Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Madewell cape scarf in pinstripe review

Madewell cape scarf in pinstripe (FA15 , E1740, $79.50) - I was so curious how this would work in real life. I expected it to drape like a cape, but I completely missed the stitched armhole when I viewed it online. So I was wondering how it would stay on as a cape. Turns out there are two slits you put your arms thru and the cape rests on your forearms or at your wrist.

78 3/4"L x 27 1/2"W

For size reference I'm 5'0". It's closer to a draped blanket look than a shorter cape, but I didn't feel like it overwhelmed me. I'm in the flannel sunday shirt. I think I'm in a S. I would get XS.

blanket scarf

I love grey. Love the stripes. I didn't find the wool to be itchy.

gray stripe scarf

What a great item for travel by airplane or car. No need to worry about disagreements about temperature in the car if you have this to keep you warm.

wool stripe scarf and gray shirt

The Feeling

There's also the black cape scarf ($79.50).

Addtl 30% off sale items recently ended. There's no promo code at the moment, but Madewell always has free shipping. Check out the new arrivals.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

IHG Conference & Calvin Klein suit separates

Time is flying! I only posted once last week, despite my always good intentions to have daily content. I was working at the Inter-Continental Hotel Group's event, IHG Conference in San Francisco.

Things were very different when I first started acting. Budgets were more plentiful and I was almost never asked to provide my clothes. These days, I need to provide my clothes and -- as someone who loves fashion -- you know I'm meticulous about the task.

One frustrating thing is that wardrobe planning/organizing for a job cuts in my time to spend with the script, if there is one. It also means I get less sleep. I was very happy that the shirt and nylons were going to be provided for me. Two less things to think about as I put aside worry about whether a size S shirt was going to be sufficient or if I should have asked for a M. The S turned out to be perfect, thankfully. There are Holiday Inn logos on the left chest and left sleeve, which you can't see in this pic. I should've gotten a solo shot.

I had fun on the job. And my hair is growing! The skirt runs tts for me. I take 6 more often than not. I loved the pencil skirt look, without it being tight. There was plenty of room to feel comfortable and for my recorder, in the event I needed to tuck it into my waistband. There's a small, function pocket at the CK nameplate, which looks like a little white blip in the pic below. Thumbsup on the skirt. I've seen it before, but passed because the silver nameplate might not work on-camera. It wasn't an issue since this was a live job and I'm happy I have the skirt as a future option.

conference host woman in black skirt
Calvin Klein skirt (6)
Hanes Silky Sheer All Over Shaping Panty (M) - Can't get behind these. The first pair got a hole as soon as I slid them up my leg.
Wedges: Similar AK Anne Klein (curr under $40 in black), Nine West Ispy (I have a pair, they run tts) and Calvin Klein skirt

The Calvin Klein pencil skirt ($54.98) is a Macy's Everyday Value, which means that coupons and coupon codes usually never apply. However, right now they're having a tiered promo of 20% off 1 item, 25% off 2 items or 30% off 3+ selected suit separates.

The discount is applied when you put your item(s) in to the cart. FREESHIP no minimum is going thru tomorrow, Tue 10/6.

Once you get to the skirt, the matching separates will be suggested on the right-side of the page. There's a matching blazer ($89.98) and trousers ($59.98). There's also a petite blazer and petite trousers.

Here's a Periscope I shot near the end of the conference. It's about 3.5 min. Unlike Periscope, there are video player controls because I loaded it into YouTube.

Concealer: Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener in deep peach
Foundation: Bobbi Brown stick # 6 golden
Eyebrows: Anastasia dip brow in dark brown & #12 brow brush
Blush: MAC powder blush Ambering Rose on top of Dame
Lip gloss: MAC lip glass in Pink Poodle

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Monday, September 28, 2015

DAYONE - J Crew promo on tees, shirts & sweater + fs no min

There's a new promo up at jcrew.com.

Save 30% off tees, shirts & sweaters with DAYONE. As the code implies, there will be a new promo each day and for a total of five days. The code also works on sale section and gets free shipping no minimum, today only.

There are a lot of plaid buttondowns right now. I moved away from the J. Crew versions this year because I didn't feel like they were particularly feminine or flattering on me. I think I kept buying them without hyperanalyzing whether they were really good for me. I do like the colors that are offered right now because they don't look like they are verisons of the men's plaid options.

Note that the buffalo check is in navy, which is visually less heavy than buffalo check in black.

I was thinking of getting the merino wool v-neck sweater, which is online only, btw. I used to wear a bright color like cool aqua with black trousers when auditions called for "business casual" attire. I don't think it's as flattering now and instead choose to wear tops more like the cap-sleeve silk dot top.

Are you shopping this promo?

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

J Crew Factory puffer vest & cap-sleeve shirttail blouse reviews

Factory puffer vest (FA15, 92465, $98) runs XXS - XL. Color choics are black, dark navy, marine salt, neon coral and overcast grey. I saw the neon coral in-person. It's bright!

Size XS - marine salt - I passed on this color last year because it seemed so bright. This puffer is a personal favorite, so I felt the need to add to my collection. This is about the only color I don't have. This is my 7th vest and I don't feel guilty about that fact at all. They're really good as a layering item under the downtown field jacket. Smart layering is a necessity for our microclimates. I also wear these vests when I have auditions that call for an outdoorsy/camping/hiking look. See this Instapic of navy.

womens quilted puffer vest

Here's a pic of it zipped up. Fits exactly. Notice the ever so slight pucker at the armhole. That's why I don't get the S. It's more pronounced. Consider sizing down one if you get this. Another note about layering, I do not wear thick sweaters underneath these vests. I usually wear a long-sleeve under and if I need more warmth, I layer over, e.g. the downtown field mentioned above.

I'm in the pencil skirt in double-serge wool  (sz 6, review).

The Feeling
I believe this is the 3rd year we've seen the vests. Thumbsup.

womens white puffer down vest

Factory cap-sleeve shirttail blouse (FA15, $59.50) runs regular 00 - 16 (E0589) and petite P00 - P12 (E0884). Color choices are black, electric red, rhapsody blue (RBL) and snow. 100% poly.

Size 4 - rhapsody blue - This color looked grey to me. Not a rich or true grey. I can see where the blue plays a part in it. However, it looked grey and I'd treat it as such if I bought it. The fabric is very lightweight. Think t-shirt, but made out of polyester.

These types of tops work really well for me under suits for auditions & jobs. If it's an audition, I"m in a top for a few hours and that's it. I can usually make it to the call without sweating. If it's a job, I might be in an outfit all day, but I can take off a suit jacket to get air. My main concerns are that my clothes are modest enough (this is pushing it, but I can adjust where the top sits) and that they don't wrinkle easily. Polyester usually doesn't wrinkle horribly, which is great.

grey gray j crew factory crepe blouse

The Feeling
A good basic for crazy pants, if you own any. 

The current promo is 30-40% off mens shirts and 40% off womens shirts. Promo ends on Sun, 9/27.

I reviewed 3 flannel shirts in this post.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

J Crew Factory flannel shirt, pencil skirt in double-serge wool, striped flannel shirt & classic button-down shirt in flannel reviews

Factory flannel shirt (FA15, $69.50) runs regular XXS - XXL (C8588). The website is currently showing a petite option, but doesn't refresh with a different style number & size choices when I select it. There's either a website glitch or it's only available in regular.

Color choices are aztec (AZT) and brilliant sea (BSE), which is cobalt & black. 100% cotton.

Size M - black - This one runs tts. Size S would fit exactly and that's the size I take most often. The M was a little big, but not too much. I like the black and white print. Pairing it with the heather stone double-serge wool pencil skirt wouldn't be my first inclination, but it goes. I would do a nude heel or black heel on the bottom.

See how the M allows me to tie it at the waist. I wouldn't be able to do that with a S. The trade off is the top being a little bigger in the body and the arms. As I stated in another post, the factory flannels definitely don't feel as thick as the rock salt plaid (2013), which is the holy grail in my book of flannel. They're soft enough, though.

The Feeling

Factory pencil skirt in double-serge wool (FA15, $89.50) runs regular 00 - 20 (46575), petite P00 - P12 (B0384) and tall T00 - T20 (02888). Color choices are black, burgundy, heather stone, oxbow blue (looks cobalt) and porcelain green. 70% wool, 30% viscose, 100% poly lining. Made in Sri Lanka.

Size 6 - heather stone - Runs tts for me. I'm 5'0" and 39" for size reference. The quality feels the same as the other factory double-serge skirts from the past couple of years. I think the factory options are great if you want one, but know you won't wear it often. Heck, spend a little less in that case.

The Feeling

Factory striped flannel shirt (FA15, C8590, $69.50) runs  Color choices are barely blue (BBL) and raspberry (R). The size S fit exactly. 100% cotton. Made in Mauritius. 

Size S - barely blue - The size S fit exactly. Same size comment as above; if I wanted to be able to tie it at the waist, I'd get a M. I liked it in the size S. The fabric has a brushed cotton to lightweight flannel feel. 

The color looks a little 70s, in a good way. I don't expect to add this one to my collection, though. 

womens light blue stripe shirt

A close-up shot on the left. And on the right, you can see how it fits exactly. There's no extra room in the arms when I pull them across my chest. I don't expect to have a need to do that. I would expect the top to loosen a little bit during the day. And make sure to dry it on low.

The Feeling
The stripes are faint, but they're there! It's a comfortable top. The blue is a bit on the pale side for me personally, but I liked it. 

Factory classic button-down shirt in flannel  (FA15, 30519, $69.50) runs regular XXS - XL (30519) and petite XXS - XL (A9634). Color choices are dark chambray (blue/wht), pink blue plaid and red grey plaid. 100% cotton. Made in Mauritius.

Size S - pink blue plaid - This one was the thinnest and tightest of the three. I would have to get the M for sure. Buttons were pulling at my belly.

My shoes are the Seville wedge espadrilles - in modern red from a couple years ago. I have also have black and that color is still available.

j crew 30519 A9634

With the factory 4-pocket shirt-jacket in denim (review). Now you can see why I didn't buy the shirt-jacket. It's not totally masculine. However, it doesn't help my goal if wearing softer, flattering clothes, even if they have an edge.

womens plaid flannel

The Feeling
Great colors. Might need to size up on on this one. 

The current promo is 30-40% off mens shirts and 40% off womens shirts. Promo ends on Sun, 9/27.

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