Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Anthropologie dress reviews

Maeve Caye scalloped dress (online style# 4130336418888, $148) runs XS - XL. I see an option for petite sizes, but nothing happens when I click on the button. The dress is now $89.95. Prices at Anthro are the same in-store. It's a poly/spandex blend and made in Vietnam.

Size S - This size seemed to fit pretty well. A petite medium would fit better, particularly in the length.

 The color was summery, but I tried it on with my necklace of the day to see how it would look with a dark color. It would be a great dress for Halloween with the necklace and a black blazer or cardigan. For non-Halloween days, I'd try it with grey. Depending on where you live, it could be a transitional dress. For some of you the neckline and tank style are already out of season.

Love that there are pockets. They didn't add weight for me, unlike another reviewer mentioned. I had to hunt to find it. The small open, scalloped section is cute. I wasn't enamored with the lace lace? However, I liked that it covers the opening so you can peek-a-boo to lace, and not show skin.

The Feeling

Maeve embroidered neoprene shift (online style# 4130341981125, ticket style# 32804320) runs regular

Size 6 - The 6 fit well, so ttts. It's not as neonprene feeling as J. Crew's cove floral surf dress (review). The fit on that one was more flattering irl than this one. I like the grey on this, the floral and I even like the frame pattern.

What's odd is the colors for the fabric and cut. The colors say fall and the cut is more spring or summer. The fabric was a bit thick, cut it didn't make me think of putting on tall boots and a jacket with it. You could totally do that and it would probably work. I just thought it would feel odd. I didn't really like the orange ribbon pull on the zipper. It looked cheap for the dress. The best fit for dresses I've experienced this year is at at Loft. Loft dresses turn "bad" into good. They cut things in the right places, make them tight in places they need to be and forgiving in others. This dress didn't do anything special for me and isn't as figure flattering at the stomach as the picture suggests.

The Feeling
I love grey too much to completely discount it. It's definitely a very high opening price for the style, though. Beautiful concept. 

Tabitha (ticket style# 32700650, $158) - I don't see it online. Ticket color says wine/bord.

Size 6 - The color is great and the basketweave texture was interesting. Pockets!

I didn't like the ribbons at the top. The texture of the fabric is visually interesting. The bows weren't needed at all. The dress would've looked sleeker without them. I wanted to rip them off.

 I like the sweetheart v-neckline, even though it's just a biiit lower than I personally like.

The Feeling
Interesting elements, but not enough to push me over the edge. Still wondering if those bows are easily removable. 

EXTRAEXTRA gets an addtl 25% off sale items online. Also good in-store.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J Crew Factory city coat review

Factory city coat ($228) runs regular 00 - 20 (B2506) and petite 00 - 12 (B2612). Color choices are dublin, heather green and navy. Wool/poly/viscose rayon. Made in the Philippines.

Size 4 - I take 4 or 6 in J. Crew coats. It depends on the cut. I thought I sized down to 2 when I reviewed it last year, but I own a 4 from the factory. A factor will be how much layering you want to get under it. I live in a mild climate and could go out with a buttondown and cardigan in many cases. No snow here, so we don't bundle up as tight as some of you need.

Buttons that are hidden when the coat is buttoned.

I swear the collar felt like it was longer and sat higher this year.

2013 vs 2014. Both are size 4. Oh look! I just noticed...flap pockets in 2013. On-seam pockets in 2014. I like the look of the flap pockets. I think it's one of the elements that makes the jacket look cool. The on-seam pockets are more practical for keeping one's hands warm, of course.

Of course I appreciate the stripe ribbon for hanging the coat on a hook.

The Feeling
I have two issues with this coat. I think the color was pretty influential in this case. I didn't like it. I also really like the zipper on last year's coat and don't know why they changed that. Cost is usually the driving factor. I'd rather have buttons that can be replaced than a crappy zipper. So mostly thumbsup, but not fully committed. There's a little lean in it.

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Sézane collection launches at Madewell

Sézane is a French label by Morgane Sézalory. Both of those names were unknown to me until Madewell made the introduction. If you want to be notified when the US site goes live sign up here.

Sweatshirts. I swear I'm done and won't buy another. Until very cute ones like la superbe are introduced. It's grey. It's gotta be the grey that makes me love a sweatshirt I don't need. The booties are really cute, too. There are 14 pieces in this collaboration.

Aaaaand...Sézane on Instagram. I can only pick out Eiffel Tower and croissant. If your French is as limited as mine, don't worry. The pretty pictures are enough. I love the aesthetic of this line and think it's a great match for Madewell.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

J Crew Factory embroidered cheers sweater, classic chambray shirt & skimmer pant in wool

Factory embroidered cheers sweater (HO14, B3783, $78) runs XXS - XXL. The color is called ivory gold (IGO).

Size S - The size S fit as expected, so tts. It wasn't tight, which was nice. I have a black bra on, to give you an idea of sheerness. It's not opaque. You'll have to mind what you wear under it. It wanted to feel soft to the touch, but it felt just a little rough to me. I'm 5'0" and about 37" across the fullest part of my chest.

I love the font, the size of the font, the gold threading and the exclamation point. Maybe cuz it makes me think of champagne. Yay-yer.

The Feeling
Surprised at the side thumb? In in the minefield of today's sweater blends, we don't know which will pill horribly and which will wash well. I think this one's going to be a piller and it will look unattractive in the white. I also think the color will soon look dingy. If you buy & have experience with it, please share. 

Factory skimmer pant in wool (FA14, $89.50) runs regular 00 - 16 (53528) and petite 00 - 12 (A9267). Color choices are black, heather evergreen, navy, saddle and vintage aqua. Online only.

Size 6 - vintage aqua - These run TTS. I have taken 6 for a few years now in J. Crew. Good news. They're lined! The lining is poly, but it felt good and better than the retail skimmers in 100% wool with no lining. I love this color.

With the cheers sweater. I'm into red lipstick right again and thought that would look nice, even though it's on my face and away from the pants. This combo is ok and would look great with gold heels. The pant color feels very spring-like, though.

The Feeling
Love the pants. Not a fan of the color forme, personally. This is a beautiful, excellent color, but not nesc easy for me to wear. Lucky you if it's a color match!

Factory classic chambray shirt ($68) runs regular XXS - XXL (91506) and PXXS - PL (A4571). The color is called afternoon sky (ASK).

Size S - I take S or M in the factory button downs. This size S fit well. If you're in-between sizes, consider taking the smaller of your sizes. I'm 5'0" and measure appxo 37" across the fullest part of my chest. I don't mind the longer sleeves and would be fine with the S if I wanted to buy it in-store and not order a size equivalent PM online.

The Feeling

Factory wool skimmer pant in wool (FA14, $89.50) - Same as the aqua above.

Size 6 - heather evergreen - I couldn't shake that the shade sometimes read grey. I guess it's the heathering that didn't do it for me. It's a nice shade of green, but I think I wanted more of a forest. Not too dark, but the richness of a forest green.

With the classic chambray shirt reviewed above. Blue and green work well together, of course. I would have to play w/the styling a bit so that it looked more polished than just throwing on a top with wool pants.

With the factory printed voile popover (review) in size M, which is too big. TTS. I'd go for size S.

On the left are some combos. None of them particularly made my heart sing. A darker turquoise shade would work with the aqua. I wasn't convinced about other blues. It looks like a number of blue shades would go well with the green skimmers.

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Loft $25 coupon code

Clearly I need to get to Loft for try-ons. Every few releases they seem to knock it right out of the park. This one is looking like a home run. I don't know much about baseball, considering as of last week I thought St. Louis had won the World Series in a sweep. Don't worry, I didn't tell that to anyone out loud. Nope. I was just thinking it while at work, right near AT&T park, right about the time the opening pitch was going to be thrown between the Cardinals' losing game with the Giants. Are you following me? I'm barely following. Let's get to Lofting.

one - I don't know what I think about this look other than I can probably create it with 2 pieces I already own. I do like the pale pink color, though.

two - I'm not convinced the shirttail hem works. It looks like she needs pants on.

three - On sale + 40% off, no code needed. Leopard flats are a dime a dozen, but I like the ribbon stitching design at the top.

four - I love boiled wool. I love this color. Loft outerwear has worked well for me. I'd order the PM.

five - Cute skirt and the split seam doesn't go up too high, pointing at the privates.

six - Online only. I like these. A lot.

seven - There's a name for this. Coatigan. lol I'm into the look of it, but question how it looks open and on a real body. Looks pointy. Currently 40% of, no code needed.

eight - Online only. You probably saw stripes, like I did, but it's a subtle plaid.

nine - 100% poly. You knew that. I love grey and love the bow. Online only.

Save $25 off your purchase of $75+ regular price merchandise with OCT6R3H8. The code ends today, 10/20. It should work on promo items, but won't work if your order is on sale items ($0.99) only.

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