Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gigi's Gear & birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

Each year I think I'm going to feel like it's just another day, until the night before. Then I get a little excited. It's a good reason to carve time out for myself. I usually do so without any guilt. Yesterday my sister took me out for lunch at Simply Fondue in Livermore. Each table has a stovetop burner or two on it. Our burner didn't fired up because we decided to not do cheese. Crohn's make me think better of it. I ordered the fuego beef on talera roll, which was like a panini. It had cheese on it, but not as much as fondue would be on my stomach. My sister had the meatball sliders. Both were really, really good. I would definitely eat there again.

After that, we did what we usually do. The mall. Walked around. I went looking for headbands and didn't see any that I really liked. I should probably look in Etsy, instead of at stores with mass produced goods. Headbands aren't really "in" right now, so choices are slim. I didn't have time to go into J. Crew. I would've been more motivated had it been Wednesday. I did go into Bath & Bodyworks and got some nice candles for $2.50/ea. Their semi-annul sale will end soon, so you might want to stop in if you like their goods.

This is what I wore yesterday. I had on last year's pintuck cami dress. They didn't offer the same exact thing on the factory side. However, they did re-do the pintuck cami ($29.50 + 20% off w/thru Jul 5th), which I have in white. Last year's retail, pintuck top ran 2 sizes too big, but the Crewlet version is only 1 size too big, imo. I got a 4. No regrets. Yes, I do love the Kate Spade fish tote ($149 at Shopbop, sold out at Kate Spade). It's quirky and fun. It fit just what I needed for the day. Shoe & bracelet details below.

J. Crew - addtl 60% off

Braided cord necklace ($49.99)
Cap-seeve shirttail blouse ($44.99) - review
Cinched tank top ($34.99) - reXXview
Contrast paneled shell ($49.99) - I went for the M and am happy w/the sizing - review
Crossover pencil skirt in plumeria jacquard (69.99) -  review
Edith A. Miller for J. Crew henley ($54.99)
Edith A. Miller for J. Crew long sleeve mix crewneck tee ($39.99) - review
Garden pant in midnight floral ($59.99) - review
Gauze tassel dress ($44.99) - machine wash
Gold foil tuxedo stripe short ($24.99 - $29.99) - review
Mini-skirt in midnight floral jacquard ($49.99)
Mixed print infinity scarf ($49.99) - The midnight floral print is one of the choices.
Ribbed metallic cardigan sweater ($34.99) - review
Sleeveless shift dress in midnight floral jacquard ($59.99) - review - 2nd cut to $59.99, addtl 30% off, not 60% off
Tie-dye indigo scarf ($29.99) - review - 3rd review down


SUMMERSTYLE gets 30% off select wear-now styles for all
30% off sale items
60% off final sale items items

ends tonite, Wed, Jul 1

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Monday, June 29, 2015

J Crew garden pant in midnight floral review

Garden pant in midnight floral (SP15, C5952, $128) - I currently see 00 - 12 on the website. Not sure if they came in 000, 14 or 16. The color is called raspberry (RAS).

1st cut to $99.99
2nd cut to $79.99
3rd cut to $59.99

Size 6 - These fit tts for me and fit exactly. There's no stretch in the fabric. They felt fine on, but I would have to adjust them into place before sitting down. I wouldn't just sit down in them without being careful, for fear of ripping them. If I pull them up on the leg a bit, it scrunches the material so there's slack. Instead of just stretching the fabric along the fold of the leg. I write these descriptions with as much detail as I can. I hope the majority of them make sense. Some would be much better explained on a video.

j crew floral pants

These pants have the long, cargo style pockets. They're less visible in this print than they are in the garden pant in metallic foil (review).

They're a little shorter than the garden pant in gold leaf foil and I found the length is perfect. Again, I'm 5'0" and have an average to slightly longer inseam for my height. There's no give to this fabric. Beautiful, though. I can totally see wearing them in winter.

womens brocade pants

The Feeling
I love this print. 

More midnight floral
midnight floral cocoon top (review) - now $79.99

sleeveless shift dress in midnight floral jacquard (review) - 1st cut to $89.99, 2nd cut to $59.99


SUMMERSTYLE gets 30% off select wear-now styles for all
30% off sale items
50% off final sale items items

good thru Wed, Jul 1

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

J Crew embroidered tassel gauze skirt review

Embroidered tassel gauze skirt (SU15, C6750, $79.50) runs XXS - XL. 100% cotton, exclusive of decoration. Dry clean.

Size S - thunder grey - The color looked blue to me and I'd treat it as such. The fit is tts, the S fit well. The elastic waist is comfortable. You could add a narrow belt for some visual interest. If the silhouette is your personal style, I think you'd really like it. Awhile back I had a couple of Old Navy skirts in a similar cut and elastic waist. Never wore them and I usually remember that when I see the style nowadays.

I'm in the long cotton-linen boy shirt (6).

womens embroidered skirt

Close-up. The mini pleats didn't seem to add visual weight. Mentally flip the print to the top. Now. Anybody see pong in this? I do.

tassel skirt

The Feeling
Boo on dry clean. I didn't notice that in-store, or this would be an 11:30 thumb. Other than that, it's cute and comfortable.

There are also the linen-embroidered tassel shorts (review) - on sale & thumbsup

embroidered tassel shorts


SUMMERSTYLE gets 30% off select wear-now styles for all
30% off sale items
50% off final sale items items

good thru Wed, Jul 1

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J Crew linen halter maxi dress review

Linen halter maxi dress (SU15, $148) runs regular XXS - XL (C7322,) and petite PXXS - PXL (C8196). Color choices are black and white. 100% linen, 100% poly neckline binding and center placket, 100% cotton lining. White is fully line. Black is partially lined. Machine wash.

Size S - white - It's as basic as it looks. It felt like a column on me. Just a descriptor; not a judgement. The dress is long in the regular size. In the left pic I'm on flat feet. In the right pic, standing on tip-toes, a.k.a. "heels."

The dress is only offered in regular. It's nice to see it in a length that should work for many talls. This is coming from a 5-footer, so I'm only guessing.

white maxi dress

Side underarm check. It doesn't drop too low. The problem with this dress is the bra issue. It's designed as a dress; not a cover-up. And yes, I know it's a halter dress. Strapless bras can be comfortable if you spend money on a good one. I don't wear them enough and find myself wondering if it's still in place or not. I like Nordstrom's selection of strapless bras. I would try Natori's smooth strapless ($64) and/or Wacoal Red Carpet convertible ($60).

It didn't seem particularly sheer, which is good. The white is fully lined and the black is partially lined. The side slit is a nice length. There's one on the other side, too. No pockets.

linen maxi dress

The Feeling
Boo on the bra issue, but I realize they have to churn out different designs. All of the dress straps can't look the same. It's a slight down rating because it requires more thought, which is a personal qualm. Nice fabric. Nice, longer length for those who need it. A general thumbsup.


SUMMERSTYLE gets 30% off select wear-now styles for all
30% off sale items
50% off final sale items items

good thru Wed, Jul 1

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

#NSALE Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog

ETA: Welp.

You can view the catalog right on Click on the individual items for pricing info. Read info below for details about gaining early access to the sale.


Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale begins in less than 2 wks. This is a fall preview sale. Prices go up on Aug 3.

Here's the catalog. I took some of the pictures in landscape. If I get time, I will try to go in and edit them. It probably won't happen.

gigiofca's 2015-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale album on Photobucket

Nordstrom Catalog App
There's a Nordstrom Catalog app where you can flip thru, like the one on the website. It's only available on iOs/iPhone. Also, I don't see the Anniversary Sale catalog loaded into it.

Early Access
Get early access to shop Jul 9 - 16 with your Nordstrom card. If you don't have and/or don't want a Nordstrom store credit card. you can get a Nordstrom debit card. The past couple of years they've had the merchandise behind long, white scrims. You need one of the two cards to be able to make a purchase. FYI, if merchandise sells out during the pre-sale period, it might not be replenished. General public access is on Jul 17.

Nordstrom Cards
Visit to check out card benefits. There's a credit card and a debit card, which I have. It's linked to my checking account. It was called the Mod card way back when it was first released. I wonder if the credit bureaus made them change the name or if consumers were getting confused. I was confused when I signed up. It took the right person to explain what it is.

Nordstrom credit and Nordstrom debit card holders have access to the sale and get double points during the private sale period, Jul 9 - 16.

nordstrom card rewards graphic

Jack Rogers lovers. Nordstrom has the whipstitched flip-flop for 30% off.

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