed to get back to the hotel and checkout, but I managed to try on the following:

Cap-sleeve marble print top (FA15, C9488, $110) - If you've been sizing down in the other crepe, poly blouses then you'll want to size down in this as well. The 4 fit well and that's the size I've been taking in other poly blouses. The downside to poly fabric is that it doesn't breathe. The upside is this doesn't feel like an icky poly. I didn't get excited when I saw the print online. However, I liked it much better when I saw it up-close and in-person. Thumbsup. 

Deck-stripe tee (FA15, E4413, $49.50) - review - 10:30 thumb

Gemma flats (FA15, C9488, $135) - I wear 7.5 in almost all J. Crew and other retailer flats. I tried 7.5, which fit exactly and luckily there was an 8 on the sales floor to try as well. The 8 felt more comfortable right off the bat. While in the store, I felt that the 8 would be my inclination, instead of fighting w/the 7.5 and hoping they'd stretch out enough. However, I'd try on both shoes in 7.5 and walk just a bit on the carpet to be sure before deciding.  Thumbsup. 

* Iridescent pull-on sequin pant (FA15, E1100, E3472 (pet), $168) - review - Thumbsup

Iridescent sequin shift dress (FA15, C9237, E3104 (pet), $178) - TTS, the 6 fit well and the neckline felt higher than on the linen iridescent sequin dress (review). which is a v-neck. It's a pretty dress. Watch the back when you zip it up. The one I tried kept getting caught on the fabric. Thumbsup. 

* Pleated v-neck dress in Italian stretch wool (C4455, $228) - 98% wool, 4% elastane, 100% poly lining. This dress is not a new arrival, but it is sold out in most sizes. That should be a huge indicator of what J. Crew customers are hankering for. The suiting fabric is great. The dress looks crisp, but not stiff. The pleats are beautiful. The taupe shade is warm, not ashy, and should work for many number of women. The v-neck isn't ridiculously low, either. The issue I had with the dress -- for me -- is where the pleats begin at the waistband. They accentuated the weight I have there, giving an extra bump. When I do the review w/photos, you'll see. Thumbsup.

Polka-dot Tippi with sweater shoulder buttons (FA15, E2162, $118) - 100% merino wool, exclusive of trim. It's a bit sheer, which is great as a transitional sweater from late summer to fall. However, you'll have to pay attention to what undergarments you wear with it. Some of you will do the buttondown-under-sweater thing and that'll take care of it. Forgot to rate it. We've seen it before. (shrug). 11:30 thumb.

Ruffle-front sheath in Super 120s wool - ($198) - review - Thumbsup. 

Soft lamé shirtdress (FA15, C9227, E2829 (pet), E3193 (tall), $138) - 63% viscose, 25% nylon, 12% poly, contains non-textile parts of animal origin. Huh!? This has a long back zip, but it's hidden by fabric. I thought it was odd because there are buttons at the front and I was just expecting to pull it overhead. I had to undo the top few buttons and unzip the back to get into it. It's not necessarily difficult to get into, but I had to undo the front and back to step into it. Maybe you can just unzip the back and it pulls over head easily. The dress has those odd, large, Judy Jetson armholes like the striped tuxedo shift dress (review). The armholes work on that dress because the stripes go in different directions on the dress and a necklace and/or scarf can redirect the eye to make them less exaggerated. They're probably the same size in this lamé dress, but the shimmery fabric made them look bigger. It's not a slam dunk, but I give it a Thumbsup.

Sunday slim chino ($89.50) - Regular, petite and tall sizes. I want to try these on. I like the baked terracotta on the model, even though it wouldn't be an easy, no-brainer match to mix info my wardrobe. Champagne and dark cobalt are more up my alley. ETA: I tried them on and they're an odd cut. They seemed to fit across the back, but there was room across the front hip. I will try sizing down one to a 4 and see if that helps the look. I like the feel of the fabric, which is 100% cotton. 11:30 thumb.

Textured eyelet jacquard dress (FA14, C9228, E1225 (pet), E1224 (tall), $158) - 82% cotton, 18% nylon, 100% poly lining. There are 4 color choices. I only noticed the bright chartreuse. It read as a mustard to me. Yay for bra keeps inside the shoulders. I tried the regular size 8. That would be a P10 equivalent, but I think the 8P would be the best fit for me. That's a tts size for me. Thumbsup.

Vintage scarf dress ($188) - I assumed this was polyester and I didn't particularly care for the print. I didn't even cross the floor to check it out. As I said, I was pressed for time. I figured I'd see this again at one of my local stores. ETA: I've since tried it on and I recommend sizing down one. The print did nothing for me. The dress is cute, though. Thumbsup. 

Washed lamé pull-on pant (FA15, $98), C9517, E1709 (pet), E1710 (tall) - 63% viscose, 25% nylon, 12% poly. Machine washable! I tried on the metallic champagne in regular 6. I don't recall seeing the dark fatigue color. Remember, new arrivals hadn't loaded online so I wasn't looking for anything in particular. These run TTS and are comfortable. The fabric has a rumpled look, but it's clear that it's the fabric. I'd be curious to see how lap wrinkles look on the fabric after being seated for a period of time. They didn't strike me as particularly dressy and would wear them in the daytime without a 2nd thought. Of course they are good for an evening look as well. Thumbsup.

More new arrivals...

Collection sheer sleeve top ($178) - Why?

Double-hem tank top ($55) - This looked interesting in black sand. I didn't think I was going to try anything on. I wish I would've remembered to go back and pick it up.

Drapey chambray shirtdress ($98) - This has potential, even though I didn't try it on. There was no S on the rack, so I took a M in the room but forgot to try it. It looked long, I would go for a petite size.

Dulci mermaid glitter kitten heels ($228) - Very pretty. I like the ducli heels. They have a touch of height and are comfortable. They run tts, unlike other J. Crew heels and wedges where I size up 1/2.

Jeweled bib tank ($75) - This was folded in the front, right as I walked in. I love grey, so I liked it. The jewels are pretty. I'm not interested in handwash.

Short-sleeve cropped denim popover shirt ($88) - If this caught your eye, note that it's online only. The solid white ($88) and Short-sleeve cropped denim popover shirt ($88) versions are online only, too.

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